Razer Doesn’t Make PlayStation Accessories Because Its Boss’ PS3 “Gathered a Lot of Dust”

The motto of the popular gaming accessory manufacturer Razer is “For Gamers. By Gamers”, and that catchphrase seems to apply also to the reason why they don’t make PlayStation accessories, despite the fact that they manufacture some of the best Xbox 360 controllers on the market.

Today Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan took to twitter to let his followers know that he was finally getting some time with The Last of Us, and since he was at it, he used the chance to explain why his company doesn’t make its own version of the DualShock:

When asked by pro gamer if that meant he was considering making PS4 accessories in the future, his answer was a tad on the cold side:

Another fan accused him of being a little selfish, but he explained that he simply prefers to make accessories he wants as a gamer.

We’ll have to see if The Last of Us will manage to rekindle Min-Liang Tan’s lost love for PlayStation. The game definitely drew a lot of praise, and I’d go ahead to say that if there’s a title able to convert Razer’s honco, that’s Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece.

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  • chamber25

    They probably make 95 percent of their sales from the PC market so i doubt they will do anything with the PS4, in fact with the release of the of their gaming laptops they will kinda have to compete

    • Michael Clanton

      come on, be smart, gaming pc’s and laptops dont compete with videogame hardware. people who play games on pc usually wont like anything other then a mouse, and pc gamers usually have atleast one console.

      • chamber25

        They don’t directly compete but Razers line is targeted directly directly at hardcore gamers so its in his interest to grow that market not be satisfied with what is there now.

  • Michael Clanton

    If this was the X1 and not the ps4, there would be no story, They dont support sony blindly, who cares.

  • kevin

    I like this dude cause he is blunt & to the point . What is there not to like.

  • Axe99

    It’s their prerogative. Seems like a fairly narrow decision to make in terms of business growth-wise, but from the tweets it sounds like they’ve only got one designer, so if they’ve only got one guy to design things, he should focus on what he knows and does best :). If, on the other hand, they’ve got a whole team and just a really narrow-minded boss, then it just reflects on his lack of business sense ;).

  • T2X

    Not a wise game system decision or a business one. What is to like?………………
    The guy is clearly firmly in MS pocket and that’s OK, but don’t sit there and act like the 360 is the only system with games. The fact is with the current generation, the PS3 had more and better exclusives, and still does. The only reason he’s talking like the only games the PS3 ever had are Infamous and TLoU is because the Xbox 360 crowd pays his bills and like I said before, that’s OK.

    • RJ

      You have no clue

      Have you ever purchased a Razer product before?

      They’re products are one of the best and the only ones I use.
      If he was in Microsoft’s pocket then why does he make accessories for Macs?

      He is saying it as it is, he plays more games on his Xbox than his PS3, which is exactly like mine. My PS3 was covered in dust until the Last of Us came out

      So grow up and let the man express his views

      • KamiShadow

        Nice job working for Razor PR. Now if you want to be factual, there are plenty of better brands out there. For Razor quality competing brands are cheaper. For Razor prices, competing brands are better quality.

        There are very things, if anything anymore, that Razor actually does better than anyone…. Its just their marketing that gets the Xbox Fans all wild up…..

        • realmadpuppy

          they have/had a partnership with ms to make ms performance gaming gear. he made a deal with the devil and all that sweet, sweet PS4 accessory money is a no no by his “partner” MS.

      • N4GGreenPowerz

        Come circle jerk with me, DUDEBRO! 360 FTW!

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    I don’t understand this line of reasoning. I feel like he’s basically saying, real gamers are on 360 opposed to PS3 which I generally a lie. Whatever the case is, it doesn’t matter… all that money they lost to alienating a base is what’s going to do it for them. He could of made a 360 like controller for the PS3 if he felt like that

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I don’t think that’s what he means. What he means is “I’m a gamer first and foremost, and so I’ll work on what I like to play”.

      At least that’s how I interpreted it.

      • haha

        So that means he played Xbox?

        • Sky

          he played xbox , ps3 , pc, laptop (ofcourse) too , check out his facebook fanspage

  • realmadpuppy

    Razer had a working relationship with Microsoft, they made the MS branded Habu line of mice

    for MS. I would say that is more a reason to snub the PlayStation than some lame excuse that he doesn’t play the PS3 all that much. Remember MS is an old hand at back door deals.

  • brianc6234

    This guy needs to buy a clue. He’s missing out on the best games over the last few years. Wake up.

    • Tw0qwk

      your telling the ‘BOSS’ of Razer to get a clue???

      • Dangling Missles

        Yes he is. You can be the prime minister of the country, but you wouldn’t have a clue of what’s happening at a town (of the other 100 towns) you control would you?

  • Vik Sandhu

    If you really hate ps3 that much than just pass of Last of Us. How good can it be , its on play station.

  • seeafish

    It’s a verrrryy narrow minded business approach but he did state that he doesn’t just wanna sell things to make money. If he enjoys only making things he himself likes, that’s his choice to make, but it definitely alienates a lot of people. I only have a PS3. Perhaps that’s why when I wanna buy a high grade mouse for my PC, logitech is the brand that pops into my head, and not Razer. So not only is he alienating PS owners, he’s losing out in market share with some more casual PC gamers like myself…
    Good job!

  • KamiShadow

    Pretty stupid business decision to skip an entire third (or more) of your customers simply because you “don’t like” the product its attached to…. I mean be biased all you want, but if you are running a company then major business decisions like that shouldn’t be decided on personal interest. Did Sony ever do anything to them? What they don’t want to go through certification, so now they just bash PlayStation because of it? Your products don’t live up to par with the Sony ones? Whats the problem?

    Microsoft isn’t paying them to be exclusive, so why make such an idiotic move? Makes no sense to just go “well I pretend to not play PS3” as an excuse to not rake in millions of sales.

  • Its his company and he can choose what he makes or not. He is making plenty of money on PC and Xbox so who cares.

  • Feid

    Motto of the company is, for gamers, by gamers.
    It seems to be a little contradictory imo.

    I am not a fan of console, but to design products based on the boss preference with a motto like this doesn’t sit right with me.

    Might as well change the motto to something that reflect the boss preferences.

  • PC Gamer

    even without PS fanboys buying his products, he is still making money from pc pro gamers…thats y he doesnt give a damn about PS…PS fanboys better live with it

  • realmadpuppy

    I wouldn’t buy anything from Razor personally. He obviously has some sort of back door deal with MS. Remember MS gaming mice and keyboards were rebranded or special made Razor products for MS.
    I hope he never makes anything for the PS4, Maybe it will give a chance for an up and coming company to produce performance accessories for the PS4 and become a popular brand in its own right. Then They can start selling to PC and Xbox and Razor will have some much needed competition.