Pictures of the Contents of the PS4 Box and of the Bundled Headset Appear (Updated)

We already know that the box of the PS4 will include the console, the DualShock 4, a HDMI cable, a mono headset, a power cord, an USB cord and the instructions. What we didn’t yet know is how some of those components will look. Today the picture portrayed above has been floating on the internet. Is it the first picture or mock up of what will be inside the coveted PS4 box or a very well made fake?

Interestingly enough the USB cable seems to be a two meter one, at least making a visual comparison with an equivalent one I have at home, while the cable included in the PS3 was only one meter long. This might give some more leeway to those like me that like to play for extended sessions and prefer to have the controller plugged in.

Pushing the picture in question through some rather heavy enlarging on photoshop shows no real evident signs of alteration, but we weren’t able to confirm the validity of the source, so for now we’ll chalk it as a rumor. The headset looks a little cheap, but all in all it looks quite good, doesn’t it?

Update: The picture is confirmed as legit. It appeared on the Amazon UK product listing together with a picture of the headset plugged into the DualShock 4, that you can see below.

PS4 Headset

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  • Cody TheThird Jesus

    Seems legit. Sony did confirm what comes with the system already so its more than likely real.

    • TZuck

      It is legit, and has been for over a week. I leaked a similar pic I found on Sony’s servers to IGN on the 17th…

  • Jewy McJew

    That doesn’t look like a headset, it looks like headphones.

    • Chris Keaton

      its like apples headset that comes included, its a mono set of headphones with the speaker on the wire.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      it has the mic on the cord. It’s pretty evident in the pic.

      • TZuck

        I believe that’s a clip, and not necessarily a microphone. my guess is the speaker on the controller acts as a microphone when headphones are attached. when you zoom in on the image you can see what i’m talking about.

        • Daniel Postlethwaite

          Nope the microphone is on the wire just like an apple headset. The specs for the controller have been announced and it has no microphone just a mono speaker.

          • TZuck

            you realize that speakers can be used as microphones right?

          • Daniel Postlethwaite

            Yes but the quality wouldn’t even be worth it, it’d be much MUCH easier to just have the mic inline like most other microphones.

            “For comparison’s sake, PS4 comes bundled with a monaural earbud and in-line microphone.”


          • TZuck

            fine. but they could get the quality up, and i feel like if the controller had a microphone it would pick up voice a lot better than an inline mic.

          • Daniel Postlethwaite

            Why would they waste time and money trying to make a speaker also a microphone when they haven’t even included a stereo speaker?

            An in-line microphone is more than necessary and in a lot of cases are very good due to where the hang, close to the jaw and neck, picking up the sound not just from leaving the mouth but also from the vibrations in the throat and chest. For example, look at throat mics, I know it’s a whole different technology but the concept is slightly similar.

  • Chris Keaton

    i am an xbox guy all the way but atleast sony is putting out information, details etc(know this was leaked) but MS is basically silent on everything which isnt good when the competition is throwing one two punches everyday. kudos to sony


      No matter what camp you are in everyone would agree loyal XBOX fans “DESERVE” to be treated a hell of alot better then they have been!

      • Embers Fall

        lol where do loyalties come into play when buying a product i buy off of quality there is no loyalty

        • Chris Marrow

          I second that (good point), also love your GHOSTBUSTERS AVATAR(what can I say, I am a 80s baby!!)!!!

        • Jessika S.

          I also agree with you, they are large corporations who are selling a product and you either want it or you don’t. This companies don’t owe any one anything, I don’t get where people get this entitlement for a companies product.

          • Honest user

            Exactly. It even worse on mobile phones.. Sad people, loving stock companies and pieces of poly carbonate with their heart…

      • Quinten Matthews

        good point

      • PantherCrane

        I agree on two levels.

    • Milan

      i think we would be shown some more information around the console during gamescom in august, though so far the PR and Marketing of the PS4 is being done way better then the Xbox one.

    • jmc8888

      That’s because they are way behind Sony in terms of actually making the console.

      The rumors are they are having major problems with their chips in terms of yield and overheating.

      They had PC’s running their software, not an Xbox One, nor an Xbox One dev kit. In fact they weren’t even close to being anything like an Xbox One.

