Dragon Quest X PC Beta: Everything You Need to Know to Register, Install and Play (UPDATED)

By now many know that today Square Enix opened registrations for the Japanese beta of the PC version of Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online. What not everyone knows is that the beta has actually started already, and it’s an open beta, so everyone can register, download the game and play.

The first phase of the test started today and will continue until July the 10th at 6 PM Japan time.

The game includes two separate portions. An offline adventure that serves the purpose of a prologue and the proper online MMORPG-like game. This is rather relevant, because depending on where you live, you may not be able to play online, and the process to simply play offline is a lot easier.

First of all, if you want to play online you need to create a Japanese Square Enix account. North American and European ones won’t work. Online gameplay is also region locked via IP, so unless you live in Japan, you’re stuck in offline mode. Of course there are way around this, like a VPN, but the purpose of this guide isn’t to teach you to get around the limits imposed by Square Enix, so if you want to try that route, it’s quite easy to find out how via Google.

Luckily if you don’t live in Japan there’s still the extensive offline chapter to enjoy. To do so you don’t even need to create a Square Enix account, you can just jump to the sections of this guide about downloading and installing the benchmark (if you want to try it) and downloading, installing and configuring the game.

Disclaimer: creating a Japanese Square Enix account implies that you reside in Japan. This guide has the exclusive purpose to explain the process to those that can’t speak Japanese. If you input a false Japanese address you do so at your own risk, and DualShockers won’t be held responsible for what could happen to you. Your house may be carpet bombed by a Gundam, or an enraged Majokko could turn you into a cutesy toad, with a wand shaped like a chainsaw.

Now that we have gotten the legalities out of the way, assuming that you reside in Japan you can follow this link to start creating your account. From there on, follow the pictorial guide. If you don’t have a Japanese browser, it’s best to use an incognito window in Google Chrome. If you crash against a “Service unavailable” message, try  the incognito window.







Now open your e-mail. You should have a confirmation mail from Square Enix.






Now comes a slightly tricky part. You’ll need your last name and first name written in Japanese. If you don’t know how to write them in Japanese (shame on you, since you live in Japan) open Google Translator. Make sure English is selected as the source language and Japanese as the output language. Then type your last name on the first row and your first name in the second. It’ll give you the Katakana equivalent on the other side. You’ll have to paste them (separately) on the following form.


Now, you’ll need your Japanese address. Just to give an example, you could insert Zip Code: 163 – 1055, Prefecture and City: 東京都, Address: 新宿区, Number: 3 – 7 – 1 – 2, which corresponds to an hotel in Shinjuku. Of course you need to replace this with your real Japanese address.




Now that you have your new and shiny  Japanese Square Enix account, it’s time to get to the fun part. Yeah, we aren’t nearly done. First of all you need to download the official benchmark. After downloading it, run the installer and follow the steps in the guide below.


Now launch the benchmark (you’ll find the icon on your desktop in the cutesy form of an orange slime), and continue following the guide below.






Now that you’re all done with the boring stuff, you can finally download the game.

Once you’re done downloading, launch the installer and continue following the guide below.


Once the game is installed click on the launcher on your desktop (the blue slime) and let it update. It can be a long process depending on the speed of your internet connection. It took me a couple hours. Once you’re done the login window will appear.



Take your time to configure the graphical settings. To do so, click on the link on the bottom left of the window.


Once your game is configured, you’re ready to play. Remember that you can play online only if you live in Japan, otherwise you can still play the full offline initial adventure. To do so just click on “Play Offline” without typing any username or password.

Character creation and gameplay are actually very intuitive, so I’ll let you discover what to do there on your own. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments, and I’ll try to help.

UPDATE: many were reporting the inability to access the beta, and after much searching I finally found the reason (they put the official calendar into the most invisible place ever, go figure). The beta  runs for the whole day only on weekends (Japan time, meaning that it’ll mostly be friday and saturday for us), while it runs only for twelve hours a day during weekdays. Below you can see the detailed calendar with the hours in which the beta will be accessible marked in green. Remember that all times are JST (Japan Standard Time). If you need to know what time is it in Japan, you can check here. During weekdays the beta starts at noon Japan time, which translates to 11 PM EDT. I apologize for not noticing it earlier, but it was really well hidden with an extra smallish link in the middle of all the Japanese text…


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  • Matt Haddow

    Thank you!

