The Picture of the PS4 Bundle With the Camera and Knack Is Officially From Sony, and There’s More

Yesterday we published a picture of a possible PS4 bundle including Knack and the PlayStation 4 Camera, and today our tipster TZuck revealed where he got it from. As he claimed yesterday, he found it directly on Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s official website. It’s just not visible.

If you look at this page, you’ll notice that it has a gallery with 30 pictures.  If you hover with your mouse over each of them you’ll notice that they’re numbered from 1 to 33. So where are the three missing pictures? Quite easy. Just changing the number of the file names to the number corresponding to the missing pictures (24, 26 and 27) you’ll find them buried in the server’s hard disks here, here and here.

The first is the one we saw yesterday (and that you can see above) in the same format of the official box contents picture. the second is a placeholder picture probably used by Sony’s artists to be able to paste the box art of any game near the console for promotional purposes (funny to see that they actually uploaded it to their website). The third is again the bundle with Knack and the Camera, this time without the cables, headset and instructions booklet. You can see it at the bottom of this post.

So one of the questions raised yesterday has found an answer: the picture is official and comes from SCEA’s own website.

Of course another question remains: are the pictures hidden (not too well) because Sony is still waiting to announce the bundle, or because the bundle has been scrapped? Are we looking at the future or at an alternate reality that will never be? Or maybe Sony simply decided not to show the pictures to avoid even suggesting that there’ll be a bundle?

For the answer to this question we’ll have to wait longer, and if the bundle has been really scrapped as the rumors say, it may never come officially. We’re still waiting for any official information from Sony, and we’ll update you as soon as we find something.



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  • Nick

    If it comes with Knack, it makes me wonder what kind of camera functionality Knack has.

    • Chris Keaton

      yeah, hopefully not man y of there games utilize the camera as it doesnt come with system thus folks are losing out on the experience. options are great but kills the success rate of the camera since its not bundled

      • andy

        But at least the camera is an over expensive €150 microphone extra add on either.

      • awaiken

        Will more people use the kinect just because it’s bundled? Who knows, it’s was a top selling accessory this generation and it still collected dust.

  • Guest

    Kinect is vastly superior to PSEye. That’s why Sony pulled it out at the last minute to undercut the price of the Xbox One. Their own developers know this and barely supported it, even when the PSEye was in every development kit.
    Poor $0ny, now they are stuck with a fragmented console base and a DS4 with useless features.

    • Vinnie

      Unless you buy the eye…..Pathetic post from a pathetic user. Have fun with the Xbone

    • Lewis Mason-Hathaway Powers

      the Kinect maybe vastly superior in terms of special awareness and recognition technology but it mearly employs more advanced techniques of face recognition and movement. its more software then hardware that your paying for. and do you mean as fragmented as with Kinect 1.0 which was hardly supported and when it was it was for the kids games , the home family tittles . not triple A+ . so while techinly unsuperior in the camera department it more then makes up for it in hardware . neither consoles are going to win any graphical advance awards but the low end gpu reference in the ”ONE” is a hundred quid cared 7790 . while the ps4 sports something abit more gamed up as it were with a 7870 deriviant. that’s a lot in pc terms and real world performance below or above the api and driver level. please stop being bias and just state facts if your going to have an argument at all

      • SlightSkill

        and yes ps4 will use less overall memory then the xboxone which rivals at 2.5gb because of the kinect, so xbox will have 5gb for games. yet the ps4 will have 7gb at mininum. so any console/pc gamer can understand the huge difference of 2gb in the longterm of game development. it’s huge and its in multiple publications. when they say more power, that’s alot more memory to game with right? “for game consoles”

    • Yeezus

      PS4 users won’t be forced to buy or use the camera unlike the X1…Options are great, thanks Sony!

      • I wish I had the option to install my games or not on my PS3. Thanks MS for letting optional installs on current gen consoles.

        • jam50000

          You do realise the only reason they had the install was because Xbox used dvd instead of PlayStation’s blu-ray and the data transfer rate was a massive difference, they needed to use hard drive installs to get the read rate up to the level of the PlayStation!

          • Rick

            You do realise that was a limitation right?

