Titanfall is Only on Xbox One and PC due to Power of the Cloud, Good Relationship With Microsoft

If you wondered why Titanfall is (at least for now) exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, Infinity Ward’s co-founder Vince Zampella has the answer, as he clarified yesterday as part of an interview on IGN.

First of all, the studio seems to have an hoops-free relationship with Microsoft, that facilitated the delivery of the devkits:

The day we announced the studio, an hour later I’m on the phone with our Microsoft rep. ‘We have dev kits. Tell us where to send them.’ There were no hoops to jump through…that’s just the relationship we have.

Of course that’s not all, and Respawn started working on the game without any exclusivity in mind. Things changed when they realized the potential of the cloud feature brought by Windows 8 and Xbox One.

 It allowed us to think of the game a little differently. That was the perfect solution.

Looks like Respawn has something similar to Forza Motorsport 5‘s Driveatar in mind, in get the AI to behave in a more “human” and natural way.

Of course, considering the fact that Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida already confirmed that the PS4 has the same cloud-based capabilities, this begs the question on how long Titanfall will actually remain exclusive. It also makes me wonder on how the game will play on Xbox 360, that doesn’t sport the same feature.

Personally, PC will remain my platform of choice for this game, considering that the precision delivered by mouse and keyboard easily wins me over, even if Zampella seems to think of it as an obstacle to the possibility of implementing cross-platform gameplay.

What about you? On what platform are you going to play?

Update: looking at the comments, some thought that Titanfall could be a Windows 8 Exclusive. As predicted, this is not the case, as confirmed straight from the lion’s mouth on Twitter.


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  • Dakan45

    “hence they realized the potential of the cloud feature brought by Windows 8 and Xbox One.”

    So what that means, win8 only becaue of teh cloudz??

    Load of carp if you ask me.

    • I concur.

      • Daniel Lawson

        I don’t… Win8 is the better OS… you may not like the Modern UI, but the OS is actually better at the things that matter for gamers

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          The problem is that it may have a few small improvements performance-wise, but they’re so small that they’re not worth upgrading, and they’re heavily weighted down by the absolutely lopsided UI. Which is why Microsoft is backpedaling on that, not that they weren’t warned long and hard during the beta…

        • DeadorRock

          Why am I supposed to like a tablet UI in my desktop?

          • Blaze Blue

            The tablet ui is not on your desktop. If you take some time and look at the os you would find what you thoughts about it isn’t true

          • Dakan45

            Because MS cares only about elmiinating pc gaming and making people playing on their consoles. Along with eliminatiing tv and watching tv and movies with their precious box. Also care about eliminating iphones and use their phones and so on and on.

            Doesnt mater what you want, ALL your actions will be linked to them.

        • Hildebrand

          Please do tell us what matters for the gamer’s, that win8 offers that win7 can’t deliver?

          • Crazyglues

            The ability to run a check in the background to see if you have a legit copy of the game.. “Win 8’s main feature”

        • Dakan45

          The exacty opossite it offers nothing new for games. Valve and blizzard dont like it either, nore does dice.

          • PSfanboy4LIFE

            Windows 8 is Xbox Live integrated, that’s why it’s only on Windows 8 and not 7. GfWL has been abandoned in favor of Xbox for Windows.

          • Dakan45

            actually its win7 too not 8 only.

            GFWL has been abandoned by the developers many years now because it sucked hard.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s important to consider that nowhere he said that the game will be windows 8 exclusive.

      The game will be on Xbox 360 as well after all, so there’s no reason to believe that it won’t run on Windows 7.

      • Dale Missen

        If it runs on win7 and 360 without the cloud, why can’t it be run on PS4? M$ MONEY TALKS

    • awi5951

      No microsoft said it has 300 thousand servers up for the new xbox live. So Titanfall will have access to these servers. Sony has nothing like that set up.

    • Blaze Blue

      It’s funny that you can spell load of crap but you can’t spell the

    • Blaze Blue

      It’s funny that you can spell load of crap but you can’t spell the

      • Dakan45

        Its funy that you retards dont get it Ever heard “the power of da core” is a joke you moronic grammar nazi.

  • Jojo

    windows 8? no thanks..
    almost got me interested, but that’s just a deal breaker

  • Barack Obummer

    Oh good I can still play on my PC then, so no need to miss out because of Microsoft’s new shitbox garbage fest.

  • Arron Clements

    My god, they must think we’re stupid. Power of the cloud indeed. Titanfall is only on XBONE because they’ve been money hatted.

