Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Confirms that PS Vita Remote Play of PS4 Games Will Work Through the Internet

One of the big questions that was left on the table about the remote play feature that will establish a connection between PS4 and PS Vita, is if it’ll work only via local wi-fi or also online like it did  (rather poorly) for the PSP, allowing you to stream your game even when you’re not at home.

Looks like fans of the feature have a reason to rejoice, as Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida basically confirmed that it’ll be possible by answering a question on twitter:

Yoshida-san himself had previously confirmed through the same means that the remote feature will be available on all PS4 games besides those that require external peripherals.

According to a previous report by Digital Foundry the hurdle of compressing and downscaling the game’s video and audio will be taken over by the PS4’s built-in hardware h.264 video encoder, removing the necessity to burden the main hardware with it like it happened on the PS3.

Of course, as Yoshida-san says, the quality of the internet access on the Vita will still be a big factor, as the streamed video will be still in the Vita’s native 960×544 resolution, which takes quite a bit of bandwidth (more than the PSP remote play functionality did), but being able to access a good wi-fi hotspot anywhere and play your games streamed from the PS4 at home will still be a hell of a good selling point for both consoles.

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  • Welp, time to buy the Vita (again). My body is ready Sony. (Chad and Giuseppe, don’t judge me)

    • We knew this would happen eventually. 😉

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Not judging. Just laughing 😀

    • Okay, I am starting to be confused here.
      Cross-play = One player on Vita, second player on PS3/4, can play together/compete online
      Cross-buy = buy one game, get both vita and ps3/4 version
      Remote play = play a ps3/4 game, streamed onto, vita

      What about vita functions in games on PS3/4, such as watch dogs? (where they called in the helicopter). What is that called? Because this is what I am really interested in.

      • sexbobomb91

        Not sure if it has a general name yet but Game Informer calls it “Mobile Companion Play” . I’m more interested if you can do this with your Vita, rather than a mobile or tablet device.

        • I think you can. If not then it would just be plain stupid, because if they optimised this to Vita a little bit more than on mobile, that would a lot of extra Vitas.

      • I dont think they mentioned anything about cross-play or cross-buy in relation to the ps4 yet.

      • Rils

        Let’s call it Cross-Control for now?

        • Sounds good to me.

        • ProfessorGerbik

          It is called the Cross-Controller feature. I mean literally that is the official name for it.

      • Mr.Demon

        Is like you say.. There’s too:

        Cross-Goods: When some ADD-ONS content are bought for one version and is compatible with both PS3/psvita or on future ps4/psvita.. Examples: Little Big Planet DLC, compatibles with LBP Karting, LBP Vita and LBP2, Blazblue DLC, PlayStation AllStars, and more…

        Cross-Saving, when You can play a version of a game on Vita and continue on PS3 or PS4.. or viceversa.. examples: PlayStation AllStars

        Cross-Play examples: Wipeout2048 with Wipeout HD/Fury, Dead or Alive 5+,

        Cross-Buy Examples: PlayStation AllStars, Sly4, etc…

        And teh feature that You talk about on WatchDogs is called Cross-Controller… and is available in very few games on PS3, Ultimate Marvel vs CRAPcom 3 is one of those… Sly4 have too some cross-controller features using the Camera to find secret objects as a scaner…

        • adrian cole

          dont forget the awesome LBP add on where you control and manipulate the levels on your Vita still play this now lol though it was a severe pain to set up

 – awesome stuff!!

      • SpiritOfSun

        companion app for watch dogs it was a 3rd party app created by ubisoft

        • If it’s made by Ubisoft it’s not a third party app since Watch Dogs IS made by Ubisoft.

    • ps3/vita is already doing this over the internet although there is practically nothing you can play other than ps1 games.

      • I know “Tokyo Jungle” has been enabled for remote play. 🙂

        • ProfessorGerbik

          I play it and I use it with remote play religiously.

  • lt.dan

    I don’t know why I always though that it would work through the internet. I would have been pretty pissed if it didn’t.

