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Battlefield 4 Lead Designer Explains Superiority of the DualShock 4 Over the DualShock 3 and the Xbox 360 Controller

by on June 25, 2013 5:16 PM 87

From what I can gather almost everyone that got his greedy hands on the new DualShock 4 controller loved it, and it seems to be the same for Battlefield 4 Lead Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz, as he explained (rather passionately) in a series of Tweets.

That’s what one would definitely call “fighting words”, but coming from one of the most prominent designers of a major FPS game, I’d say it holds quite some weight, considering how reliant shooters are on the quality of the controller. How do you feel about it? Do you agree on the triggers of the DualShock 3?

Personally I do… I still remember the dreadful times of playing Gran Turismo 5 with the controller (Before getting my first Driving Force GT), with my fingers slipping all over those horribly shaped triggers causing fatigue and eventually pain during endurance races… It looks like the redesigned DualShock 4 will be a lot easier on our hands, and possibly on our aim. Thank you very much, Sony.

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  • Nick

    Uh, no, I don’t see how R2 and L2 will ever replace my preference for using R1 and L1 for aim/shoot. It’s not just the feel, but the placement.

    • Hol_Up

      you’ll kick the habit soon.

      • Guest

        you’ll kick the habit of posting twice

      • Aidan Murphy


        • BobFour


      • Aidan Murphy

        you’ll kick the habit of posting twice

    • Hol_Up

      you’ll kick the habit soon. that’s why i preferred the 360 controller.

      • bigevilworldwide

        Thats why I modded a 360 controller to work with the PS3….I love it for FPS…Hate it for everything else, maybe it’s because I have giant hands but L1/R1 actually cramps my hands

    • Adam Xen

      I think using the R2/L2 triggers is much better than the R1/L1 (especially if you use the concave “real trigger” attachments). Your fingers are in a much more comfortable position that way. With R1/L1, you have you stretch your fingers upward in a somewhat uncomfortable position, and it’s also difficult to quickly tap the grenade button.

      It’s also a matter of getting used to it.

      • BobFour

        the other way you stretch fingers downward…

      • guest

        Its much faster to push a button dwn half a cm than pulling a 360 trigger down.

        • Nick

          This. This is what I’m talking about. Right here.

        • Why23

          You know what’s even faster… my mouse button

      • Nick

        Maybe you’re fingers. For my fingers, the L1/R1 buttons are right where my fingers are naturally placed.

        • Nick


          • Yoollllooo

            I believe he was calling him a set of fingers.

        • BobFour

          i know mine to.

        • YuriGotBack

          that’s where everyones fingers are naturally placed, your index fingers should naturally rest on L1/R1 while your middle finger naturally rests on L2/R2

  • jacksjus

    Why don’t they just make the games so that you can alter the controls to your liking? Smh!

    • hideyokid_hideyowife

      PC gaming is the answer

      • gamerguy

        Uhhh…………………………… its not! Lamo!

        • Mike Jones

          hmmm ….. its prefrence … but for BF ? oh the games only on console after the major PC success and Dice talks about it and respects it and always gives PC gamers what they demand in there Version and ports the game to consoles always has worked like that and always will

          • praisablepress

            This isn’t even a PC gamer conversation though. Why even bring that up to stir the pot for no reason? Just stupid, enjoy your PC and the games you have on it but you don’t have to feel the need to talk about it in every forum, post and news article. Its just annoying and not doing PC gaming any favors or winning it any new fans.

