Pick Your Destiny Guardian Class With Three New Classy Wallpapers

Want to decorate your desktop with your favorite Destiny guardian class? Then you’re in luck, as Bungie released three new lovely and classy wallpapers based on artwork featuring the Hunter, the Titan and the Warlock.

All three pieces of artwork look quite stunning in their minimalist style. That’s not surprising since if there’s one thing that Bungie always did right, that’s art direction. You can find all three wallpapers in the gallery below.

Since I’ve always been a tank at heart, Titan is my pick, what’s yours?

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  • Calvin Chikelue

    Hunter for me but I’m interested in hearing more about the Warlock’s abilities

  • Dwyane Booker

    Titan is where im at.

  • Papa Derp

    I’m going with Exo but there’s no real info on them