  • Mr. Bones

    Very nice tutorial, many thx =)

  • Angelo Teodorak

    thanks, this tutorial help me

  • Fui

    I passed the benchmark, but when I clicked apply and followed the steps, a window did not open, and I get this message. Please help!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That window should appear at the same time as the browser (I get the same, but the browser does open for me) with the menu to enter your account. Try having the browser open already when you get it. Maybe that’ll help.

      Unfortunately I cannot seem to reproduce a situation in which the browser window does not open.

      • Liminal18

        browser window didn’t open for me either… weird. default browser is firefox that might be the problem.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          That shouldn’t be a problem at that stage. Try using google chrome and setting it as the default browser? That’s what I used.

          • Fui

            Thanks for the help, I downloaded the game, but now I get the ??????? error the guy above is getting. I think it might have something to do with the game updating.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            That’d be strange, it connects properly for me. Try changing your locale/non unicode settings to Japanese to see what that message actually says?

          • Fui

            I tried that, but the message stayed the same. I may be doing it wrong or have a version of Windows 7 that can’t download languages.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Found the reason, updated the post above 😀

          • Alistair

            Thanks a lot for this awersome discovery ! 😉
            It’s start at 5h in france (gmt+2)
            Can you tell me where can find a free VPN Japan for beta online ?


          • Liminal18

            Used chrome same problem a 404 yeah it appears they’ve closed down some of the beta access thanks for the update and will try again later tonight.

  • Mitch L


  • draque fan

    hey, thanks for the tutorial maybe you can help me? i just download the game offline. i dont open Square Enix account or anything. i download the file. did the install as you said. it all went fine. but when i click on the blue slime. the game say he cant find the dragon quest x update exe file. (the file is in the folder of the game)
    when i try to click on the update exe file, nothing happed it dont react. i try to uninstall 3 times
    but it just dont work. what i did worng? i really really want to play the offline
    thanks a lot if you can find something on it.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Umh, never saw this problem, did you try to reinstall it? Maybe in a different folder?

  • jordan clark

    can u help me, after the update finished all i got was a little window with a Japanese heading, a bunch of question marks, and an ok button. what did i do wrong?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Umh, can you check that your windows has Japanese language support? If it doesn’t you may want to install it via the control panel.

      Also, setting the international options to Japanese via the Nation and Language menu of the control panel could help.

      • mdx

        I changed my system locale to Japan and restarted, and I ended up with this after the update.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          That looks like the Japanese locale isn’t correctly set/installed. Did you set Japanese on both tabs? (the second is under administrator option where it says: Language for Non unicode programs. At least if you manage to display the message we can see what it says.

          • alittlebirdy

            I got the same message. The Japanese is:

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Now it’s doing it for me too. The message basically says that the beta can’t be played now, and to try later.

            I’m going to guess that at the moment the update server is down. It’s a beta after all.

          • alittlebirdy

            Yes, It’s doing it for everyone that I know of. I guess we should all try again in a few hours?

          • video games

            Is the beta confirmed to be down? I’m getting the same error, can’t even get to the log in screen.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Confirmed down, I finally found out the reason and updated the post. The beta runs for the full day only on weekends (Japan time), while it runs only six hours a day on weekdays. It’s already monday morning in Japan now, and the beta will start at Noon, that translates to 11 PM EDT.

          • video games

            So you can’t play the offline bit while servers are down either? I press the startup icon on my desktop and it gives me the JP error shown above.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Yep, that’s because the first thing the launcher does is checking for updates. Since the update server is down, it simply gives an error. Looks like the offline version requires this step as well.

            Probably, being a beta, they want to make 100% sure that players always play with the most up to date version, in order to reduce false positives in bug reporting.

          • Coolie Boy Flawless

            i need a name cause in the name places none of mines work

        • Liminal18

          You need app local google it and it.

  • The Fat Bastard Show

    Thank you for the tutorial.

    Downloaded the benchmark directly, since I want to try it offline.
    But after the benchmark, and after the score is shown, I don’t get what’s in the following picture. I get the same exact window that appears when trying to RUN the benchmark. No URL is shown, and no browser page opens either.

    Please help, really wanted to try it out.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Did you click on the green button on the top right?

      • The Fat Bastard Show

        Like I said, that window/button doesn’t even show up =(

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          That is extremely strange. It doesn’t show the score either?