          • Looks like GTA 5 will work just great, no disc swapping at all. Again, Third Party games are almost always better on the 360.

          • DVD didn’t stop great games from being made. 3rd party games almost always better on the xbox 360 with dvd.

    • 8Bit

      And yet this bundle will still be cheaper than the XboxOne.

      And stop with that “$ony” bullcrap. They’re the only company besides Nintendo showing gamers any respect. Have fun with your Stockholm Syndrome and knowing you’ll always be second in MS’s mind.

    • awaiken

      Have you compared the specs between the Eye and Kinect? This is obviously not the same tech from the PS3 Eye.

      • Rick

        Yes, VGleaks has the specs. The PS4 Eye is still very inferior to the new Kinect.

  • Adel

    On Amazon, this bundle is priced at 460$, which means either Knack (the game disc) or the Eye is free. (PS4: 400$ + Eye: 60$ + Knack 60$ = 520$)

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      that’s not correct. The bundle currently on Amazon is not this one, as it doesn’t have the camera at all.

      • oddvintagetaco

        maybe they are adding it to every system? and still be 399? that would be crazy tho. Should should basically bundle any game with the system and set the price at 460$ your gonna buy a game anyway.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Nah, I wouldn’t count on that.

  • get along

    MS is trying to create a consistent experience with kinect. One could argue that ms and sony are forcing customers to have 8gb of ram instead of offering a cheaper 4gb option. They dont bc they want to ease the development process. It may be harder to dev a 4gb AND 8gb version of each game. MS however is taking the approach to include the kinect to drive innovation and support…So all devs can use it. Sonys option maybe cheaper but that may be at the “cost” of less features in their games. Buy whatever you want though. All gamers are cool with me

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Unfitting comparison.

      8 GB of ram are useful for every single application included in a console, from gaming to media and streaming. They benefit every single user that buys the console. Kinect and the PS4 Camera benefit only those that care about playing with a glorified webcam. And there are a lot who don’t.

    • lt.dan

      This makes no sense. Usually features on a game with a CAM are secondary anyways, and that’s how I generally want them to be. This is a flawed comparison. If they made 4gb versions, devs would just be developing for the weakest link, so people that get 8gb versions would experience massive diminishing returns. The CAM is for move functionality, which isn’t necessary in an games, for minor functions, and video chatting.

    • xbotsAreDumb

      If Microsoft offered a 4gb version of the Xbox One; that would only leave 1gb for gaming. Their 3 OS in the console take up 3gb of RAM. That figure is RAM that is always tied to the hardware and never used by the games.

      The PS4 OS only used 1gb; leaving 7gb for gaming. Not to mention that the PS4 has much faster RAM; it’s not even comparable.

      If you limit the RAM to 4gb; you guarantee that no studio on the Xbox One can utilize more than 1gb of RAM for gaming and that the PS4 can’t use more than 3gb of RAM. What the heck would be the point in buying the extended RAM?

      Please think before posting. Do some research and see what happened when transitioning from the first and second iPhone; that should tell you why your idea is dumb.

      For Microsoft to cut 80% of their RAM available to gaming and PS4 to cut 58% of their gaming RAM… that would just be completely idiotic.

  • Roberto Serranò

    You can reach an answer from this post

    here translated from italian language:

    Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has prepared a PS4 bundle with adjoining PlayStation 4 Eye and video game Knack. We do not yet know the price of this composition. Apparently SCEA is considering placing it on the market during the Black Friday promotion in at a competitive price of $ 399 only for a limited number of models.

    Black Friday, the day of the balances on all products, will be held this year November 29, 2013.

    In summary, in addition to the console package includes:
    a DualShock controller 4
    an HDMI cable
    a cable to the power
    a USB cable
    a set headphone and microphone Mono
    instruction booklet
    a PlayStation 4 Eye camera
    a copy of the video game Knack

    The cost of PlayStation Eye 4 camera should be around $ 59 (49 euro), while $ 69 (59 euro) would be the price of a video game exclusive PS4.

    We await official news on the part of Sony.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That doesn’t look like an answer. It looks like their speculation (in fact they say they wait for official news from Sony), based on the picture.