    • Manoj Varughese

      Simply money steals the show.

    • Blaze Blue

      Man you are stupid. Too bad you had to find out this way

      • KingTicket

        Are you like 12 or something?

        • Blaze Blue

          I had to tell the truth! You guys are stupid

  • Hildebrand

    So other words… We got that $$$$. Why do devs and MS feel they must try to hype the cloud?

  • Ant

    Microsoft bought a 12 month exclusivity deal with Titanfall.

    Respawn, don’t embarrass yourself or insult gamers intelligence.

    • Jeff Pee

      That was the rumor. When the exclusivity is up, it will be really interesting to see how they word why the game is coming to PS4. How soon after the exclusivity is over will the game release, that should give us an idea of whether or not the PS4 version was already being developed along side the X1 version but kept from being released due to exclusivity.

      Respawn are made up of former Infinity Ward guys who made COD what it is today. Do you really think they don’t want to make that COD money? further more do you think that they themselves believe they can’t? You better bet that they believe it. If COD was only on one platform it wouldn’t be the money maker it is today, NO WAY!

      Microsoft must have given these guys a TON of money for this exclusive. But in a way I really do think that Respawn is losing more money than they are making on this deal. There are 78 million 360’s in the world, a COD title sells around 8-15 million (not so sure) copies per console. In the case of both PS3/360 that’s only 15% of it’s user base.

  • I bet there was a lot of money in that powerful cloud.

  • Peter Quill

    Pretty BS when we already know it runs on W7 perfectly fine from the whole E3 “devkit” scandal.

    • jon

      that was lococyle. other games were running on xbox one and dev kits.

  • Manoj Varughese

    a thing Respawn is about to regret.

  • seriously

    It’s almost insulting how dumb some companies think the general public is. Microsoft doesn’t have some sort of special cloud magic that they employ on the Xbone. Not only does Sony own a “cloud” company themselves, but ANYONE can use the cloud. Any developer could rent considerable server space from Amazon or Rackspace and utilize it for their game.

    Now, if Microsoft has particular libraries that they offer that Sony doesn’t to do cloud processing, or if they offer a lower priced deal since they own Azure, that’s a different story.

    • Darren McCoy

      Sounds like the Mega Drives “BURST” processing to me!

    • randomize

      MS has been working on cloud tech for years,Sony just bought a cloud company last year(Gaikai). It’s stupid to say Sony is anywhere close to the cloud infrastructure MS has.

  • Bobby Griffin

    why or why are sony fanboys on xbox only game blog.

    • Arron Clements

      Calling someone a fanboy doesn’t work. You need to address the points being made to be taken seriously, otherwise you just come across as someone who has nothing to say.

  • The End is Near

    Did they mention that the dev kits came with $40 million dollars for a one year exclusivity clause for Titanfall ?

  • Axe99

    I’m not sure if Zampella understands what the cloud is – the idea behind cloud computing is that _any_ device can leverage processing power elsewhere – it’s designed to be non-specific to the client. In other words, a PS4, a PS3, an X360, a Wii U, a smartphone or _any_ connected device, with appropriate software, connections and cloud support, can take advantage of the cloud. If it’s ‘only possible in the cloud’ then, because of what the cloud is, the client platform is irrelevant as to whether it’s possible or not.

    • kevin carey

      They aren’t talking about “the” cloud…it’s MS’s own server infrastructure that’s being referred to here.

      • Axe99

        Not true – if you look at the sentence construction and the nature of the semantics, they only talk about the cloud in a general sense. Either way, Microsoft are hardly the only company with significant server infrastructure – hell, MS were initially behind Google when it came to setting up Cloud computing. Had I the money, I could set up a cloud-based gaming service completely independently of MS, the XB1 or Win 8 – what Zampella is saying is a bunch of PR horse-poo.

        • redavutstuvader

          Microsoft said they will enlarge xbox live servers from 15000 (which ran 46 million subscriptions) to 300,000 servers. the current server is part of MS AZURE COMPUTING CLOUD. for a small $ comparison of GAIKI vs AZURE

          WIRED:Microsoft’s Data-Center Tab Tops $15 Billion
          AZURE IS A WORLDWIDE 15 BILLION DOLLAR CLOUD COMPUTE INFASTRUCTURE THAT PULLS IN A $BILLION$ ANNUALLY(www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2013/02/microsofts-data-center/). to show you why 300,000 servers is a drop in the buck to MS, I’ll give you a close estimate on the servers 2011 numbers.