          • The Fat Bastard Show

            Like I downloaded and installed the benchmark, perfectly fine. Then I ran various benchmarks with different settings, and after showing the score (where the drawing-like designs show up) the window closes and it goes back to the window where I choose the settings and choose to run the benchmark. In the pictures it appears to change the window by adding a green button at the top, but I get the exact same first window.
            I’m installing the japanese and english packs (i’m from Portugal), to see if anything different happens…

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            That might help. Let me know.

          • The Fat Bastard Show

            Nope, no difference.
            Maybe it’s because my scores are too low? I got around 3200 in high, 5400 on medium and 7000 in low…

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Scores shouldn’t be the issue.It worked on my laptop too >_>

            I’m a bit at a loss here because I really can’t reproduce the problem..

          • The Fat Bastard Show

            Hahah xD
            What the hell, i’ll download the game directly. Pretty sure it won’t work, but trying doesn’t hurt I guess. I’ll let you know what happens…

          • The Fat Bastard Show

            Wow…it doesn’t even run. It shows a Dragon Quest X image for like a fraction of a second…and that’s it.
            Well, I liked the game so far. Very interesting gameplay and mechanics xD

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Sorry mate, I’m really at a loss on what could be causing it.

          • The Fat Bastard Show

            Hmm, just tried it on another laptop…and it worked. I got the same error message as everyone is getting right now, but that’s the servers talking and all of us just have to be patient…
            I guess the only possible reason for it not working on my laptop is that i’m running windows 8, since the laptop I tried in had 7. So yeah i’m guessing it has some compability issue with 8 at the moment, maybe with an update it’ll be fixed. But at least i’m glad I found the issue =D

  • Joshua

    Any update on what’s going on with the beta? The FFXIV beta ran over the weekend as well but it’s down until next weekend.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’m afraid not. There’s a page that says that the beta is gonna run between the 22nd (yesterday) and the 10th of july, it also says that the beta time may be limited for bug fixing and such, but doesn’t say *how* limited.

      I tried to find out if there weren’t any official test forums or similar, but there’s nothing of the sort.

      • Fui

        I checked the DQX site, and it does look like its down for matinence for a while. Do you get this error message?

  • Fui

    Thanks for all your help! Can’t wait for this to be localized!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Me too. I just hope they’ll consider it. Now that it’s on PC the chances are higher, but you never know.

  • borg1982

    anyone have a clue if its back on in 12 minutes (11pm est) ?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      yep, I can confirm that the game is back up now 😀

  • EbilVivi

    Are the servers themselves IP locked, or should online play be available as long as you have a Japanese account?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Servers are IP locked, as explained in the article.

  • Noodle

    How exactly am I suppose to use Applocal on Win 8? There isn’t exactly a way to fix this problem with this OS just Win7 and all the rest before up to WIn 2000.

    • jordan

      u don’t need applocal. all it dose is show Japanese text instead of symbols for the name of the window and the error window that pops up when you try logging in outside of beta hours. the game is completely playable without it.

  • Noodle

    So what does this mean after updating the language and this Unicode part?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      server is down. The calendar with the testing hours is in the post above.

  • shadowfamicom

    I use this program for all the games I play from another region. It is made by Microsoft and lets you run any program with any language settings without changing the overall system language settings. Called APPLocale. Works like a charm for Dragon Quest X


  • Louis

    Thanks for this tutorial. I finished the offline part already, sadly. Anyone can point me a VPN that work with this game? I’ve tried WTFast(is it a vpn?) without sucess. :/

  • nturtle

    So I need a one-time pass token to login? OK, let me get one of those. Nope, apparently I need to login to get one? WTF??!?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      the one time password is only for those that have a square enix security token linked to their account, if you don’t have one, you leave the one time password blank.

  • jordan

    can u make an English version of the calendar for north america?

  • jordan

    it would also help to have a translated keyboard and controller config menu like with the graphics menu

  • DQ-Enthusiast

    Hey so I successfully got in but when I click the blue button it leads me to here (see pic) with the three options available. Top option gives me hai or iie (yes/no) and if I say yes it kicks me out, if I say no nothing happens.
    Second option is grayed out.
    Third option gives me a news feed and two links to websites.
    Last option quits me out if I say yes twice.
    So…how exactly do I play this? Am I doing something wrong?

    • DQ-Enthusiast

      Here’s the specific message I get when I hit the top option.

      • jordan

        this message means you have not finished the required portion of the offline mode. start the launcher, click the button on the right, and play untell your village is destroyed. after that you will be taken to a new character creation screen. once you finish there you can click to play online on the launcher, and then do what you have been trying to do.