          • gamerguy


          • Noel Barcellos

            Look its simple, consoles users are not affected in anyway by PC gamers. Problem is PC gamers are often affected by Console gamers. The PC is such an ultimate form of gaming simply due to the options that are available for it. With the vast amount of peripherals and the ability to run games at such high resolutions at healthy framerates is truly an amazing day to day experience. I have a decent computer (But no where near best) and you better believe that every console gamer that comes to my house is always super impressed and asks me questions on how to do it themselves. Consoles are making it so simple that people would rather not learn something that is amazing and intelligent to do and just game. So what you have to learn about computers, you do not have to be a genius, once you buy/build your rig you can game with the push of a button. Before I said that PC gamers are affected by console gamers and I want to explain why. It is because since it is so simple to just game on a console, more people seem to have and play them. Gaming companies make games for the major population because you know they need to make money. So gaming progress slows to the speed of the weakest mainstream console instead of continually pushing forward. It is not worth it for a company to create a game that would not run well on consoles so progress is restricted for a lot of PC games where their potential could have been so much more. This is all because people choose the simple way of getting a all in one system and neglect they are also taking a choice in slowing down progression.
            It is so awesome to have my game collection on Steam and always be able to play even my oldest games even after upgrading years later. I never have to worry about backward compatibility (for the most part), I get to try out cool new peripherals like Oculus Rift/Omni, I get major discounts on all my games with Steam sales, when I game online with Steam I never pay for any online service with them along with never having any issues lagging other than what my own internet is responsible for.
            If more people would just take the time to learn and build or just buy a gaming computer, load up steam and start having some real fun!

          • praisablepress

            You missed the entire point man. You came into a conversation about consoles, for people who care about the consoles, not about PC and feel the need to start a debate when ppl just want to enjoy the topic. Its one thing if the topic was about which was better but it wasn’t. Save your argument for a time when its relevant b/c its like coming into a room full of ppl watching the Super Bowl, enjoying the game and yelling about how you think Soccer is better. Your just being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk. Most don’t actually mean to do that but that’s how it comes across. Save everyone the headache. Like what you like, debate it when its relevant and leave the rest of us alone when its not.

        • Crimsonwilson

          Lol yeah it is. PC is so much better than console. No contest. And this is coming from a Sony fanboy. Either way cant wait.

          • Chookie

            That is just an opinion some people really prefer consoles. I think for certain games PC is better and some consoles are better. In the end it is just what you prefer.

          • usrev

            PC is boring. I used to play PC back in the day but I moved to console superiority years ago.

            I’d love to remap controls but it is a small price to pay for console superiority.

      • voiceofreason

        cant get console exclusives on pc

      • YuriGotBack

        if you’re a socially inept neckbeard that enjoys building and working on windows based computers in their spare time, then yes…PC gaming is the answer.

        • Noel Barcellos

          Really? You do understand that Steam gaming on PC you fully communicate with other people just like on xbox and ps3 with microphones and even typing if you do not have a mic.

    • Pace

      seriously… you would think by now they would have built in a button remapping system built in the consoles that has hooks in the dev kit so the developers can make a dynamic controls.

      • gamerguy

        they don’t want anyone coming up with a better mapping than them ;)

    • PantherCrane

      Umm, that would be in the options/controller setup in the menu sherlock :/

  • Mark Thom

    R2 L2 the way too GO!

    • Lethal_Doze

      bullshit, L1/R1 is optimal, nothing beats pressing a butting to shoot, not even 360′s trigger

      • bigevilworldwide

        NO L2 and R2 are better…But at the end of the day it’s all going to come down to preference…Maybe it’s because I have man hands and using L1 and R1 actually cramp my hands…Either way I don’t use my middle fingers like some weird ass people do because I have no problems hopping…But it’s all PREFERENCE of the INDIVIDUAL

        • Lethal_Doze

          Im not talking simple fact button > trigger for quick reaction, you cant argue that, that’s not a matter a preference

          • Adam Xen

            No, because the triggers place your index fingers in a more comfortable position. You have to stretch your fingers up to reach the R1/L1 shoulder buttons, and I never liked that in Uncharted or Battlefield. At least in Call of Duty, they let you flip the buttons.

          • Lethal_Doze

            Im not discussing how whoever places thier hands on a controller.
            If you’re using your preferable finger on a trigger, then it’s a fact that I will be more efficient using my preferable finger on a R1 button. It’s quicker, there’re less travel involved, its a fact. If you want to argue that then you lack experience with DS3, I played 360 and while its great it’s triggers don’t beat DS3′s R1 to shoot.

          • Raf1k1

            Letha_Doze is correct. Not sure why people are jumping to the wrong conclusion about what he’s saying.

          • BobFour


        • BobFour

          for the last time no it doesnt your just saying that to convey a message ive have used l1/r2 before and i can use either but l1/r1 is faster and using shoulder buttons feels perfect with the controller

      • Feesh

        I like men

  • Kamille

    I never liked analog triggers. I got used to them a little bit on the Dreamcast but hated the ones on the Gamecube controller and prefer the digital on the DualShock 2.

