Beautiful Monster Hunter Online Screenshots Introduce the Forest of Dawn and the Queen of Dragons

on June 20, 2013 10:51 PM

Monster Hunter Online is currently taking the Chinese MMORPG fanbase by storm, and Tencent just released another juicy batch of lovely screenshots to tease us poor westerners yet unknowing on the possibility of ever playing the game in English.

The screenies portray the Forest of Dawn — one of the areas that will be included in the game — in all it’s CryEngine 3 glory, and the Rathian, female of the dragon Rathalos also known as the Queen of the Land.

The Rathian comes equipped with the ability to fly, a tail decorated with poisonous spikes, and a whole lot of fire ready to be breathed on the unfortunate hunters that will dare confronting her. She can use four peculiar attacks:

Inverted Tail Strike: the Rathian will fly above the hunters hitting them with a storm of attacks using her spiked tail, not only it will inflict massive damage, but also poison whoever is hit.

Radiating Fierce Flame: a powerful flame attack that will hit everyone in a cone in front of the Rathian.

Streaks of Flame: the Queen will sweep with her tail, and then burn the ground around her, leaving her victims no place to escape to.

Rushing Charge: exactly what it says on the tin. The Ratian will charge the hunters, biting and trampling them mercilessly.

Below you can see a gallery with all the screenshots released today. Hopefully we’ll hear about a western localization soon. I’m getting restless and I bet I’m not the only one.



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