Dragon’s Crown Gets New Screenshots, Customization Options

on July 3, 2013 5:19 PM

Atlus USA just sent in a batch of new screenshots of Vanillaware’s upcoming side-scrolling JRPG Dragon’s Crown, and a list of character elements that players will be able to customize once the game will launch on August the 6th. I included it just below for your persual.

  • Name – Character names are selected randomly initially, but are fully editable.
  • Outfit – Each class comes with five different color palette options for their outfits, ranging from “True Steel” to “Deep Crow.”
  • Voice – Not only will each class have an English voice, but we’ve also left the Japanese combat voices in the game. It’s a per-character option, so the battlefield can have a mix of languages.
  • Analog – For the old-school fans out there, Dragon’s Crown includes an option to switch movement from the analog stick to the D-Pad. (other controls are locked)

Below you can also see a gallery with the four new screenshots and the color customization options for each character class. We already saw those a few days ago, but I included them anyway because this version is higher resolution.

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