    • bigevilworldwide

      DS2 triggers were analog and pressure sensitive….They were NEVER digital

  • BobFour

    i play driving game all the time hours straight with DS3 no slipping and definately not pain lol.

    • DanO

      R2 and L2 for driving and R1 & L1 for shooting, that’s the best way to do it for the DS3 period. As for DS4 we’ll have to wait and see. And I just got the curved trigger attachments for my DS3 for driving, only $2 =)

      • bigevilworldwide

        Nothing is A FACT end of story douche…It all comes down to personal preference..Nobody’s opinion is wrong and nothing is FACT

      • BobFour

        its quicker for sure with L1 and R1 its like a secret advantage lol.

    • bigevilworldwide

      It all just depends on a persons preference, and partially the size of someones hands….I like the DS3 for anything except FPS, I have a modded 360 controller that I use on the PS3 for those because L1/R1 kinda makes my hands cramp up I guess…

      • BobFour

        it does not people just make things up or overexagerate DS3 is the most comfortable for me I play hours straight and no problems and l1/r1 does not cramp you your just saying that because you have used l2/r2 to shoot and l1/r1 is faster to shoot

  • joe

    L1 and R1 are quicker because you must depress the L2 and R2 buttons much more than the other ones.

  • DarkShine

    I like using my forefingers to aim. If they’re on L2/R2, then I have to lift off them and reach above. Using L1/R1 allows me to quickly tap the lower triggers using my middle fingers without wasting time to reach them and move my fingers back.

    • DeAno Jackson

      Right there with you. Games better give me the option to change things back to the way I like it, or I’m going to be pissed.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Ummm you know it’s not actually that difficult to move your fingers between L1/R1 and L2/R2 right? They are never used in conjunction with each other just sounds stupid to use your middle finger just to keep your index finger on a button that NEVER gets used at the same time nor is it that hard to switch back and forth….It’s obviously just because your comfortable. Some people have big ass hands and L1/R1 actually cramp your hand on say FPS….My Ex had tiny little hands and just complained that it was too much stretching to reach them…So it all just depends

      • Brody Moore

        No it isn’t, but it’s still slower than having a finger already there. L1/R1 is optimal for speed.

      • Q

        You’re obviously not a knifer in BF3. Quick triggering is so essential, and moving between triggers ain’t gonna do it.

  • Maudness

    Those PS4 triggers look a little floppy, if we’re going to use L2 for aiming, I need triggers like the 360, not the floppy DS3 buttons. Gonna need to get my hands on it first, looks better than DS3 (that was too flimsy, weak analogue sticks and floppy back buttons, too small), I just need to feel the DS4.

  • Dean M

    Thank goodness. I think it should be an option to use L1/R1 as aim/shoot but for me using L2/R2 is welcomed. It may not be that bad for some people and with smaller hands but guys like myself who have large hands appreciate the bigger controller and new triggers(no more real trigger adapters or FPS Freek on the Right stick to keep my thumbs from hitting). When I use a DS3 on Battlefield I feel like I’m trying to kill the controller by choking.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Thats exactly why I modded a 360 controller for my PS3…I love the 360 controller for FPS, hate it for anything else but since I have bigger hands the DS kinda makes my hands cramp I guess.

  • kenxx

    guess they dont understand how triggers hurt athristus in joints :(

    • bigevilworldwide

      Guess people don’t understand that people who have adult or larger size hands prefer L2/R2 because it causes cramping….It’s all just preference…Perhaps either side should grow up and quit crying about something when you don’t even know how well it will work or IF they might make it interchangeable…..I can see how smaller handed people might prefer L1/R1

  • brianc6234

    What’s wrong with the PS3′s controller? I don’t get why people attack it. It feels fine to me. I don’t play many games like COD or BF though.

  • Dimitris Pavlou

    still the analogue of the ps4 controller is in false position :(

  • Juhis815

    I’ve used DualShock 3 controller, but for GT5 I used X and Square -buttons to accelerate and brake, respectively.

  • Guest

    What a dumb schmuck! Gen4? We’re at Gen7 now and Gen8 this holiday.
    He’s not talking about Xbox One controllers here either.
    Xbox One controller > DS4 as it doesn’t have tacked-on useless (and ripped off at that) features and has a much wider ergonomic range for different ages.

