Epic Games Working on “Multiple New and Existing IPs”, Next Gen “Unannounced Competitive Online Action Game”

Epic Games seems to be gearing up for the next generation, at least if we have to believe the software house’s careers page. Two new entries are especially interesting: The first is for a Technical artist to work “on multiple new and existing IP’s across multiple platforms”. The job would involve attacking “the more complex issues that arise when we push the technology envelope, both in production on current hardware, and prototyping for next-generation hardware”.

The second entry is more specific and it’s for a Systems Designer wanting to “work with the tools and technology that are shaping the next generation of games” on “an unannounced competitive online action game that includes player progression, heavy itemization, and a dynamic economy”.

Both those job opportunities are based in Epic’s main studio in Cary, North Carolina. What will those games be? Your guess is as good as mine, even if the game described on the second entry sounds a lot like a love child between Unreal Tournament and Borderlands 2. For now we’ll have to wait and see, unless you think you have what it takes to apply for the jobs, of course.

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  • Guest

    Gears of War FTW!

  • kevin

    Xbox one exclusive FTW.

    • Panuccis Pizza

      It’s going to take infinitely more than an exclusive IP from Epic for the Xbox One to win anything.

      • kevin

        Xbox one will do fine & sale ton of units . My excitement was at the fact that thier is another game deal between MS ,Epic that will be another Xbox Exclusive .

        • Panuccis Pizza

          Where are you getting this Xbox exclusive news from? Is there another article or something? Because nothing in this article states anything exclusivity. In fact, it specifically says “across multiple platforms”…

  • keysy

    Ms doesnt own gears, so it will be interesting to see if it goes multiplat

    • Varteras

      From what I understand, there was an interview with Epic back in 2011 where they said they wanted Gears of War to be on the PlayStation 3 as well but Microsoft “made it worth their while” to stay on the Xbox 360. It will be interesting to see if Epic is going to finally say no to being paid off and go multiplatform with their biggest franchise.

    • kevin

      Don’t own Gears IP ,but own publishing rights & no is buying Epic at the moment to change that . So I will go on a limb to the bond ,friendship deal for gears Ip is intact.