Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Piles On 920,000 Beta Registrations

The third phase of the beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been going on for two weeks already, featuring lalafell marching events and overall good performance, and apparently it’s time to talk numbers.

Today Square Enix had a┬ástock holders’ meeting, and during the investor relations conference held as part of the meeting Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that 920,000 gamers registered for the beta.

To be more precise, as specified in the announcement in Japanese language, the number includes only entries to the beta application website, which means that the players that were just grandfathered in from the previous version of the game aren’t counted.

Think what you will of Square Enix’s almost unique attempt to completely reboot a failed MMORPG, but the numbers show that the interest generated by the revival of Final Fantasy XIV is definitely solid. Considering that the beta is still ongoing and registrations are still open while word-of-mouth seems to be generally positive, the total may even grow further.

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  • ramz

    Solid game! Never thought I’d play another MMO again since my years of WoW/Tera/GW2 but I suddenly found myself sucked into this game for hours on end enjoying not only the breathtaking scenery but the solid game mechanics as well. Take my Gil Square Enix! Any hope for Chocobo breeding and races — maybe a possible emergence of Teioh?!

  • Rob

    I’m a Legacy player and have been beta testing and for those who have applied/plan to apply or are just waiting for the release to find out if it is worth your time? It is just a fantastic game full of potential. Coming from Version 1.0 to 2.0, I can say that what was once a huge letdown has become a very promising title and i can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this game.

    • kebrus

      i tried the beta for this version and i can see a lot of good things
      and a lot of bad things too, the worst being the combat itself, which
      is horribly stale and generic, you have your skillbar, you do a few
      skills and thats it, there’s hardly any incentive to even move out of
      your spot, specially if you are a ranged class… on the plus side, the
      graphics and UI are actually pretty good, even considering how bad the
      UI for 1.0 was this one actually brings new stuff to the table

      crafting is probably the best of any mmo

      armor and weapons are lackluster and generic

      the map is really bad (i mean the visual map when you press “M” not the scenario)

      in all, it still needs some work on it, specially the combat, i really
      don’t care how ff11 plays or how WoW plays or how any other mmo plays,
      if most of things you do involve combat and all you generally do is
      facerolling some buttons i was expecting at least a good combo system

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        You honestly sound like you didn’t play past level 10, there’s plenty positional and situational attacks, and there’s a solid combo system.

      • Rob

        All that stuff is there, you just have to get past the first fifteen levels or so. It has combos. It has party based limit breaks and position damage enhancement. The facerolling goes away once you get past what becomes an obvious tutorial to the game in the starting cities where ladybugs and squirrels no longer define the range of evil things waiting around the corner to eat your face.

  • slande