      They were running Windows 7, not the 8 based OS they will be using in the Xbox One.
      They were using Nvidia graphics cards, not ATI.
      Those graphic cards were more powerful than a PS4 and Xbox One combined. We’re talking about MASSIVE difference. The difference is literally on the order of showing an Xbox One game running on Xbox 360 hardware type difference.

      They were housed in a PC tower, not a small console.

      It’s also telling that Xbox One allocations to retailers were very, very small.

      Xbox One is hurtling fast toward another potential messy launch. It would surprise me, and should surprise anyone, if they launch the console…on time…and free of major defects. I see another RRoD fiasco type situation unfolding.

      Xbox fans deserve to be treated better, but it’s hard to feel sorry for people who know they are buying an underpowered, overpriced, console with an NSA approved state of the art spying device that will be used against its owners to exploit them by M$, NSA/gov’t, other gov’ts, AND thousands of corporations.

      It’s hard to feel sorry for a group of people so ignorant of the above because they want to play games. Yes I feel you. But putting up with all of this is simply selling yourself out.

      Now we are hearing of all the production problems with a company that notoriously put out the 360 before it was ready and had massive RRoD problems, amongst many other failure points such as; disc scratching, hard drive failures, etc.

      At some point the old saying comes into affect. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

      Because at this point, M$ customers have said they don’t care about being spied and exploited. They don’t mind overpaying for a console with a $60-80 graphics card inside it, and don’t mind pre-ordering from a company that should receive no leeway in terms of

      I do feel bad for them, because it’s the right way to feel. But it is also on THEM for deciding to be in such a predicament. They’ve heard the facts, and some people stupidly ignore them.

      Many people may choose to be ignorant, but it doesn’t change the fact that M$ is about as trustworthy as Blackwater, Goldman Sachs, EA, British Petroleum, and a number of other fascist organizations. M$ is the #1 offender in selling your privacy down the river and people are stupidly backing their horse because they like Halo.

      How much does some gamers integrity cost? The ability to purchase a new edition to some of their favorite franchises.

      Pretty sad. (oh and Sony isn’t a paragon of virtue either, but at least they aren’t the slimy snakes MS is)

      • grenskul

        The power difference form those computers couldn’t be that much from the xbox one could it ?

        I mean if it was that large they would be basically giving us something that is mid tier right now and would be unusable 5 years down the line (and the consoles are meant to last double that ).

        • kleatus

          If the nvidia gpu in the tower was what it was reported to be, the card itself cost more than the xbone. Cant remember what it was series it was reported to be but i do remember lookin it up and $650 is the cheapest i saw it being sold for

          • PC-Gamer

            For that price I would imagine it to have been the GTX 780, which is their second-best card.

      • neko working

        lol, microsoft should stop trying hardware markets as their own name suggest it.


    I’m surprised SONY have not thrown in a littleTroll Doll in the box too!

  • Dean M

    The headset looks cheap but at least one is included with a USB charge, updated DS4 with touch screen and a HDMI cord. Not buying a charge cord(aka wired controller adapter)/battery kit like MS sells separately plus the new Xbox One headset that just debuted will be a big factor for consumers cost wise. Xbox One is $500 + a headset(I’m not using my TV & Kinect to chat!), + a battery pack/USB charge-wired adapter equals I’m guessing $540-$550 before tax. I’d rather spend that extra $100-$150 on PS+ and a couple of games.

    • Daniel Postlethwaite

      I’m sure you know the difference but it’s a touchpad, not a touchscreen.

      • Dean M

        Nice, great news on the battery being included! Thanks! The headset should be included too IMO, I hate voice chat through a TV/monitor speakers, I think most [X] fans/gaming fans would agree they want a headset day one. I don’t know why MS expected us to not want it included even if we use Kinect to chat.

        • Daniel Postlethwaite

          yeah not having a headset in the Xbox One box does suck but if you have some decent headphones it’d be just like having a headset except you can still eat without the microphone getting in the way 😛

    • Daniel Postlethwaite
  • TZuck

    I found this over a week ago. on Sony’s site. posted it on IGN along with a detailed view of the power and eject buttons here:

    and here:

    you can thank me later.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Nice find, I’ll add it to the original post 😀

  • doa766

    the HDMI is propietary? that sucks

    • Daniel Postlethwaite

      Where have you read it is proprietary? HDMI is just a standard format, like micro-usb etc etc.

      • QwietStorm

        I’m pretty sure it’s been stated that it’s HDMI only. Can’t imagine not gaming in HD at this point anyway, but if you’re not, you might be out of luck.

