Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Crossover, Fans Rage

We already knew that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will have a costume themed on the gear of the Miqo’te race from  Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and FFXIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida promised that he’d think about a way to “return the favor”. Today, during a special stage event at Japan Expo in Paris he did just that, announcing that the upcoming MMORPG will include a special questline that will star Lightning herself.

That’s not all, as female characters will be able to wear Lightning’s costume, while males will get their hands on Snow’s. Several weapons from Final Fantasy XIII will also make an appearance.Lightning_Lalafell

The funny part  of this all is that a vocal area of the Final Fantasy XIV community started rioting at the idea, and there are currently two rather massive threads on the official beta forums (already counting 26 and 16 pages despite the fact that people are allowed to post only once every 15 minutes to keep things manageable) with players bickering back and forth on how the announced costumes break their immersion and what not.

Personally, I’m amused. And I’m especially amused considering just how much fanservice from other Final Fantasy games is already in Final Fantasy XIV. If Lightning’s ouftit (or her gunblade, in a world in which gunblades do exist and always did) really breaks your immersion more than the Scholar’s schoolgirl outfit… well, I guess the joke is on you.

Below you can check out a few screenshots showing our pink haired heroine, the costumes and the weapons.

Update: While a vocal part of the western community rages, creative Japanese fans are already putting their creativity to good juse. Just check the lovely drawing above by Twitter user Kirizu. It’s so adorable that I couldn’t avoid including it.

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  • Krysanthia

    The amount of QQing going on the beta forums made me laugh so hard, thank you for enriching my life with this article.

    Nobody bitched this much when we had Onion knight gear, or the Warriors of light helmet or the Cait sith mini pet.
    Had this been a character more people resonated with in the west, like Cloud, or Vincent, hell even Squall, people would be singing a different tune.

    Personally, I LOVE this, I can’t wait to be a lightning miqote.
    Also, the scholar schoolgirl uniform is adorable, this is not debatable 😉

  • zangetsukakashi

    Snow’s outfit? BADASS!!!!

  • Ena Sccis

    i’m happy since you can never have enough of lightning 🙂

    • ChadAwkerman

      Ena, that’s awesome. Haha.

    • Chan Mac

      Alright, I removed my previous thumbs down on your comment.
      You have more then made up for it.

  • Ena Sccis

    forget leveling arcanist at launch, if lightning’s questline is available at launch, ima head straight towards getting serah’s bow asap 🙂

    • Vrrumdri

      Actually, I thought “oh no, not that one with the stupid short sleeves”. That’s why I like his long-sleeved LR version more. It makes him more…natural. Especially given the fact that he never took his gloves off. That’s my main gripe with the character design.

      • Vrrumdri

        WHOOPS! Didn’t mean to leave this here. Meant it for the comment by sangetsukakashi. Very, very sorry. Won’t happen again.

        • Ena Sccis

          lol no worries.. at first i was like what, then oh, haha..

          looking forward to snow’s outfit also if this comes to pass.

  • Wiiner

    Lightning Sucks, any other character would have worked, but of course it has to be an advertisement for a crappy installment to the series. I guess you have to do whatever you can to hype that red headed step child that is called FF13

    • Ena Sccis

      lol, no need to even down vote ur lame comment. hating will get you no where bro.

    • ChadAwkerman

      I dunno, but millions of people bought the FFXIII-related games, and, regardless what you think of the games themselves, the character design is top notch.

  • Vrrumdri

    I don’t mind about this. It’s another way XIV reminds fans of the rest of the series. I like Lightning, and seeing that was just hilarious. And it’s totally optional. Why are people so angry about it?

  • Ena Sccis

    although i’m coming to think that this was just a very 1337 prank by yoshi 🙂

  • ramz

    this is all very good news! regardless of whether you’re a fan of lightning’s or not, this brings in the nostalgia of previous FF games and opens up possibilities of what else could be implemented in the game… can we haz Teioh hat plox XD

  • Chan Mac

    He has said a number of times Crossovers or elements found from all previous FF games will eventually find their way into XIV as a sign of giving everyone a lil of what they loved throughout the years. We have already seen a few… How the hell can you be a true fan and deny this idea at all?…

    A dragoon swinging Buster sword doing omni-slash and everyone goes nuts for it when its completely out of place…. Or Magitech mounts from III and its all ok.

    Toss in Lightning and people start pissing their pants.

    Live with it, millions still loved X,XII and XIII…

    I even love the salute to similarities between the Empire in XIV and the Empire in XII and the judges.. Its freaking awesome. I wish they would tie it together actually.

    If your a fan you know how they like to string you along feeding you clues but never hitting you with reality till the end. Im hoping we get the biggest bridge and wow moment in FF history from Yoshi… Because thats how much a fan he is. Like tons of us growing up during the entire length of the FF sega… Not some newcomer who got out of his dipers during 9 and up…
    I bet if you dropped Sephiroth in.. the table would flip… Those trash talking here would start crying tears of joy; while the sane people would flip their lids…

    I for one find it amazing if he sticks to his word and uses XIV to bridge the FF worlds in anyway. This was one of his main statements when the turn around began so If your crying now you were never paying attention. He has not betrayed anyone.

    Matter of fact he has proven himself to be a true fan of FF every step forward and actually gives the people over all (not you people who think everything revolves around YOU.) a fantastic feeling of nostalgia.

    Ive never sat in a MMO to date and stand to read quests text etc… XIV has an amazing crew and amazing writers.

    • FranckKnight

      I can see Sephiroth in FFXIV. As much as Gilgamesh. Sephiroth is a fan-favorite in many ways (not necessarily one of mine), but if Lightning can make it, why not Sephiroth, he’s in Kingdom Hearts too. Crossing realms for a single optionnal quest is a great way to reach to fans as well.

      There’s already a ton of stuff relating to previous games that scream alot louder than Lightning anyway. FF2 battle music? Magitek armors? Biggs and Wedge? Tiny Bronco? Wild Rose? Red Moon with Bahamut? Take your pick.

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