Major Nelson Rebrands Himself as “Switch Flipping” After Xbox One DRM About-Face

You can say many things about Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb (AKA Major Nelson), but not that he takes himself too seriously or that he isn’t capable of self irony. He previously went on record stating that Microsoft couldn’t just “flip the switch” on its DRM policies…

We can’t just flip a switch to turn off DRM. The console was built around it.

Now that the “switch” has been very dramatically and publicly flipped, the internet isn’t being forgiving in the least about that quote. Countless memes have been uploaded, and a lot of media outlets mockingly included it in their articles about the Xbox One’s DRM 180.

To be fair, I’m quite sure that Hryb at least partly believed in what he said when he did it, but now that the whole hoopla has come and gone, he’s trying to smile in the face of adversity. Here’s what the banner of his twitter account currently looks like (I underlined the relevant part for your convenience):


It’s so cheeky that when I saw it I initially thought that some jesting troll might have hacked his account, but that wasn’t the case, as the switch flipping theme isn’t limited to the banner. Hyrb has since renamed his Battlefield 3 server “theswitch”, inviting everyone to come and play.

What can I say…Well played Major Nelson. You can say whatever you want about him, but not that he isn’t a good sport. Now, let’s go play Battlefield 3 and have a group hug.

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  • Jimbob

    He’s a lying scumbag, like all the arrogant Microsoft suits.

    • Michael Clanton

      You sound smart…. I hope your 7 years old from your childish comment.

      • Ms Taco

        I hope you’re 4 years old with your knowledge of grammar.

        • Michael Clanton

          There is a difference from a misinformed opinion that’s not based on anything , and typing something on a message board using Siri .
          Ms Taco, go back to your job at Taco Bell and serve successful people like me when we want a quick snack. Stay in your lame and know your place kid….. Now back to paying attention to the intelligent people(everyone but ms taco and jimbob’)

          • Daniel Lawson

            you use apple products… you’re automaticly lowered to my eyes

          • Reggie O

            LOL, Michael “Short Bus” Clanton has no clue what Ms Taco was referring to. Dunce.

    • John Joe Silver

      or you know he wasn’t informed by the Microsoft exec’s that they were developing a patch to remove the features

      • ou

        ha ha ha nice joke, oh your serious!

      • Somany Idiots

        And you know that how?

        • John Joe Silver

          how do know he was?

          • Michael Clanton

            John don’t worry about it, assumptions are easier because it requires no type of thought or effort. fact is this, they don’t know.

      • Daniel Lawson

        it’s a little bit more involved then a patch… likely not only software patch but some devices need to be flashed

      • datdude

        Isn’t it his job to know? If not, what is his purpose in his role? He’s full of s##%, bottom line. As are the rest of the Microsoft clowns.

    • Tocatch Adouche

      You are too kind, Jimbob. And isn’t that grey haired geezer a little too old to be playing video games…with chat capabilities…with little kids. Seems like a sick old perv to me.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        I doubt you can be “too old to play video games”

      • Liam

        How can you convict him of being a perv. You thick twat.

    • Will

      He’s paid to defend Microsoft. If was making his kind of money, I’d say whatever I could to get people back on our side. I’m sure he didn’t like the policies Microsoft set in place in the first place. Microsoft are lying scumbags more-so than him lol.

      • Will the asshole

        Well some have an easier time to be an asshole over the other I guess.

      • jazz

        These consoles are still in dev route. Its on every spec sheet that features are subject to change. I dont get it…ms tried to advance the future and the internet went nuts. Now ms listens to there audience and they still bitch. I am embarrased to be a gamer and I really hope most of this trash talking is coming from the sony side where i just purchased a copy of the last of us. Guess what no owners manual just drm bs online code. Ms has not dont that with any first party titles. Btw the head of ms said there will be no more changes in the future as bringing back drm but i do hope they find away to bring back there ten gold members for 59 and allow free sharing to anyone in the world but I guess people just cant handle a digital vision that should have made things cost less and been much more profitable to third party devs well ms blantley said they do not make a penny from third party drms and allowing first party to work and trade like the 360. Well the loudest got there voice heard and I imagine most of them were believing the lies all over the net or were not planning on buying a xboxone anyways. I do hope this open option now will make everyone happy. Do you realize ms could hostile take over Sony and sell all there assets and they would be done. Thats what a company thats money hungry does. They dont invest half a decade makeing cloud or azure so powerfull it can actually make games more imersive and beautiful and invest in 30000 servers for us gamers. I guess sony has cloud if you call Gaiki good which was a bankrupt company desperate for a buyer since the lag was horrid. Ms is so far ahead infrustrucfure wise not just console gaming and wanted to bring it all together. Well I guess since people like the past so badly then go sony and there is always next gen.

        • ub77

          Your post makes me wonder if you suffer from a head injury.