        • Daniel Postlethwaite

          That’s not what “proprietary” means. It means that it’s a cable unique to the manufacturers machine and not a standard format for example, a DS Charger, or the Vita Memory Cards. Or the AUX port on the back of the PS4

          • QwietStorm

            Yes I know what proprietary means. I misunderstood what he was saying. Didn’t know he was talking about the cake itself.

  • N4GCrossingEden

    Can’t wait to try Kinect 2.0 – it will make multiplatform games like ff15 superior on Xbox! If you buy a PS4 or WiiU you are a commie and Anti-American. Also, screw the military. They should be doing their job and not playing video games.

    Xbox will be the best console in history, because America WILLS IT!

    • brosnan

      lol America xD
      At least those fatties will get some exercise with Kinect, but will they actually use it? Xbox TV go home xD

    • Dan

      go home troll, you’re drunk.

    • Felix Chan

      Really…I would love for you to say that out loud in public. You’ll either get beaten to death, shot to death, or get a lot of death threats.

  • GaySkull

    Freakin’ Sexy!!!!!

    Lovin’ it!

    • Edwin

      You wanna hump it too?

  • QwietStorm

    I wish I knew how long the cord on the camera is.

  • Russell Gorall

    Thanks for this.

  • #PS4 = #EPIC!

  • Eugène Florent Monnet

    I will get the PS4. But the end of something better than its beginning! I hope Sony will keep up until the end! 🙂

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    PS4 has sexiest design in the history of gaming, flat out. Getting it this holiday-whose with me?

    • PantherCrane

      Not really…

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        What console design is ur favorite of all time then?

        • DanO

          Panasonic Q

        • DarthDiggler

          Apple Pippin! 🙂

      • Ana Helušić

        lol blind idiot

    • Tracy Hopson

      I agree,I’m loving the black slanted sleek (Japan-centric) look!

    • Jewy McJew

      It’s beautiful, but the original PS2 will always have a special place in my heart.

      • gamerguy

        If you ask me, the design is an homage to the PS2 – when you look at it from the side its unmistakable! 😀

      • neko working

        it’s second coming PS2 🙂

        • gamerguy

          ps2 + 2 = 4! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! 😀

  • Question Everything

    Ahhh..nothing like a little competition…no matter what you prefer (M$, Sony), be glad there’s the “other” guy too. If there wasn’t, you’d get what you’re “given” and be told to like it! Isn’t that exactly what M$ was trying to do until they heard, loud and clear, the displeasure from just about everybody?

  • dirkradke

    Since we know what is in the box and what the individual components already look like – who cares?

  • PatcherStation

    Best looking console of all time was the first model PS3, more so the silver model which I think was released in Japan, then i’d say the Dreamcast, more so the black model. The Mega Drive is a classic design. The PSone still looks ace, can’t say any of the PS2 models looked good. The GameCube stood out from anything else, more so the silver model. Apart from the Wii U which looks like a more rounded Wii, the PS4 and Xbox One are nothing to write home about design wise, more so the Xbox One. The Commodore 64 console and the Commodore Amiga console are in with the worst. Could say the same for the Amstrad GX4000, Nintendo 64, NES, Master System and everything Atari knocked out. But I suppose the 1980s was known for blocky designs, which has been reinstated with the Xbox One.

  • Mike Martineau

    I bought an the xbox 1 and didn’t like it, as it was poor quality hardware, bought a ps3 first edition still runs very well, bought a ps3 slim works very well and very quiet with a lot of games to choose from!! Playstation has and will always have better quality hardware then xbox and more reliable. Playstation was hacked a few years back but it wasn’t their fault. Xbox wasn’t hacked. Who knows? Maybe xbox hired these guys to hack into playstation network? Did anyone think about that? I’m buying a ps4 because they are listening to gamers and developers. They are determined to kick xbox in the ass. Kudos . 8gb gdr5 ram. I hope there will be enough ps4 for everyone….

  • Honest user

    Why canno’t they accept the fact that they have left analog in unsuitable place and swap places with the arrowbuttons. This console would be great… but it doesn’t really help you if they can’t fix the controller, playing sucks. Just make the controller right and be sure that I will buy PS4 if any console, otherwise I stay with steam and PC.

  • Alexred95

    Oh yeah im so getting this for christmas f*** microsoft

  • Kareem