PS4 Trounces Xbox One on 100,000 Votes in Console War Internet Poll

Who will win the console war between Xbox One and PS4? If we have to believe the internet PS4 has a large lead, at least according to the web based poll you can find on, created on purpose to interrogate the web surfing masses on their preference between the two upcoming next generation consoles.

For now looks like the internet has spoken: At the moment of this writing the site has gathered over 100,000 votes, and more than 75% of the participants have voted for the PS4, decreeing an overwhelming victory for Sony’s console. Of course the voting is still ongoing, so there’s still a chance for the Xbox One to regain ground and maybe even overtake the opposition.

The battle between the two upcoming console is just beginning, but things are getting heated. Will the PS4 continue to trounce its competitor from Redmond, or maybe we’re going to see the trend change before the fall comes?

One thing is for sure: the poll paints a quite grim outlook for Microsoft’s “all-in-one” entertainment hub. Looking at the vote breakdown by country we see some even more surprising results:


Voters from the United States, that are normally a Microsoft stronghold, voted en masse for the PS4, with almost 80% voters in favor of Sony’s machine. Xbox One fares relatively better in France, where it reaches almost 25% of the votes, while Germany is almost completely painted blue with nearly 85% of the participants willing to pledge their loyalty to the Japanese brand.

While the scientific accuracy of the poll is somewhat questionable, as there’s no selection criteria for the voters besides an internet connection, the ability to reach the site and to click on the desired option, over 100,000 votes are definitely a statistically relevant pool, larger than those used in polls held by many “professional” market research firms.

It’s up to you to decide whether this poll has any real value or not, but the results are still definitely interesting.

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  • It’s the same result of other polls, even VG247 did it.

    Honestly right now there are very few reasons to choose Xbox One over PS4 short of brand loyalty.

    • Jason Mounce

      Just as Amazon did.

      Just be careful, Microsoft(likely) told amazon to take down the poll, facts, and evidence because they don’t want you to see the truth, rofl.

      • Joe Walker

        when Microsoft started talking why did amazon listen? when there not even on Microsoft’s pay roll.?

        • Jason Mounce

          And since would you or anyone know who or who isn’t on their payroll? And who’s to say money can’t go under the table? Microsoft paid and bribed a lot of people before, during and after e3 especially just to try to limit Sony’s publicity and try to give them more.

  • Robert

    It’s because pimply face teens that play PS4 are always online trolling.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’m sure you already realized it by yourself, but you seem a bit mad…

      • Nicolas Hausler

        It seems pretty true though that we shouldn’t compare an online poll to actual real world sales. Most of these polls are actively seeked out by sony fans who vote for the PS4. My main basis for this is that the vast majority of my friends, both on xbox and those I know for real, are getting the Xb1, even some who had the PS3 are switching over.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          To be honest 100,000 votes are a tad more statistically relevant than “the vast majority of my friends”

          your friends aren’t a statistic 😀

          • Nicolas Hausler

            I understand what you mean, but my point is that the percentage of people that end up getting the Xb1 will be a lot higher than what polls suggest, since most gamers don’t actively scan the internet for news or polls, I was the one who told my friends about the 180 since most of them didn’t even hear.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You don’t really have elements to say that. What we have is a poll. It’s no more and no less than that, but it’s definitely more statistically relevant than your personal perception or your limited circle of friends.

            It may or may not come true, but holding your friends as a counterpoint to 100,000 people is a tad ridiculous 😀

          • Josiah Grey

            It’s not applied to just voting polls, there are several reports that the PS4 is outselling world wide due to preorders, in Canada the Ouya is outselling the Xbox One. I’m serious it’s not a troll thing, a majority of Canada really prefer the Ouya over the Xbox One.

        • CraZed77

          While normally I’d agree with ya as internet polls are notorious for self-selection. In this case it is a poll of a demographic of gamers. It isn’t a scientific random sample poll but it definitely shows interest and it definitely is supported by presale numbers from major retailers like where the PS4 is currently number 3 on the 2013 best sellers so far. Where as the Xbone is number 6.

        • Bullshit! I find it hard to believe they’ll switch over to xb1 when they had a ps3. Its only those who had an xbox 360 are the ones that are gonna buy xb1 because xb1 has no advantage.

          • DanO

            And if they did who can blame them? It’s hard to switch systems and all since you are use to the controller and every thing..

        • It is a more accurate comparison than most of your friends, go and research for yourself on the pre-sales stats of the two systems. The xbox one is getting absolutely raped worldwide in pre orders. Also, I’m not saying you’re lying but I find it extremely hard to believe that there are people who are ps fans that would switch over to xbox this generation. you got some pretty strange friends bro.

    • Lethal_Doze

      I heard that excuse in 2007 about 360 fanboys LOL, how tables have turned

  • Zohak Diaz

    Lol. Cant wait for my xb1!

    • Lethal_Doze

      Me too , maybe like in 2016 : )

      • so soon?

      • Josiah Grey

        2016? I’ll maybe get one on the last year of it’s life span xD

  • devlar

    The poll has actually had over 100,000 votes, >75,000 of which are for ps4. Just saying.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Good catch. Edited 😀

  • Surrealist

    You will all be sorry. All you Sony Fanboi’s will be sorry. For you see, you ignorant fugo’s, the Xbone has the cloud. Yes, thats right, the CLOUD! Nothing can beat the cloud. Microsoft has 700 Million dollars worth of cloud. CLOUD! cLoUd! TV!

    • Frdjck

      The Sun can beat the clouds. Even if the clouds can cover the sky, no cloud has ever covered the sun. Even when the sky is covered by clouds, the sun is always shining. No cloud has ever darkened the sun, even in the most rainy day.

      • Thomas

        I think that was sarcasm.

