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Microsoft: No Xbox One in Japan this Year: “Tier 2 Country” Asks Journalist Not to Report Negatively

by on July 2, 2013 6:46 AM 76

Microsoft Japan held a press briefing on the the management policies of fiscal year 2014 today, and the journalists in attendance immediately noticed that things didn’t bode too well for the release of Xbox One in the country when the console wasn’t really mentioned during the briefing itself. Yet the Japanese gaming site 4Gamer still managed to grab an interview and to ask what’s up with Microsoft’s upcoming console in the archipelago of the rising sun.

As part of the interview Microsoft Japan President and CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi confirmed that the Xbox One won’t land on the Japanese shelves any time soon:

For the launch of Xbox One Japan is a Tier 2 country and not a Tier 1 country, so it’ll come with the second wave, that will be delayed a little bit [compared to North America].

When the interviewer pressed him to confirm that the console won’t be launched in 2013 he did just that:

That’s right. It’ll launch after the Tier 1 markets.

Luckily, according to Higuchi-san, Japanese gamers should not have to wait too long after the western release:

It won’t be delayed too much from the North American release.

Microsoft’s executives knew they were walking on eggshells as they talked to the press, since the Xbox brand isn’t exactly popular in Japan, and when the reporter concluded the interview telling Microsoft Vice President and Executive Officer of the Consumer & Partner Group Haruaki Kayama that he’d wait for further information on Xbox One soon, he responded laughing:

Yes, so please don’t report too negatively.

One thing is for sure, while Goichi Suda thinks Japan will soon embrace Xbox, the new console doesn’t exactly seem off to a strong start in the country. At the very least, it’ll be late.


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  • Michael Clanton

    i dont think sony is even treating japan as an important market….not really news at all, nothing new, and both companies are treating japan secondary to the biggest market aka america, and then Europe.

    • Zarathos No Daimaōh

      Thing is , sony doesnt have to treat them in any particular regards … games catering to Japanese gamers’ taste will release “organically” on ps4 . The same isnt true at all with the Xbox . They made tremendeous effort last time , but only way late into the game . the 360 launched with stuff like Perfect Dark zero in japan instead .

    • Stealth

      factually japan is the second biggest market with europe shrinking

      • derpderp

        Nope. Europe’s main markets bought 3x more PS3′s and 24x more X360′s than Japan’s. These are the facts (figures are in wikipedia, search them. :dealwithit:)

        • Stealth

          And japan bought 3x the amount of psp’s, ds’s and in general more ps3 ( figures are wrong) as well as wii.

          Also software sales overall are about 20x

        • Russell Gorall

          Oh, you Adam Orthed him?

        • bigevilworldwide

          Get over it Japan would factually be the 2nd biggest gaming market period…..It’s not a big deal and doesn’t effect penis size and another region sells more than Europe

    • Solid Snake

      Sony doesn’t have to treat Japan as an important market because they know the people there will choose PS4 over Xbone. There focusing more on capturing the attention of Americans and Europeans.

    • Russell Gorall

      You could work for Microsoft with Microsoft Logic like that. If you think Sony doesn’t have huge ties to the Japanese market then you may as well buy a Wii U for third party games.

  • Chris Boers

    “Luckily Japanese gamers might not have too wait too much”. That’s right, they can get a PS4 this year already.

    Strange move by Microsoft, but only slightly strange in light of their recent string of moves…

    • Daniel Lawson

      not a strange move… Japan isn’t a big market… there are cities in the US that are bigger markets for Microsoft then all of Japan. Add to that the fact that none of the home console actually put up big numbers (comparatively) and you have a place that isn’t as high on the priority list.

      • Stealth

        japan is the second biggest game market

        • Colin

          Not for Xbox it isn’t

          • Stealth

            yeah its dead last, but you cant give up

          • Colin

            They aren’t giving up, they’re just making sure that the markets that are definitely going to buy their product have ample opportunity. We already know that there are going to be yield issues, so there’s little benefit to Microsoft by spreading themselves thin in areas where they can sell systems only to make systems available for a worldwide launch in markets that are not that interested in their systems to begin with.

