PS4 Available for Preorder in Mexico for $200 Less than Xbox One

Mexico (pretty much like most of Latin America) is famous for its extremely high prices for consoles and videogames. To give you an idea a PS3 there still costs 4,559.20 Pesos, which converts to about $352.

Likewise, the Xbox One is available for preorder at the popular consumer electronics retailer Liverpool for 8,499 Pesos, that converts to about $655. Everyone was expecting to see the PS4 made available for a similarily high price, but that isn’t the case. At the same retailer the upcoming console from Sony is now available for preorder for 5,839.20 Pesos, about $450.

That’s $200 less than the rival console from Microsoft, and only $50 more than the price in the US, which is also unprecedented. We don’t know exactly the reason for the difference, but that’s definitely an example of aggressive pricing. We’ll have to see if the rest of Latin America and other retailers in Mexico will follow the example, but for now Sony might hit the ground running and get to start with a sizable lead in the country.

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