ATLUS’ Mother Company Owes a Lot of Money to a Lot of People, Including Kadokawa and Nintendo

We already knew that ATLUS’s mother company Index Corporation filed for Civil Rehabilitation (the Japanese equivalent of a soft Bankruptcy) a few days ago, and today the Japanese blog Japanimate found the list of the creditors belonging to the animation, video games and publishing industry.

Looks like Index owes money to quite a few partners involved in ATLUS’ business. The numbers are indicated in thousands of yen.

  • Production IG (44,100)
  • ASCII Media Works (31,521)
  • Aquaplus (24,120)
  • STUDIO MAUSU (17,314)
  • Nintendo (13,599)
  • Pony Canyon (12,373)
  • Shueisha (11,395)
  • Enterbrain (6,166)
  • Fuji Television Network (5,525)
  • M-ON! Entertainment (5,040)
  • JASRAC (3,528)
  • GREE (2,506)
  • SEGA (2,454)
  • Movic (2,412)
  • YOMIKO (1,890)
  • Aniplex (1,862)
  • WiZ (1,737)
  • Tomy (1,370)
  • T.O Entertainment (1,260)
  • TV Asahi (1,218)
  • Taito (1,113)
  • Gakken Publishing (1,071)
  • Tatsumi Publishing (1,050)

Apparently those spiffy animated cutscenes made for the games we all know and love costed a fair bit, but what’s probably more interesting is seeing ASCII and Nintendo near the top of the list, as the two companies might leverage their position as creditors to make a bid on ATLUS.

The video game division of ASCII Media Works and Enterbrain have been merged into what’s now Kadokawa Games, and summing up what Index owes them, we reach the respectable (even if not enormous) sum of 37 million yen (about $370,000). Kadokawa might just decide that it’s time to acquire another popular developer to strengthen its portfolio.

UPDATE: the article was edited to include the caveat that the list includes only companies in the animation, video games and publishing industries, that was missed in the first translation of the list. The total debt is much larger. ATLUS is actually one of the healthiest parts of Index’s business, and reportedly profitable. Thanks to Duckroll from NeoGAF for pointing it out.

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  • foureyes oni

    i hope its not nintendo that buys this company.

    • Panda83

      I know, Atlus has had some great games on nintendo handhelds, but I feel like they would stifle ATLUS on the consoles.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        People are always complaining 3DS and Wii U just don’t have the exclusives necessary to warrant purchase so Nintendo needs this more than ever…if they get the chance they should and most likely will purchase matter how much they need them or how much people wanna see Nintendo go away. It’s inevitable.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          The Wii U does not lack exclusives. It lacks games. That’s fairly different.

          Kadokawa Games would be a much better fit for Atlus.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah, I’m aware of Nintendo’s situation and the awesome exclusives they up and running through 2014 but the problem is that people these days keep wanting Nintendo to do something different with their franchises or bring new franchises altogether so people feel that some of the exclusives may not be worthy of purchase and want them to break tradition. not a matter of having any exclusives but a matter of consumers getting the games they want instead of Nintendo looping their games each console cycle that people are waiting for. They’ve always relied on first party so chances of new IP or third party games bonanza are very slim since that’s the way Nintendo works; that’s what people are complaining about. Why would Kadokawa Games fit better?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            The reason is that Atlus often makes games with pretty mature themes. It’s part of their design philosophy. That conflicts with Nintendo’s own design philosophy rather starkly. If Nintendo were to own Atlus, they’d probably push them to water down the mature theme for a more family-friendly approach, which would deal serious damage to Atlus’ own unique flavor.

            On the other hand Kadokawa games (that publishes Killer is Dead for instance) has no problem with that kind of themes, so it’d let Atlus work undisturbed and keep its own identity.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Gotcha. But Nintendo is letting Platinum Games do Bayonetta 2 the way they want, and given that the original was mature, why would Nintendo stop them from keeping that streak? I think Nintendo would let them keep their games they way Atlus envisions it, given that sometihng like Bayonetta would’ve never been allowed on the Wii by Nintendo.

          • Kuma

            Right, because Xenoblade is a family friendly title. It’s only about two pseudo-gods fighting over control of a planet which consists of a giant ocean of water with two dead robots, where machine-entities EAT PEOPLE.

          • frumpus

            That sounds family friendly to me. Xenogears didn’t have any nudity, swearing, sexual situations, or explicit gore.

    • Abc

      That’s you vs the rest of the world mate!

      • Atlus Junkie

        His agree-to-disagree ratio would say that the world was in-fact on his side.

    • TalesOfBS

      Just stop bitching and buy a Wii U dude. It is not that expensive.
      I seriously hope Nintendo buys Atlus. All that fanboy rage will be a sight to behold.

      • foureyes oni

        i just simply don’t think they are a good fit i would prefer sony but i don’t think thats a great idea either. and when the Wii U comes out with a game i actually want to buy then i’ll buy it but until then no thanks.

  • benbenkr

    Persona 5 needs to come out soon.