            Microsoft in Japan is niche and this roll out plan reflects that.

          • Russell Gorall

            In other words, they gave up but aren’t saying they are giving up?

            Not sure how to take what you are saying.

          • Colin

            Did they give up on Japan? No.

            Do they need to allocate their limited resources – by which I mean launch units – intelligently? Yes.

            Would it be intelligent to allocate a number of their limited resources, which are almost guaranteed to sell out in the US, to a market that has historically not been excited about the Microsoft/Xbox brand? No.

            More than likely, Microsoft will see how the US/Euro launches go and take stock of 1, consumer interest in the console itself in Tier 2 countries, and 2, potential games which may better launch the console in these countries. At this point, it appears that the games and services being developed for the Xbox One are overwhelmingly geared toward the Western (specifically US) gamer… with so much focus on these forms of entertainment, it would be unintelligent to launch a console that is so dependent on these services in a country that could not utilize such services and would not, at this point, have an equivalent service substitute.

          • Nick

            It’s actually going to sell out in the US?

          • Colin

            Only because their yield problems will severely limit the number of units they will have available at launch… but yes, it will sell out.

          • bigevilworldwide

            It’s dead last everywhere now…360 has been in third place again since last year

          • TGMann

            And it won’t be for XBone either given they won’t release it the same time as the tier 1 markets.

        • Google+GoToHell.

          really ? I thought China is :P

      • Check em chuck

        I wonder why that is

      • Russell Gorall

        Japan is a huge market for gaming.

        Microsoft just tends to offend Asians pretty easily, and pretty often. It all goes back to before the Xbox launch a dozen years or so ago. Bill Gates tried a salesman pitch to the Japanese… not a smart move.

        • bigevilworldwide

          At this point they offend everyone easily and often

      • bigevilworldwide

        Hey now all 3 potential Xbone buyers in Japan have feelings too

    • fgfgjfghj

      gross we aint that desperate yuck

  • xboxoneforlife

    Nothing new. It’s not like Japan likes xbox anyways

    • Russell Gorall

      And it isn’t like anybody likes Xbox One.

      • bigevilworldwide

        Hey now there are a few brain dead Micro$haft zombies out there who will still defend the crap out of it….As for me It looks interesting kind of, BUT I refuse to forget the 5 360s I went through and the 55% failure rate…So for me to even consider it they would have to not continue the insanely high failure rate and not bring back the DRM….Which I have a feeling once they sell enough they will reinstate the DRM…..However I do already have my PS4 and launch games paid off

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  • Stealth

    Then I am a tier 2 gamer? screw them

    • Tay000

      Japan is one of the biggest gaming markets for PC so they definitely don’t want you giving up on the Windows OS. Don’t worry, you’re still tier 1 in their books ;P

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        They sure did a big event to jointly promote FFXIV and Windows 8

  • Stealth

    Japan is the second biggest game market but they have no hope there or anywhere anyway

    • delta

      Japan is handheld land aka Nintendo and VNeroges reign supreme. The days when consoles needed popularity in Japan to lift off are long gone.

      • Stealth

        Pokemon launching globally insures 3ds will be #1 in each region, not any other system anyway. But giving up is weaksauce

        • delta

          Dudebros are the target audience of MS – as in console+doritos+mountain dew. From a corporate viewpoint, one must stick with the audience which can be milked most. Thus people who don’t buy Xbones and dudebro games are lower priority.

          These big companies are businesses and they want money. Oh, and Sony is no different, and Nintendo does not pay any attention to the world.

          • Russell Gorall

            I like how any argument against anything in regards to MS is, “Oh, but Sony and Nintendo are terrible, too”.

          • bigevilworldwide

            Sony and Nintendo don’t rush to release defective consoles…..Anyone who suddenly forgets the 55% failure rate of the 360 is a moron….Why would anyone just assume that Micro$haft wouldn’t release another bad piece of hardware…..This is the same company that can’t even kick you a play and charge kit standard with the console, because then what would they charge you an extra $25 bucks for

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  • Russell Gorall

    Hopefully North America and Europe will be so lucky.

