PlayStation’s Dad Ken Kutaragi Thinks of PS4 as His Grandchild, Hopes that it’ll Make You Say “Wow!”

The former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Ken Kutaragi is also known as the “Father of PlayStation”, as he was the one that heralded the creation of PlayStation and its successors PS2 and PS3, first as a young executive and engineer and then from the top of Sony’s ivory tower. Yesterday he spoke at the “Thinking of the Future of Entertainment” Kurokawa-Juku 10 meeting, together with former Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman Shigeo Maruyama.  The event was broadcasted on Nico Nico.

During the Q&A session he was asked his thoughts about the upcoming PS4, and the answer was at the same time interesting and emotional:

This is really happening. I didn’t think I would live long enough to see it. It’s like being a parent seeing my children finally grown up, or the sense of wonder when your grandchildren are born.

He went on to talk about the evolution of the console, saying that PS4 is not like PlayStation used to be, as processing performance does not require a dedicated machine anymore and thinking about the Cloud, which Kutaragi-san wanted to make happen during the era of the PS3.

I thought that I was the only one who envisioned this, but times change, and now there are many in the world who have that same idea as a matter of course, even because the world is fully connected now. I hope that what the platform will offer will make you say “Wow!” in spite of yourself.

I wonder what the gaming industry would look like now if Kutaragi-san managed to implement the cloud on the PS3, but one thing is for sure: from his position as CEO of Cyber AI Entertainment, he’s watching over the birth of  his grandchild — the PS4 — quite fondly.


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  • Nick

    Our network infrastructure and related technology probably wouldn’t have been ready during the PS3’s lifespan. You need the entire world in on that kind of stuff.

    • N4GGreenPowerz

      Xbox One will last 20 plus years! Microsoft invented cloud computing, so DEALWITHIT, Sony slaves!

      Go Americana!!!

      • Matastig

        When you let an evil corporate like MediocreSoft walk over you. with a crappy console with a failure rate that reached 65% at the late of 2009, and keep supporting it, then you become a slave!,
        leave this thread Bone Fannie! before we make you feel even more smaller than you already are.

      • Matastig

        Part2..”Only ignorance excuses stupidity”

      • Matastig

        Btw i know you’re angry, but it’s ok man, you can do it! i mean i know your Donny is gone, but hey i’m sure you can survive without him, i mean you still got your Ballmer.

      • Andria Thomas

        why do you call them sony slaves

  • NL37


  • Andria Thomas

    this doesn’t help me find out the names of his children