Bungie Makes Fun of Call of Duty’s Fish with its “Bird Simulator” in Destiny Commentary Video

One of the most mocked parts of the reveal of Call of Duty: Ghosts during the Xbox One presentation was the “intelligent fish” engine showcased by Infinity Ward, coming second only to Riley the SEAL dog.

Today Bungie released a new video of the Destiny gameplay reveal showcased during Sony’s conference at E3, with a  trio of developers explaining  in detail what we can see on the screen.

The most hilarious part comes near the beginning (at around 1.45 in), as the three show some of the new systems included in the game, one of which is the “Bird Simulator”, that has birds to move out of the way and fly off when you approach and shoot them.

…And that’s about it for gameplay.

Yeah, Bird Simulator is what we’re actually shipping.

And hilarity ensues, as the obvious jab to the fish of Call of Duty is delivered. Of course the commentary video offers a lot more than that, but I’ll let you watch it on your own, as it shares a lot of juicy details about the game and the tech behind it.

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  • Dakan45

    Right because destiny is soooooooooooooooooooooo next gen.

    It even has lower poly count than cod ghosts, digital foundry said that, dont thumb down me.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      yeah, because polycount is all that matters.

      To be completely honest, Bungie’s Art Direction demolished anything COD. It would even with half the polycount.

      • Dakan45

        Art direction? As if cod art direction is not great? The art direction in cod is one of the most detailed i have ever seen, there just wasnt any other fps with as much love put into level design till 2011.

        I like the idea of destiny but the art direction in that game is basicly halo and no i am not impressed by bright colors and guns and enemis that look like they were made by mattel.

        In any case my point was nothing of what you see in destiny is not achievable in current gen consoles. Visually unimpressive

        • SkullyFM

          Sir, using “cod” and “level design” in the same sentence pretty much renders all other arguments invalid… sorry

          • Dakan45

            Am sory sir but everyone who thinks that is a clueless as to what art direction is .Cod has far better level design than most fps.

            The level design in cod is superb, the levels are not lifeless but very detailed. Till 2011 no game had the detail cod had. You could see artistic design in every section. Like how the lighting looks in specific areas. The lead art designers dont just put it there, they took an artistic view on how that area would look and set the lighting accordingly.

            The enviroments are filled with objects related to the location they are, to give you an idea of a reallistic believable enviroment. Look around your room, is it all bland? Ofcoure not, there are various objects in the room placed there by you. Cod does the same, the artists placed objects in the rooms to give the idea that someone actually lives there.

            Another game that does that is deus ex human revolution, but not as sucessfully since it uses alot of the same assets.

            A good example wil be mw3 Ney york levels, they might not have the detail BF3 ney york levels have but they are not bland and blueish, they have more objects in the are which are placed there by the artistis to make enviroments look more lifelike.

            Cod does the same with weapons. The ump for example has cord tied on it that jumps with recoil, its the little things that added there rom the artists to make their work unique.

          • Til 2011 no game had the detail COD had?

            Hey I just realized….Cod is a fish. The fish simulator is in the call of duty series. Mind blown.

            Joking aside “until 2011?” no game had that level design? what I say next I say with utmost respect to you. What the hell are you talking about? Not Counter Strike? Rainbox Six? Halo? Medal of Honor? Doom? Quake? Wolfenstein? Unreal Tournament? Planetside? Your argument is invalid.

            Keep in mind I am only talking about F.P.S here level design from Pac-Man was at one point revolutionary.

          • Dakan45

            Do you even reallize what you are saying?

            Counter strike maps are bland and empty Hardly any objects in the maps. Global offence fixed that. So are rainbow six levels, they are identical mazes of same looking rooms.

            What about halo? All the interiors resemble mass effect bland corridors and the exteriors are also bland. Medal of honor is a joke in every way compared to cod. Just compare cod 1 with allied assautl, thats all you need to know. Quake wolfenstein, unreal tournament and and doom are ancient games that do not have artistic design in the levels since technology did not allow it.

            Am not talking about the design of what was possible back then, or complexity in levels since by that logic bioshock had far better and nonlinear levels than bioshock infinite which had linear corridors.

            The argument is about artistic direction in the level design, on that cod, deus ex human revolution, far cry 2 and crysis 3 have done wonder. They actually bothered to make the enviroments look believable. Bf can have as much super hd graphic as it wants and as big maps as it wants, but it wont change the fact every building and location looks bland, empty and repettive. Compare the map in a open world game like amazing spiderman or prototype with gta iv. Gta iv has more varied buildings and assets and more emphasis on detail and believability. Thats how cod maps look compared to bf and other fps maps. Cod has more detail and variety in artistic direction.

