Over 80,000 Petitioners Want a PC Version of The Division

on June 18, 2013 2:44 PM

One of the stand-outs from last week’s Ubisoft press conference just before E3 started was Tom Clancy’s: The Division. It’s an MMO-style, squad-based, third-person shooter (how’s that for a lengthy description?), but, according to Ubisoft, it is being built for consoles only. While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are getting the snazzy-looking title, PC gamers seem to have been left out in the cold – especially since this is one of that particular platform’s big genres. MMOs rarely come to consoles, not the other way around…right?

As of the time of this writing, over 80,000 gamers have signed a petition to do just that – get Ubisoft to bring The Division to PCs. I can certainly understand that. I’d want to play a game like this on the PC myself, being a huge MMO gamer and general PC gaming advocate. Sure, I love console gaming too, but it still seems a bit odd that this title in particular – given its genre and target audience – isn’t set to extend its reach beyond the next generation of consoles. Perhaps that will change?

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