      • islan

        …What did I just read?

    • James M


    • Josiah Grey

      Not sure if trolling or…

  • Tom R

    Looks like the PS4 holds all the ace cards this time round, it’s more powerful and cheaper – this is Sony’s revenge. The PS3 lost to X360 in the US and UK (the 2 biggest console markets outside Japan) because it was too expensive and was released later, but worldwide the PS3 has now outsold the X360 78 million to 77 million. Predict the PS4 will a massive
    success just like the PS2. Both new consoles will sell well though, as the time is absolutely right for the next gen consoles for two reasons, gamers have seen all there is to see from the current gen consoles, and any gamer above the age of 5 is fed up with crappy mobile IOS and Android games with horrible touch controls and rubbish graphics. PS4 ftw.

    • DanO

      Isn’t this the exact same comment you posted somewhere else a couple days ago? Come up with something new bro…

      • Dee

        What does it matter, those are his words aren’t they?

  • redavutstuvader

    THE ps4 more powerful, not according to watchdogs.

    this short circuiting ps fanboys brains.

    Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay=
    He also spoke about some of the advantages next-gen power affords Watch Dogs.

    “There are quite a few, obviously there are the graphics but you don’t need me to tell you, but there’s also everything related to the dynamism of the city,” continued Guay. “For example, we’re able to simulate the water in full 3D, if you go on a boat the waves that form will affect other boats. We’re also able to spend more time giving brains to the other people on the streets so that they can basically be smarter, and there can be more of them. It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One.”

    • DanO

      MS paid them to say Xbox rather then “PS4” at the end of that statement. 😉

      • Gullible

        Of course, MS is paying off everyone. The moon landing was also staged, Area 51 is a secret UFO base, and Big Foot secretly runs America.

        • DanO

          Finally, a sane person!

      • redavutstuvader

        if this is danO from playstation lifestyle you just lost all your credibility

        • DanO

          There’s another DanO?! o.O

    • David Vaughan

      That comment was taken out of context. When he said “…we are able to push further on the Xbox One” he was comparing it to the 360 and PS3, not to the PS4. The article never mentions that!!

    • jdaltec

      Sim City used the cloud to make the AI smarter too, and we know how well that ended.

  • redavutstuvader

    wow, voting always works. in the US peolpe vote for a two party dictatorship, left wing or right wing, same bird = royal europe bloodlinnes


  • Megaman

    LMAO…..Xbox Fans dont go online a vote an most of them are to young to even care….Sony fans are all old an grown up…..even if u do a xbox 360 vs ps3 poll sony will win 75% it dosnt matter Sony fans rule the internet PEOPLE

    • Guest

      Yep, the PauperStation N4Gtards have no lives.

      • jkkjkj

        yeah right what about the XSHITTERS ON POLYGON

        • Arron Clements

          The three messages above this reply are THE reason why children should be kept off the internet.

    • redavutstuvader

      xbox fans are to busy buying and playing great games

  • Megaman

    ARE PEOPLE THIS BLIND TO REALLY THINK PS4 is that great hahahahahahahahaha WOW this stuff really shows how dumb we really are an how easy it is to be brain wash….JUST PLAY A GAME YOU LIKE PEOPLE U CANT LOOSE

  • Adam

    I would be quite surprised if these “votes” actually held up when compared to actual console sales. I’d be willing to bet that PS4 will sell more, but not by as much as the internet seems to be thinking.

    • jdp12

      nobody thinks that the X1 will be outsold by this margin, but it is a clear indicator of where the core gamers are going.

      more core games = more game sales = larger attach rate = more profit

    • foureyes oni

      i honestly think sales of the xbox one and ps4 will be a lot more even well at least in the U.S.

  • Tom R

    Another big advantage for PlayStation is that they have some of the best exclusive game studios in the world, such as Media Molecule, Guerrilla, Sucker Punch, etc… and in Naughty Dog, I think they have ‘The Best Game Studio’ in the world. I’ve just been playing The Last of Us, and I have to say it is breathtakingly good, possibly best character and narrative driven game ever with incredible graphics, and Naughty Dog has squeezed every last drop of power
    out of the PS3 (as a gamer, I actually feel sad that Xbox owners can’t experience this game). Imagine what Naughty Dog can do with the incredible power of a PS4! On the flip side, Xbox1 does have Halo and Titanfall, both of which are going to make PS4 owners very envious.

    • FrightfulActions

      Unless they have a PC to go with that PS4. Then nothing to be envious about. Xbox doesn’t have many ‘real’ exclusives.

  • TheGrimmy

    Wow, USA only 20% for xbox?
    isnt that its main audience?

    • islan

      Unlike the 360, it’s the XB1’s only audience (based on the fact that everywhere else it will launch both later and with less features).

  • Phil Balliet

    I voted for Xbox. Even if they lose an internet poll, Xbox will stil win my heart & money.

    • redavutstuvader

      here here

  • ThatUndeadLegacy

    i hope ps4 wins, because i always go where the majority of gamers go,

  • Gamerking (

    Why someone choose the Xone? I don’t understand.

    • heartles

      Halo and Gears? Idk.
      Those are the only reasons I could possibly like the xbox more.

  • redavutstuvader

    xbox gamer are not as cheap as ps gamers on average, they rave about sony exclusives , then when the game releases, they forget to buy them look at GOW PS VERSES GOW XBOX.



  • Anyone else gettin’ that warm an fuzzy like the ps2 days are coming back?

  • Dan

    God, I want a PS4 so f***ing bad, can’t wait until November! There is so
    much pent up demand for the new consoles because the previous
    generation lasted too long, the next gen games looks amazing and the only other ‘gaming’ on offer is
    crappy cheap mobile and tablet games. The next gen consoles are just
    going to rock.