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  • PamelaHaley

    Lucky for Japanese consumertards, most American’s (well, most of the ones with a brain in their head) won’t be skipping out the door to buy this pointless piece of crap. XBox will probably change their mind and release it earlier to make up for the poor sales in the U.S. The only people I foresee buying XBOX One are American consumertards… granted there are a lot of them, there aren’t enough for corporate money machines.

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  • Craig Kelley

    The PSX, PS2 and Vita all came out in Japan first. Is the US a “tier 2″ Sony country? Get over it.

  • awaiken

    this is embarrassing, consistent with their other disastrous decisions. I’m done telling MS what I want with their next console. I dont want to fight to be their customer.

  • The Great One

    Japanese gamers actually don’t want Xbox consoles anyway. May as well call Japan a ‘Tier 4′ country and never release the thing. No one in Japan will shed any tears.

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  • B_Boss

    This news does not surprise me one bit. I’ve always felt that the Xbox (any iteration) was an ‘american console’. Odd as that may sound.

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  • Private_Eyescream

    “I sure want an XBOX ONE”, said nobody in Japan, ever.

  • Private_Eyescream

    PS4: Gamers Prefer PS4 Over Xbox One 18 To 1 According To Amazon Poll
    June 17 2013

    The poll has closed and the results are in. The PS4 got 38,984 votes,
    while the Xbox One got a paltry 2,162 votes. That’s an 18-to-1 margin.
    On Friday, we reported that the poll to that point showed 30,244 gamers had voted for the PS4, compared with only 1,677 for the Xbox One.

    18 to 1, or more commonly, and more dramatically put: 94.5% VS 5.5%.

  • Private_Eyescream


    PS4 Takes 75% Of The Vote In Worldwide Voting Poll

    Author: William Usher

    published: 2013-07-07 01:34:53

    If Polar, Green Man Gaming, IGN, Kotaku, Twitter or Amazon’s poll
    came across as fixed; influenced by the amassing waves of pro-Sony
    supporters and PS4 fanboys the world around, perhaps a non-biased,
    non-affiliated, non-partisan system could be used to gauge consumer
    interest between the PS4 and XB1? Welcome to

    While you make yourself acquainted with the site that has garnered an
    amazing 17,000 followers on Facebook, 3,100 tweets on Twitter and nearly
    half-a-thousand subscribers on Google Plus, this site reaffirms what
    most people with common sense have already suspected: The PS4 is rinsing
    the Xbox brand from the blood stream of consumers and doing so the
    world around.

    caught wind of the event, in which they roll out the top rankings to
    see who is voting for what, and with nearly 80,000 votes tallied (as of
    the writing of this article), the PS4 stands with 75.88% of the vote
    over the Xbox One. It’s rather embarrassing if I must say so myself.

    In the global results — which you can view in the oh-so-pretty image
    below — you can see that every country the world around has a mass
    amount of support for the PlayStation 4. It’s not even like it’s some
    straggling fanboys from Reddit, a NeoGaf movement or Gamefaqs and 4Chan
    on a troll patrol. Besides, there are no trolls in Switzerland, they’re
    too busy knocking up supermodels and owning the slopes on the snowy
    mountaintops… they don’t have time to troll. Believe it.

    United States
    Playstation4 = 81.23%
    XBOX ONE = 18.77%

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  • Nasu2001

    My Japanese students and friends don’t even know what an XBOX is. They buy Nintendo or PS. The selection for games here is better than it was 10 year ago, but it’s still pretty hard to find any variety. There are some Japanese that really like XBOX, but it’s at the bottom of the pile in terms of popularity in Japan.

  • Josua Herjanto

    Hmph. If they think they could still win in Japan, big mistake. The last time they tried this on Xbox 360, they lost. Why the heck they won’t expand into more South East Asia countries? The market there is more larger & could potentially be more successful than in Japan.

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