Dragon’s Crown Will Require About 20 Hours To Complete Just The Story Mode With Each Character

When Atlus confirmed the price of Dragon’s Crown, many complained quite vocally, because what they saw as a small game was sold at nearly full price ($49.99 for PS3 and $39.99 for PS Vita), but today we learn that the game isn’t nearly as small as they thought.

Atlus Japan specified that players are expected to take about twenty hours to complete the story mode with each character. Replayability is also granted because certain elements will be unlocked only after clearing the game once, and by additional features like the PvP Arena. Of course the fact that characters play radically different also helps extending the game’s longevity further.

This may come as a surprise to many considering that side-scrolling action RPGs like this one tend to be a lot shorter than that.

The funny part of this all is that the company added to the message a rather cheeky recommendation:

Please take care not to forget to eat and sleep in real life.

In addition to this juicy tidbit of information we learn that two modes will be available for online multiplayer: With “Friend participation” we can play with our friends only, while with” Random participation” we’ll be matched automatically matched with players around the world with a skill level similar to ours.

Online matchmaking can be used at the same time as local multiplayer with the PS3 version of the game (meaning that you can play with a friend at home and still connect to the internet to recruit more companions), but this won’t be possible with the PS Vita version.

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  • Calaca

    I can’t wait to get this game for Vita

    • so-me

      Definitely ps3 for me I want to see that gorgeous art on the big screen!!!!!!!

  • m r


    I have a feeling that this game is going to really overdeliver on value. I mean you’re getting an artbook, each character takes 20 hours and as you level up each enemy gains new abilities making the encounters harder with better loot.

    I’ve been trying to get as mny of my friends to buy the PS3 version for launch so I have people to coop with on day 1.

    In the meantime I just ordred Muramasa Rebirth for the Vita a few days ago.

    Keep up the great work Vanillaware!

  • Random69

    I’m a little confused. Is this 20 hours total or 20 hour for each of the 6 characters?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      20 each.

  • rangaha

    even mario RPG lasts longer than this piece of shite.