Sony: PS3 Games Streaming Via Cloud in 2014 for North America Only, No Timeline for Europe, PS4 Games Later

The ability to stream games via the cloud is going to be an important selling point for PS4, but when can gamers expect to enjoy it? According to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan it really depends on  where they live and what they want to stream, as he shared during an interview by Gamereactor.

It’s gonna be pretty much a phased approach, and it’s gonna be phased in terms of geography and in terms of how we’ll do it. We’ll launch in North America in 2014. We are working to bring that service to other parts of the world, and most notably Europe, but you know, Europe is… I love Europe… It’s a great place to live  and it’s so different… You know, Scandinavia is different to Italy, to France and everything is different to the UK, but that difference makes it great to live there, but it makes it rather difficult to do stuff like introducing a cloud gaming service, because it’s just very fragmented. So there’s a lot of details to work through, and we are in the the process of doing that, but we don’t have a timeline for introduction outside North America.

We will start with the streaming of PS3 games to both PS3 and PS4, and that will quickly be followed by PlayStation Vita as a client device.

Ryan also specified that streaming PS4 content is not off the menu, but won’t come immediately.

That’s also on the roadmap, but we’ll start with PS3 and then quickly it’ll migrate to content from other platforms.

Unfortunately European gamers will get the shaft, at least for a while. We can’t really blame Sony for the large variety of details, regulations and caveats imposed by the colorful landscape of European  governments and their respective legislation, but it’s still sad to see that things never really seem to go our way.

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  • bigshynepo

    Headline should read for “North America” only.
    Canada will be included in this rollout, undoubtedly.
    US territories like Guam & Puerto Rico will probably not be included.

    • Lemondish

      Most Americans forget we’re up here. That’s okay, its how it stays so quiet 😉

      • shinitaru

        we haven’t forgotten you, we’ll invade when it is your turn

        • ppSucks

          you already tried; we burnt down your white learned your lesson.

          • porkChop

            LOL. Yup. That’s the only reason the “White House” is white, it never used to be. It was painted White after we burnt it down.

          • Lemondish

            There’s a ton to be proud of in the War of 1812, but this action was a chiefly British one. Look to the successful defence of Canada for chiefly Canadian inspiration if you wish, even sacking Detroit if you want to get real patriotic, but leave this one with the British where it belongs.

          • Lemondish

            As a Canadian, I find it a little disingenuous when other Canucks bring this up. Canadian militia were instrumental in protecting our land from an invading enemy, but they did not take much part in invading the US mainland. In fact, the soldiers that burnt down the President’s mansion were British veterans from battles in France.

            There’s a ton to be proud of in the War of 1812, but this action was a chiefly British one. Look to the successful defence of Canada for inspiration if you wish, even sacking Detroit if you want to get real patriotic, but leave this one with the British where it belongs.

        • Lemondish

          That’s unlikely to ever happen, and to threaten such is to truly show your ignorance. We’re the global equivalent of bestest friends, even if you’re too dense to realize that. Plus, you need us. We keep you down to earth most of the time 😉

          • shinitaru

            I was just kidding around, you idiot.

          • Lemondish

            Sorry about that. Think of it as Poe’s law for ‘muricans. I can’t ever tell the difference between the normal chest thumping ‘murica and somebody just joking about it.

          • shinitaru

            It’s okay, In your defense, I know there are people like that here, hence my joke. I should have put in a smiley or a “lol” in there somewhere.

            “Poe’s law for ‘muricans” that is hilarious

          • shinitaru

            I assumed that anyone reading that would see the irony of it, but I keep forgetting how the rest of the world perceives Americans since I personally don’t know anyone like that. I like to think that they are just a very loud minority but it’s really hard to say. Anyway, apology accepted, sorry for calling you an idiot, you’re obviously not

  • Nicholas Perry

    What about PS1 and 2 games?

    Wish they’d just make software emulators that we can use with our own discs AND as digital copies(PS1/2 classics) AND offer the streaming service…and let use a DualShock 3 with them for pressure senstive games?

    If they can achieve near perfect PS1 software Emulation and decent PS2 software emulation on PS3. There’s no reason why they couldn’t achieve near perfect for both with how super powerful the system is supposed to be.

    It’d sure be nice since fans/homebrewers can make their own emulators that run on supposedly “Weaker” hardware that achieve great emulation accuracy unofficially.

    A guy sure can dream right?

    • bigshynepo

      I’m sure PS1/PS2 games will come to PS4. Until then, enjoy all the classic hits already available on PSN.
      Then again, if you’re already a PS+ subscriber, your backlog of games is probably too long to go back and replay the classics. ^_^

      • shinitaru

        tell me about it

      • Nicholas Perry

        I sure can, but i’d still be cool for if this was a launch feature.

        It would certainly be another reason to buy a PS4.

  • extermin8or2

    I think UK wont be far behind USA and will be one of the 1st in Europe we usually are.. I suppose if you’re having to wait till last it’s always nice to at least be the one of the first over here lol

  • L’anzce Eirr

    why not the whole world :

  • jim

    North America does not equal “US only”

  • rikukey2

    So does this mean you can stream ps3 on vita im confused somebody explain please ,sorry for my ignorance thanks

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Initially only on PS4 and PS3, then on Vita as well, yes.

  • Michael Clanton

    vague dates and times, vague details….not encouraging, sounds like talk for people with blind loyalty who does not question or ask questions…aka sony fans.

  • porkChop

    The quote specifically says “North America”, yet you say US Only in the headline. Do you not understand that US is not the only country in North America? There’s this little country called Canada, ever heard of it?

    • Alagard

      The is also this other country in north america called Mexico, you know?

      • Nuno Marques

        Isn´t that Central America though?

  • NogaBoga

    while EU get shafted ‘n even other regions will follow on it’s shaftteness

    Then cut the Price for EU regions – it is not worth it … I mean more expensive ‘n less to find in the promised menu,

    sigh – time to make a move EU people 🙂

  • all i just want is Shaolin Monks!

  • kansasborn2314

    This service would really be great. I want to play Metal Gear Solid 4 so badly, but I don’t have a PS3!