Ubisoft Confirms The Division and The Crew Are Always Online, Believes These Kind of Experiences Are Great

Personally, I don’t have much of a problem (or any at all) with always online games, as long as they provide features to justify the persistent connectivity requirement, but many heads explode when the issue is even just mentioned. Ubisoft Europe General Director Alain Corre did mention it about the upcoming open world games Tom Clancy’s The Division and The Crew as part of a broader interview published today on Eurogamer.

The Division will be always-online, because this is how the game is designed. It’s a world that’s always on and always living. The fact you’re always-online is a must. It’s the same for The Crew. You can join your friends or not, but something is happening in this world all the time.

Those that suffer from that strange allergy from MMO games still have something to soothe their malcontent, as Corre is quick to specify that both games aren’t MMOs.

Not MMOs. You can have an experience on your own or with friends. It’s a non-stopping world, which is like life. You’re getting closer to life.

Whether you like the idea of a always online open world game or not, Ubisoft definitely seems to love it, as Corre makes sure to mention:

We believe these kind of experiences are great. You can go on playing while not in your living room. You can use your tablet or smartphone to enrich your character or help your character and friends while you’re away.

We give the possibility for the gamer to always be in contact with these worlds. This is something that is completely new and refreshing.

As I mentioned above, both games definitely seem to justify the always online requirement, and honestly it was almost completely expected. How do you feel about it? Are you ok with having your races and your post-apocalyptic romps while always connected to the internet, or maybe you’d like an offline mode better?


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    This is exactly why the DRM movement was pointless from the get go. The term “single player” has changed and people need to get over it. The DRM the xbox one had in two years will be the norm because every game will be connected playing single player or not.

    • bigevilworldwide

      You know that both of those games are practically Online MP only right? So it kind of makes sense that it they would be always online…Neither have an offline SP…..Nor should a game that is designed to be an online MP only experience feel the need to add an offline single player, because some people don’t want to go online…..It’s really simple you just don’t purchase games that are MP only and stick to SP

    • ChadAwkerman

      I don’t think the term “single player” has changed at all. Like bigevilworldwide said there, both The Division and The Crew are practically MMORPGs (The Division certainly is, with experience points and all). Any MMORPG since the history of MMORPGs has been “always online”.

      People confuse NEEDING to have a hardware device connected 24/7 with an online game needing to connect the duration of your play time.

      To be honest, MMORPG are NOT “always online”. They’re online when you’re playing them, this does not mean your PC or your PS4 or whatever will need to be “always online” for them to even be on the system.

      There will still be plenty of single-player offline games, and most games will have a single-player component that will not require you to have any sort of internet connection. MMORPGs are different and always have been – while you’re playing it you’re always connected to a persistent, online world. Once you shut the game down, you’re not connected any longer, thus you are no longer “always online”.

      The problem people had with the Xbox One was that, whether you’re playing a 100% single player game or not, the darn box would have to dial up Microsoft and let them know what you had for dinner every day. You shouldn’t have to have a console do that. Ever. That’s a completely separate issue from DRM, frankly.

    • PantherCrane


  • PantherCrane

    I can’t believe this. People bitched and scream at MS for always onlihe?! Knowing that this was how it was gonna be. SMH now everythings cool… huh?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      there’s a quite large difference between having a couple of games with features requiring it always online, and having the whole console requiring an internet connection even to play games that are not always online or are completely offline.

      • jacksjus

        The way they made it sound you would need to be connected online just to listen to a CD in the XBox. Something as simple as that doesn’t make sense.

        • NachoKingP

          ACTUALLY, they ALWAYS said it only applied to playing games. They ALWAYS said the TV features and blu-ray media playback would not require any sort of internet connection. The problem is, people like YOU didn’t bother to read any of the information MS put out, you just read all the ranting and rhetoric of the whining gamers that didn’t bother to understand how the system worked, and now all the people who LIKED the new features (because we actually read how they worked and saw how amazing they were) all suffer for your laziness.

          • jacksjus

            ACTUALLY it was sarcasm. ALWAYS online to play every game is ridiculous. What other point is there to buying the thing to begin with? $500 to replace my remote?
            P.S. Calm down. Why are you so mad anyway? Buy what you want and be happy. Smh!

          • NachoKingP

            Didn’t seem terribly sarcastic. I’m mad because I REALLY WANTED Family Share. I REALLY WANTED to not have to swap discs changing games, especially when I also planned to use my console to play movies, which I could have just left in. It’s all because people DON’T READ, they just follow what other people say instead of investigating and formulating their own opinions based on actual facts from the source.

          • jacksjus

            If you really believe that MS was going to allow you to buy a game and share the full game with up to 9 other people for free you’re a damn fool. Don’t always believe what you read.

          • NachoKingP

            I absolutely believe that Microsoft would allow that. The game publishers might not on the other hand, but not it’s completely impossible. Sony actually tried this with the PS3/PS Vita game sharing and it used to work for 5 devices, but they dialed it back to two devices due to publisher pushback. But I think Microsoft has the power to pull it off.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Or maybe they read, understood, and simply didn’t like it.

          • NachoKingP

            The VAST majority of the griefers complained about things that weren’t accurate. Even major gaming journalist outlets misrepresented some of the features of the Xbox One for a while, and that led to even more more people being against it. I truly believe, based on reading MANY different articles on websites and the comments below them, that the overwhelming majority of the people who didn’t like the policies did not understand them. The fact remains that there were really progressive ideas built into the new policies, and many of the complaints were based on inaccurate information, such as not being allowed to sell or play used games and having to have a persistent broadband connection, both of which were patently false.