          in the year 2011, yes 2 years ago during phase one of azure ms computing cloud MS only had 24 nodes worldwide
          one node in Chicago was set up this way

          700,000 square feet; it uses a modular design based on containers with a capacity of 112 containers, with each holding 224,000 servers – using Dell.
          so in 2011 just one (of 24) 700,00 square foot facility had 112 x 224,000 servers
          =24,640,000 servers
          Apple’s iCloud runs on Microsoft and Amazon services
          (chi town node source= http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/09/02/icloud_runs_on_microsoft_azure_and_amazon/)
          thats only one of 24 in existence at that time
          here is the full list of nodes in 2011
          Ashburn, VA
          Bay Area, CA
          Chicago, IL
          San Antonio, TX
          Los Angeles, CA
          Miami, FL
          Newark, NJ
          Seattle, WA
          Amsterdam, NL
          Doha, QT NEW
          Dublin, IE
          London, GB
          Moscow, RU
          Paris, FR
          Stockholm, SE
          Vienna, AT
          Zurich, CH
          Asia-Pacific/Rest of World
          Hong Kong, HK
          São Paulo, BR
          Seoul, KR
          Singapore, SG
          Sydney, AU
          Taipei, TW
          Tokyo, JP

          thats 24 x 24,640,000 servers
          591,360,000 SERVERS

          24 nodes source google story below =
          UPDATED: 24 Nodes Available Globally for the Windows Azure CDN Including New Node in Doha, QT
          UPDATED: blogs.msdn.com/b/windowsazure/archive/2010/08/09/20-nodes-available-globally-for-the-windows-azure-cdn.aspx


          If Azure had 591,360,000 servers in 2011, then the 300,000 MS is giving to xbox is a drop of sand on the beach. AND AZURE IS A BEAST.

          • Axe99

            I’m not suggesting that Azure isn’t a huge and well-developed cloud computing platform (it’d want to be, as MS runs Office 365 off it, a business that dwarves its Xbox business) – I’m not for a second suggesting MS _can’t_ do cloud computing, or can’t do it well. I’m just pointing out it’s hardly the only game in town and that lots of other people can do cloud computing as well. Sony doesn’t need anything of Azure’s scale, because it’s not going to be running near as many software applications in the cloud as MS does with its Office software). Hell, I suspect if it wanted to, Sony pay MS to run cloud computing for the PS4 from Azure. The point I’m making here is ‘the cloud’ is not client-specific (where client is your end-user device – so XB1, PS4, Smartphone, PC, laptop, what-have-you) and so while XB1 has ‘the cloud’, every other connected device in the world has it as well if the software allows it.

        • kevin carey

          Axe99….run along son…leave this for the grown-ups. YOU are the one talking a bunch of “horse-poo”.

          • Axe99

            Hey, I threw information your way, and an argument, for you to address. You came back with a belittling (and somewhat inaccurate ;)) put-down and avoided the argument altogether. Oh, and made a pretty inaccurate assumption while you were there ;). If you do, indeed, be a grown-up, you’re not a particularly inspiring example of one when it comes to having a discussion.

  • redavutstuvader

    sony said they had cloud capabilities, their loud computing is not the same as Microsofts

    • PixelOmen

      500,000 what? “Updates”? That’s super vague at best.

      • redavutstuvader

        everyone has their ramblings on what the cloud can’t do
        it uses MS orleans grain silo technology to recieve massive pre-calculated answrs in very small packets.

        for the 500,000 updates per second read about the e3 closed doors xbox 101 meeting here

        • PixelOmen

          I never said anything about what it can or cannot do. I said it’s vague. I’ve read that, doesn’t say much. I’ll believe in the “power” of the cloud when I see them do something useful with it with my own eyes. Same goes for Gaikai.

          I am, however, more familiar with the “traditional” horsepower inside each console, and have a general idea of what they are both capable of.

  • kevin carey

    Sony didn’t “confirm” shlt…anymore than MS has proven their claims about One’s cloud computing. Yoshida makes some damn good teriyaki sauce, but don’t give him, or Sony, too much credit without the burden of proof.

    • redavutstuvader

      respawn has confirmed all non player characters are not bots but intelligent cloud powered ai

  • Russell Gorall

    They can keep it, in my opinion.

    It looks like a bad Hawken or any other mech shooter.

    The Xbone game that looked like a system seller was Lococycle.

    War over.

  • brianc6234

    Good grief. Will these losers just shut up already? The PS4 can run that game using just 10% of its power.

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