        • Dill

          Go home you’re drunk… Drm isnt the “way of the future”, its the way for microsoft to invest money that could be used to make games better into a horridly expensive system that protects its own ass from theives. The whole “free sharing to the world” is a process that allows you to share one game once and we are not even sure if you can get this so called shared game back. You idiots seem to be under the impression that games are made for the developers to get money. Originally, at least before microsoft came along, games were made by the developers FOR THE GAMERS. We buy games for us to play, not for us to pay. I dont spend 1000 dollars a year on games just to spend 1000 dollars. I spend it so that i can have an enjoyable experience with my games. And dude if microsoft bought off sony and sold all of their assets, do you really think people would trust them anymore. I would personally sell all of my internet connected microsoft products and use all of that money to buy all of the steam games I could possibly want. If Microsoft shows the same insolence they showed at e3 and try to take down sony, then they will go just as bankrupt as the deceased sony company. Microsoft was not ahead. They were stuck in a divide of greed and pride, feeling that they could trust that they were so famous at that point that they could get away with crime. If Drm stayed they would not be the company that moves foward, but the company that is so busy worshipping their own entrails that they could not even touch the new pioneering ground that sony, steam and the developers (at least the ones who make the games for the people that buy them and not for the companies that hope to buy the people) hope to walk on for the new generation of gaming. Please continue feeding all of the crap that microsoft feeds you and I will continue to dine in a fine dish if kingdom hearts 3 and final fantasy xv on the system that does it better and still knows why we makes games.

          • Billy

            “The whole “free sharing to the world” is a process that allows you to share one game once and we are not even sure if you can get this so called shared game back”

            That’s horribly false. It’s people like you, who do no actual research, and just believe the internet circle jerk, that ruined what could have been. Let me inform you on what it actually would have done. It would have allowed you to upload any game you bought into a shared library, which you’d have been able to link any 10 friends XBL accounts with, and they would have been able to play any game in the library, start to finish, whenever they wanted (obviously unless you were playing the game).

        • Will

          I don’t really believe the way they tried to usher in a new age of digital content was the right approach. I know Gamestop has such a power grip on the gaming industry, but if digital prices are competitive with what is available on Amazon (competition is a good thing) We’d all benefit. Gamers would get games cheaper, and developers and publishers will get the money directly from the download. No middle man (aside from Microsoft and Sony) to worry about. Much less to worry about when it comes to Sony, with their open policies on publishing on their platform.

    • m r

      Xbox 180. He’s going to flip more switches after you buy it. lol.

      Anti-consumer friendly company. Burn them hard. Watch that price drop.

      Really wish I hadn’t looked at his old ugly wife’s twitter. Never seen such a spoiled rich lady post the most stupid bullshit. Nothing but pictures of excessive food and expensive shoes. Keep lining these people’s pockets with money so they ruin gaming and charge you more for it.

    • UniversityofGeorgiaBruh

      You’re a dumb ass. Who said they have even removed it yet? For all we know they’re working on a day 1 patch to remove it when it releases.

      • Charley Walker

        actually the day 1 patch removes it

    • Todd

      You obviously know nothing about software development. There is no switch to turn it off, just a lot of programmers working late at night to remove the DRM and have console still work.

      • TopGun79

        wao!! Microsoft engineers must have written one big spaghetti code mess when they implemented that DRM!

    • WhoMeNoYou

      Not to defend the guy, but he works for a company he has to stick to his guns he can’t just say different not even as much as we wanted him to. I also don’t think his being creative his poking fun of himself before anyone else does but trust me his hurting about his comments that’s why next time leave the tech stuff to the tech guys and talk about what you know.

    • B_Boss

      Lying about what lol? He flipped lol, he is admitting it in jest at himself.

    • Toe

      Defending his companies product, he is paid to do it.

      Remember when sony waited a week to tell their millions of customers that credit card and personal info had been compromised? Now that’s a shitty lie.

  • Couponbook Gaming


  • Sheldon

    Surprisingly, after the news about dropping their restrictions, the people whining about it have calmed down a bit. There’s still a few people complaining about stuff that makes no sense, but those people already made their minds up in February, so they don’t count.

  • realmadpuppy

    I’m far from a fan of MS but, pragmatically speaking, you have to understand where this guy is coming from. when your job is to engage the customers/fans in direct dialog and promote decisions the company makes, all while trying to keep the trust of the community, this is not an easy task. there is really no winning for this guy, if he lies to the community he loses trust and his position is marginalized which could result in losing his job, If he supports the community at the expense of the company he works for…once again, he loses his job. I would have to believe that this is a very difficult balance to achieve. I do not relish his position. especially working for a company like MS, Major Nelson had the rug pulled right out from under him by MS this time and from these comments I am reading it has hurt his standing in the community. anyone pissed off at him should really take these things into consideration before painting everything as black and white.

    • m r

      He knew what he signed on for. Lots of dirty money. We can poke him all we want because he’s a greedy, arrogant pig.

      • owenmin

        You have personal issues mate, it’s his job, he’s not evil for earning a wage like anyone else.

        What are you like 12?

        • m r

          “it’s his job”

          His job is to take gamers’ money and push some anti-consumer policies down their throats. And you think he isn’t evil for accepting payment for that?

          Nice try Microsoft PR Media Manager.

  • I really like the Major. He doesn’t annoy me in any way.

  • joey

    corporate lies.

  • lt.dan

    I may not like him, but at least he can joke about himself.

  • redavutstuvader

    major nelson play’s all game systems anyway so he’s not a fanboy, just an employee

  • Papa Derp

    I don’t think he’s sincere but at least he’s not Don Mattrick.

    “Live on nuclear sub? Buy a 360” (The new one that looks like a coffee grinder)

  • brianc6234

    He’s an idiot like everyone else at Microsoft. All of their Xbox people are arrogant.


    No mercy.

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  • Xbox Fans Have No Integrity Or

    This right here is why Xbox supporters are nothing but corporate scumbags with their asses in the air and their heads in the pillow. They forgive and forget everything and in typical Microsoft Muppet fashion, they are as easily manipulated as a junkie to her pimp.

    The entire xbox fanbase is as inept as they are gullible and naive.. They are without a shadow of doubt.. the cancer to this industry.