    • datdude

      Are you a moron? You’re comparing a game, which you can choose to buy or not based on your preference for mandatory online play, to a console which would have made online a requirement for EVERY game? Wake up guy, you’re asleep.

  • B_Boss

    A game of this brilliant caliber HAS to be consistently online. Definitely expected.

  • Big Bobby

    The likes of The Division and The Crew should have an offline, single player mode. Fair enough, these games are online only, but having a offline, single player mode is an added bonus. Most games out there have a offline, single player mode, so going online is a bonus mode. With The Crew and The Division, it looks like it’s been reversed. I’ve not got the time to be messing on with playing games online for hours on end. But I suppose that most gamers out there play games online, so the likes of Ubisoft are not going to throw in something for the minority.

    • brvnbld

      Its not minority. The people who play MMO, will like this….And those are not the only category of gamers. Majority of Gamers like Single player Hard core games only.

  • Josh Palaniuk

    Both of these games will flop. These types of online only games always do. Taking lesser known franchises and a reduced user base due to online requirements. I’m sure they will find a way to blame us for this as well.

    • ChadAwkerman

      “These types of online only games always do.”

      This statement is not correct.

      • Josh Palaniuk

        Go on. MAG was so successful

        • ChadAwkerman

          Haha. Very true. The Division is an MMO, for all intents and purposes. There are many successful MMOs.

    • XJ

      They don’t always flop. Look at World of Tanks and WarThunder for just a couple of examples.

  • Alex González

    So, be Plus or Live is required??

    • superkarma

      Of course. The only time Plus isn’t required (on the PS4) is for most F2P games. Not sure if Live is the same way in that respect.

      • Alex González

        Hmmmmmmpf… That change a lot my opinion about these games… Online paymets are shit.

  • Ammi Alee

    I like the gameplay, the graphics & stuffs. But the game being online. I won’t be able to play, since in my country the internet being very slow. I just wish it had a offline campaign.

  • Ammi Alee

    I like the gameplay, the graphics & stuffs. But the game being
    online. I won’t be able to play, since in my country the internet being
    very slow. I just wish it had an offline campaign.

    • Dennis Djoenz

      This article is outdated dude. Why are you posting in this article? Ubisoft decided to get rid of the always online DRM so yes you can play offline 😉

      • Ammi Alee

        Is it..? But in wikipedia it doesn’t say anything about offline.

        • Dennis Djoenz

          Oh shittt my bad you are right! I was confused about it not being on pc. Remember when pc gamers wanted it on pc etc….

          I did not know this game will be always online wtf.

          I TOTALLY AGREE with your post now :(((((

          • Tony

            ha, the crew is always online

  • XJ

    I honestly dont mind. I play games like Warthunder, World of Tanks, and World of Warplanes. So its almost second nature. Although it would be nice to have an offline mode, it isn’t necessary. I mean in all honesty exploring 2000 square miles of the US by yourself would eventually get boring. Having friends to do it with will make it that much better.

  • FredEFuego

    DRM lol then the game is worthless when they shut down their servers. A pure waist of money in my opinion

  • moied

    we don’t can played as offline

  • moied

    in the division are we can play offline

  • Andrew

    These are great! Except with people who CAN’T possibly get high speed internet! I live in the country; not by choice. The only internet we can get out here is HughesNet. It’s like dial-up but a *little* faster. Ex: High speed internet is 100mbps average. Mine is 4mbps. So I can NOT play online any game without a ping of 800+. This is why all games should still have offline or singleplayer offline. Because (not just me) cannot access internet 24/7. Yeah, I can go to Giant/Winn Dixie and download it, but I can’t go there 24/7 just to play one game for 30 minutes. It’s a waste of time to have to connect and completely unfair and inconvenient to those who can’t afford/get high speed internet.
    P.S. Comcast wants us to pay them 34,000$+ to get internet at our house; it’s 2 miles from the comcast building and the people 250 feet up from us have comcast. This is the kind of B.S. I have to deal with when everything is “these kind of experiences are better” (online only).
    Thanks asses. (Ubisoft)

    In all, “some people just don’t want to play online”, when, in fact, they CAN’T play online. Sure there may be a few of us, and a company that’s making millions of dollars a year won’t care, however I still think the fact that they think everyone should have internet to play a game is bull shit.

  • james

    Game is being marketed as SP and MP. That pisses me off. That and all the dumbasses saying its ‘Not an MMO just cause its online’. Its not ‘just’ online. Its forced online. There is content locked to online exp and a persistant shard/server based world. Just cause it doesnt have a 3 letter title like WoW or LoL doesnt mean it isnt an MMO.

    Want the ‘MMO’ to go away. Dont force us singleplayer buyers to play online. Not a big ask.

    • james

      …then there are the internet issues. Mine of fine 90% of the time but:
      A- I wont be able to play my SP game 15% of the time including patching and downtime? Seriously? F-off.
      B- Now the only games people with bad internet can play are no longer an option. That must be a joke… One of the guys below me says it himself. :Ammi Alee: said he/she happens to be in a low connectivity country. But now even SP games are excluding people? Thats unquestionably retarded. Not just because its exclusive and asinine but it reduces possible sales. At the end of the day Ubisoft is still a company. A foul on 2 fronts.