Amazon Changes Xbox One’s Release Date to November the 27th

Earlier today the release date of the Xbox One on its listing was indicated as November the 30th (as you can see from the cached version of the page). Just now it was changed to November the 27th.

While this should still be taken with a grain of salt, there must be a reason behind the sudden change. Whether Amazon got some information from Microsoft or they just decided to change their release prediction on their own, we can’t know.


One thing is for sure: a November the 27th release date would put the console’s launch in a strategic position just before Black Friday (November the 29th).

The release date for the PS4 is still set as December the 31st, evidently a placeholder.

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  • Veronica Moreno

    Sony its playing safe letting microsoft go first then they come around and make better desicion I bet sony its goin to release the gratness ps4 before the microsoft as long as they know for sure when the xbox one it’s coming out

    • tlcdlite

      Again Sony playing follow the leader

      • tlcdlite

        Good luck with Sony hope they treat u well,but I think u just might change your mind when you see what’s coming from Microsoft, (and its not Illumiroom) lol trust me on this one