  • Alistair

    There are a new problem !

    in fact, now, Square Enix ask us to connect in our account (japan) and add the “dragon quest X” Service…

    How can we do that ? plz

    • Alistair

      I try to activate it in my account :

      But there a no button or other thing to activate my dragon quest X account…

      like we are here (Final fantasy XI for exemple) :

      If someone have any idea to share with me.



      Ok then, nevermind, square enix just ban again my new account…

      We definitively can’t play Beta PC (even with an Open VPN Japan server)…


      • jordan

        yes you can. all you have to do is make a jp square enix acount. after that run the bench mark. it will give you a button in the top right when u finish that will take you to the dqx site where you can enter your jp square enix account info in, as explained in the picture tutorial, and it will add dqx to your account. and if that dose not work, you can still play offline

  • benz

    hi why i can’t not active id account square enixto play dragon quest x

    • jordan

      pleas write in proper English so people can understand your question.

    • jordan

      i posted a reply to Alistair that should do the trick. its just a few comments down

  • Noodle

    Ok I played the first part of the offline section last night. Now I can’t get on it again it just gives me the ?????? to infinite box. The servers are down or they only come up at night time?

    • jordan

      they r only up at mid day japan/ 11pm – 11am here

  • hayate

    The accessible time has been extended six hours on weekdays.
    Check this out.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      good catch, thanks 😀

      • hayate

        and next beta test is scheduled from July 26.

  • Noodle

    So after trying a VPN to Japan and updating the beta the online version still doesn’t work. It gives me an excuse that because of some kind suspicious activity I have to go to the website and change the password and I do yet then I try to log in again on the launcher for online I get the same message over and over. What does this mean?

  • Raven

    How do i go about getting my Japanese address?

  • jordan

    help, the game is giving me a mesage i dont understand when going to levle 20 areas the mesage looks like this

    • jordan

      and the second mesage is this

    • hayate

      It says, Failed to move to next map. This map is not opened in the β test.

      • jordan


  • Malystryx

    Has anyone seen this before?

  • Ruben

    hi! have this message, is this a servers problem? or some instalation problem? please respond

    • TheWubWubDude0 .

      The beta ended…………

  • Ruben

    I see this message when i try update the client : what happends ???

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The beta ended.

      • Adrian

        what can we do ?

  • Amanda Stauffer

    what if we life in america??

  • Devin Kwon

    I’m stuck on after running the benchmark, i pressed the green button and followed the steps but no windows pop up for me

    • Ario Noverza

      same here. can any

  • torchick11

    I cant really take a picture of this but this is all I could get when I tried to play the game *before it tried to do the update*: (english only though)



    • Adrian

      What does this code mean ? How can I solve this problem ?

    • TheWubWubDude0 .

      If i am correct you get this picture This means the beta has ended

  • Nerp47


  • Nerp47

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! couse after clicking the green button(turns out as a yellow scroll now but same symbols)please please i get no alert i work on windows 7 anyway back to the point after clicking it it goes into the thing i click the big bar of symbols and then i click YES and then a thing pops up but not a window in my browser i will show you a pic of it please tell me what it says and how to get the game working sorry i am noob when it comes to things like this so so sorry but heres the pic of the thing that pops up after clicking YES

  • Nerp47

    this is it

  • Nerp47

    help please i do it all but when i click the YES thing i get this

  • Nerp47

    man the pick isnt loading but basically its just a bunch of symbols and at the bottom it has a thing saying OK if i click it nothing happens so what do i do

  • ds

    i need help. what for a name can i take?

  • shit:(

    You could not log in because the corresponding service account is not registered.

    If you would like to log yourself in this service, log. Should first into the Square Enix Account Management System and register the service account

  • Guest

    I get this error?

    • TheWubWubDude0 .

      Beta ended…

  • Guest

    I get this idk what it is?

    • TheWubWubDude0 .

      Beta ended

  • TheWubWubDude0 .

    You say the beta ended when we get this error. But then is there any other way we can play?

  • dinaafifi

    Unlimited VPN account http://www.unlimitvpn.com/unlimited-vpn-account/#.U9RHkfmSx1Y for opening blocked sites and breaking proxy with strong European servers giving you free and anonymous browsing through secured VPN connection

  • jean mateus

    where I get the serial key or where I buy one?