This PS4 Retail Display Mock Up Is an Awesome Glimpse on The Future

Want a glimpse on what you could see in your favorite video game retailer a few months from now? Look no further, as Sony just released a couple pictures of a mock up retail display for the PS4 and its games line-up. You can see it above and at the bottom of this post.

As explained by a Sony representative via Twitter, the pictures portray just a test sample, so don’t run to your local game shop to try to buy a PS4 just yet…

It definitely looks awesome and…very much blue. But after all it’s PlayStation, we can’t expect it to be green, can we?

PS4 Displayt (1)

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  • MattS71

    Very cool – a little too much blue imo but cool

  • Lethal_Doze

    I’m blue da ba dee da ba di

    • eric

      If I were green I would die.

  • ReddChief78

    Ah man that’s nice is that heaven i can die now

  • Ena Sccis

    yeah, could use a black wall with the blue linings..

  • Russell Gorall

    I came.

    • Guest

      Like the pauper that you are.

  • Dormin Emon

    Noobs, Destiny is not a launch game, it’s not even coming out this year.

    • sd94

      It’s a mockup, o brilliant one.

  • oOoAlanWaKEoOo .

    Xbox more valu

  • Guest


  • Shawn Pearson

    im glad the playstation fans are happy with the ps4 but it doesn’t impress me at all and exclusives won’t be enough for me to buy one this time. If sony makes a offical controller with displaced analogs i will buy one when infamous comes out if not i will just watch the cut scenes on youtube thats fine with me …

    • Mac McClure


    • Xis That Kid

      Just would like to say many would agree with you but unfortunately that won’t work. Ya see, The fact that they added a touch pad on the controller would be uncomfortable and impractical to swap Dpad and left stick. The stick is in a good spot and wouldn’t recommend messing with it. The sticks are smaller and further apart doesn’t necessarily cater to Xbox fans (of course) but added comfort and convenience. Me personally loved the controller even after liking the 360 controller. I don’t think I’d let the controller keep me away from great games. To each his own mate.

  • James Robert Edward Olaney

    i see the there is the ps3 pulse stereo headset does this mean they will work with ps4 as well

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Both Yoshida and a Naughty Dog dev did tweet it’d work a while ago.

      • James Robert Edward Olaney

        Oh OK thank you I don’t follow twitter that much..thank god I don’t have to use the ear bud there shipping with ps4 or have to put out another 150 for a good headset

  • Boss Gamer

    Xbox should do the same thing then one side of ebgames will be blue and the other green

  • Guest

    That is one ugly display. WAAAYYY to much Blue and it will deter customers. Green is a much more natural color and will attract more.