  • atomicjuicer


  • Jewy McJew

    Ironically, this feature would go great with XBONE’s manditory-install-anti-used-games thingy. (so you can play all your games on the road, not just the one disc that happens to be in the ps4 at the time)

    • Guest

      It’s already there on the Xbox One. It’s called smartglass, and it works over the internet as well games and media stored on it (for multiple devices and OSes at that). If you have a tablet with a USB port, you can plug in a controller and game over the internet with a controller as well.

      • SmartGlass is NOT remote play.

      • Axe99

        What Twinkling82 said – Smartglass is mobile companion play, _not_ remote play, there’s a huge difference. I’d pay some more attention to detail ;).

      • Ritsujun

        Keep joking on yourself, Beeburr.

      • firesoul453

        ?? It doesn’t stream games, and ps4 devs can use tablet support too.

    • ProfessorGerbik

      Shuhei Yoshida has been quoted saying that the PS4 works the same in that sense but all those features are optional. You can in fact choose to install a game onto your PS4’s hard drive if you want to but it isn’t forced like the Xbox One.

      • Jewy McJew

        Yes but even if you install, I am 99% sure you still need to have the Blu-Ray in the console.

    • firesoul453

      Then buy all your games digital…. Having a physical option doesn’t stop you…

  • Guest

    This won’t do anything for the Vita though. Nobody will buy a separate dead platform to play console games over the internet. This is also highly dependant on the upload bandwith a consumer has. It is NOT cloud based, like those poor unintelligent schmucks at N4G are thinking.

    • Guest

      I already plan on buying a Vita mainly for remote play

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You have an interesting idea of the meaning of the term “dead”.

      Interesting and very much incorrect.

    • Ahmad

      I actually bought one for this purpose, though honestly I have been enjoying it’s games, can’t wait to also play ps4 games on it though…anywhere I am.

    • Vita is hardly dead, it’s just going through a rough start because of the fail the PSP GO was. But it HAS been a long time since it got a really good game. Trust me: Vita is amazing, you should give it a chance.

      And as I am saying somewhere else inhere, if Vita gets this mobile companion for the PS4 games, and it works just a little bit better on vita, than on mobile devices and tablets, they are gonna sell like hotcakes. If they bundled a vita with Watch Dogs with a few exclusive things for the companion app, I think we might see many buy that bundle.

    • Ritsujun


    • i personally like the concept, because i can take my favorite console JRPG’s on the go. this is kinda why i a wii U even it is local only.

  • need clarification

    I think someone needs to clarify the question… Yoshida could have easily thought he meant directly outside of the house on the same network. Look at the PS4 listing on Sony’s site… all it says is “With the PS Vita system, gamers will be able to seamlessly play a range of PS4 titles on the beautiful 5-inch display over Wi-Fi access points in a local area network.” Doesn’t that mean local wifi only?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      He talks about “Internet”. Local wi-fi isn’t “internet”.

    • firesoul453

      Maybe he meant it probably won’t work over 3G, your vita will need a faster connection.

  • ProfessorGerbik

    Well I am glad this has been clarified. So many people kept saying the PS4 would be only local Wi-Fi. I kept asking those people did they even watch the conference? They made it pretty clear it would be anywhere.

    Still good to see this now, maybe those people will finally get it through their thick skulls. Since they never want to believe me.

  • Jewy McJew

    I hope both MS and Sony release inexpensive bare bones “wii-pad” like devices so you can play remotely. (and by remotely I mean when someone is hogging the tv and bathroom breaks)

    By only including the h.264 decoder, input sensors and wifi antenna, they should be able to produce a 5″ screen with 4 hour battery for under $140.

    • themuIe

      The Vita is a full system and is already $200.

    • firesoul453

      Its not going to happen, just buy a used vita for like $180 and enjoy it.

  • Sony should release a 4G 720p Tegra 5 Vita after PS4 is launched. I’m waiting to buy the next Vita!

    • firesoul453

      You’ll be waiting 5+ years

  • jspillen

    This is freak ing awe some

  • Trevor

    So does this mean that I will be able to switch on my ps4 remotely, and play it remotely (play the disc that is inside it), as long as I have a good internet connection. Oh and by remotely i mean other-country remotely?