Killer is Dead Getting Retailer Specific Bonuses in Japan

on June 28, 2013 9:30 PM

Japanese fans planning on picking up the stylish upcoming action game Killer is Dead have a variety of retailer specific incentives to consider. This isn’t an unusual practice in Japan, but I worry that any avid collector would have to buy several copies of the game in order to get all of the bonuses. These bonuses range from bookmarks to a wall scroll to the game’s original soundtrack, so be sure to choose carefully. Let’s go over all of the bonuses.

Amazon is offering a variety of PC wallpapers with purchases of the game:


AmiAmi has a sexy nurse book card:

killer is dead bonus

Purchasing from Imagine will earn you a Cutie 3 Gravure book card (Jessica Nigri!!):

killer bonus

Ebiten is offering a Love & Kill tapestry and Gigolo collective bromide:

more bonus

Purchase your copy from GEO for the Love & Execution clear file:

clear bonus

The Sofmap is offering a Cute or Sexy calling card:

cute bonus

Don Quixote is offering a stylish sticker:

sticker bonus

Snag your copy at Furuichi for the Killer is Dead Original Soundtrack:

sound bonus

Media Land is offering a special bromide set, although there is currently no sample:


Finally, purchasing from Yodobashi Camera will net you a PS3 theme and backgrounds:

ps3 bonus

Killer is Dead will be available in Japan, North America and Europe this August.





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