Picture of a PS4 Bundle with PlayStation Camera and Knack Leaked (UPDATED)

Following our post about the content of the PS4 box, one of our commenters posted a mysterious picture that portrays very similar elements, but seems to add to the bundle a copy of Knack and the PlayStation 4 Camera. The picture was apparently found on Sony’s own servers. You can see it above.

Considering the similarity with the picture seen in the previous post, the bundle definitely seems legit. On the other hand we don’t know if this is a still unannounced bundle that will be unveiled in the future, or a bundle that Sony planned to sell, but then scrapped in order to shave off  the price of the camera from the console, offering it at a more competitive price.  Rumors on this have been floating around quite a lot lately.

For the moment we can only wait and see. We’re either looking at the future, or at an “alternate reality” that might never come to be.

We reached out to Sony for a clarification on the nature of the picture, and will keep you updated if we hear anything relevant.

Update: the pictures have been confirmed as coming from SCEA’s official website, as you can read here.

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  • Kourosh Ward

    Ill get that bundle witn call of duty, ac4 and watchdogs.. Along with more maybe

  • Robinson Brothers

    If any game works with motion controls, I will buy this!

  • famousmortimer

    What proof if any is there that this came off of Sony’s server? Not doubting it, necessarily, but proof would be nice.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      No proof, just the word of the tipster. I’ll chalk it as probably credible because the picture doesn’t show any visible signs of photoshopping. It also was found before the official picture of the contents of the box appeared on Amazon, so even if we consider the possibility of it being a ‘shopped picture, where were the sources for the elements in it (cables, instruction booklet and so forth) found?

      But since there’s no real evidence I labeled it as a rumor, even because we don’t know if Sony is still going to go with it or it’s scrapped.

      I’ve seen some claim that it may be a still from a video, but that’s evidently not the case. No video still is completely free from very evident compression artifacting, and this doesn’t have any besides the usual very light JPG ones.

      All in all, I would say that the source is very credible due to how the picture is. The real question is if the bundle will ever see the light now that the camera has been allegedly removed from the main box.

      Unfortunately with this kind of things all we can do is reporting what we see and shoot a mail to Sony asking for a clarification, and the possibility for a real, clear answer is not very solid.

      • TZuck

        Hey Giuseppe, I’ll give you the link to the image. but I’ll only do so privately. is their an e-mail address I can send it to?

  • B_Boss

    Would be nice if they had a bundle with 2x controllers and the ps4 eye.