  • Nicholas Perry

    I LOVE using the R1 and L1 for shooting on the DS3(Now the R1/L1 just look kind of awkard here). I don’t understand the obsession for Gun like triggers.

    Honestly, my only problem with the DS4 is it’s lack of pressure sensitivity and therefore lack of compatibility with PS1-PS3 games that need it.

    And NO, the 360 controller is not the better example IMO. I can’t stand the thing, it’s bulky, and unergonomic to the hand. Moving between the bumpers and the trigger is extremely awkward.

  • Franko

    I don’t wanna ‘kick the habit!’ We all know ads/shooting on ps is L1/R1. But ps4 should have custom controls remapping. Pc got it since the beginning.

  • Michael Clanton

    what nonsense, because you agree with him you call him one of the most prominent designers…fanboy to the max, kills the credibility of this site… do we need to remember how many lead designers there are? he is just a lead designer for a part of the game…who cares, he is a playstation fan, there are people in companies who are wii u fans and like that controller…cherry picking to further goals of console wars? yup

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You seem quite mad. Are you angry because someone said that he likes a controller while you perchance prefer another?

      Lead Core Gameplay Designer = Leads the team that designs the core gameplay. He’s *literally* one of the most prominent members of the development team, and one of those that has the most technical job.

      You’re free to disagree with him as much as you like, but his relevance is doubtless.

      • ickles

        You seem quite defensive. Get your feelings hurt by someone questioning you?

  • Guest

    Remember that gamepad shot that was leaked at the Valve offices quite some time ago? It was a prototype Xbox One controller with the new add-on that is still in development. The Xbox One controller receives a new physical connector that can deliver more power and more functions through it.
    Where the 360 had the messenger pad, the Xbox One will receive a multitouch touchscreen as an add-on.
    It’s also the reason why there will be exclusive Turtle Beach headsets for XBO as it also delivers surround passthrough.

    • Morris Buel

      Next time try posting a working link.

      “The Xbox One will receive a multitouch touchscreen as an add-on.”


      “It’s also the reason why there will be exclusive Turtle Beach headsets for XBO as it also delivers surround passthrough.”

      Turtle beach is making headsets for the Ps4 with surround.

  • Heavenly_King

    I see the DS4 better than the DS3; But I still think the DS3 is a great controller. So I dont agree with his first comment.

  • pjeka

    And taking into account that xone controller has minimal differences from X360…

  • Josh

    Alan Kertz doesn’t say anything about it being better than the 360 controller. If anything he’s saying its better because its more like the Xbox controllers. Regardless I’m happy with the changes.

    • Morris Buel

      We’re you reading the article?

      Q:”Is it that much better than the 360 controller? I don’t like the Dual Shock.”
      A: It’s better shape, size, features, texture, triggers, sticks. Everything.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Can’t wait for PS4. It’s gonna end Xbox One’s parade; oh wait: it already has

  • buddah

    gah, when are people gonna learn, its not the fact that the triggers feel better, is the fact that in the 360 controller the way its shaped, your hand is facing downward, having your thumb inline with your forearm, making the triggers the natural position for your index finger. With the dualshock, the had is slighlty upwards making the index finger fall naturally at R1/L1.. sheesh.

  • SpinyBlueLobster

    Blanket statement, regarding the Dualshock3: “You were holding it wrong”

    –That is all.

  • TodOrcim

    I don’t get his point. It has nothing to do with the controller as to
    why people use L1 or R1. How many people shoot a real gun with their
    middle finger? Not a hell of alot. It’s just more comfortable and
    natural to use the index finger to fire. Ergonomically and mentally
    speaking it just doesnt work as smooth to use R2 and L2. For myself at

  • Mistwalker KilyK

    Weren’t we getting into Gen8?

  • Morris Buel

    There are some good comments below that bring up a point I’d like to see more often.

    completely re-mappable controls schemes.

  • Demez

    R1 and L1 is what i will remain using.

  • Chookie

    I HATED the PS3 controller, probably why I bought most of my games on the 360. I’m in love with the PS4 controller though. Lol my be dumb, but it will probably be the reason I go with a PS4.

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