      • billy

        Lol what an ignorant idiot. Poly count matters in so many ways. If not things wont look round. And look at destiny it looks soo bland and has a really boring environment. Noting crazy like old bungie.

        • orangpelupa

          you use hi-poly 3D model to make things round?

          thats.. so LAST-GEN 😀

          Current-gen (pc) games use Tesselation to dynamically make objects looks round with little performance penalty.

          Hey, even GT6 use tesselation on PS3 🙂

          • Dakan45

            too bad Ghosts uses pixar techonlogy to make things round so your argument is garbage.

  • dirkradke

    Once the immersion factor is at a certain point spending more time on stunning graphics is meaningless. Oh they are nice to have, but spend your energies in other areas to differentiate yourselves from the competition. I stopped believing in the COD franchise when they serialized it and gave each successive version a washed out crap story if any story at all with the graphics or immersion hardly ever changing because I’ve seen it all before. Boring.

    • Dakan45

      Black ops 2 story is freaking great, if you dissagree, you didnt pay attention to the dialogues

      • dirkradke

        Or I didn’t like the story because I had heard and/or seen it all before. Of course if you like it — more power to you.

        • Dakan45

          You have heard it or sen it before? Where? Dont say the previous cod games and make me facepalm.

          • dirkradke

            Look I don’t like COD. You can like it all you want, but I don’t want.
            By the way, what the hell else would I be talking about besides
            previous crap COD games? They have done the same things for 4-5 years. Great graphics and level design are no longer enough, which I don’t think are all that great. Multiplayer has created class distinctions not just in the character, but in the player by having standard and elite options. This divides an already profane, antagonistic and generally irritating online community that doesn’t really accept newcomers. On top of that I don’t really like multiplayer unless I’m playing with people who are real friends. COD people never really qualified. Finally, most of the stories since the first COD: Modern Warfare have relied on sensationalism that was completely unnecessary. Acting like a terrorist killing everybody in an airport comes to mind as an example of crappy storytelling.

          • Dakan45

            OK so you telling me taht black ops 2 story si the same as the previous? Facapalm, just facepalm.

            Black ops 2 actually had a good story and characters and an interesting setting. Also makes a few good points but you propably missed them.

            But hey, this is all been done before.

            Arghhhh, screw it, there is no arguing with blatant cod haters.

          • dirkradke

            Your confusing dislike with hate. Why do you feel threatened by my opinion? People can agree to disagree. I don’t like the COD games or the direction Activision took with them. Also I said most of the stories not all of them. While I actually liked the Black Ops 2 story I didn’t like the method they told it in and it was too short for $60 worth of gameplay.

          • Dakan45

            Alternatively you can play bioshock infinite which does a worse job of telling its story, by simply not telling it and keeping it all till the end for a plotwist. Even bioshock was filled with logs to explain the story and the world, infinite not so much.

            On top of that in order to fix the 60 bucks price issue, they just copy and pasted the same godamn arena fights over and over again.

            So is this how you make a game long enough to worth 60 bucks? By copy and pasting the same thing till you reach 12-15 hours? In the 5 hour campaign of black ops 2 i had pacing, variety, progression and a good final showodn.

            In bioshock infinite i basicly played 4-5 hours which were basicly endless looting and some typical shooting. Then the game decided to copy and paste those shooting sections and put more objects to loot in order to addd 4-5 more hours to the game. No pacing, no sense of progression or actually going somewhere or achieving something, no variety in objectives. Then they threw a garbage generator defending objective and decided to finish it. Thats not a good campain.

            So you may get more hours to play initially, but they are not really more hours, its just copy and pasted gameplay. Essentially you are replaying sections of the game and if you try to actually replay the whole game, you gonna reallize that its the same.

            I was reading and article lately on how games drag on in order to be longer without really needing to be longer and just giving you filler gameplay.

            ofcourse black ops 2 doesnt worth 60 bucks for the campaign but it actually has more. Still why did you buy black ops 2 since you dislike cod? I trully dont get it.

            Still even if you did not play the game, that doesnt mean you will stop hating. I have seen ton of people who have to hate cod despite having giving up in the series many years ago. That thign is beyond me. If you dont bother with the franchise anymore, why continue bothering with it in the internet?

            Just my thoughts

          • dirkradke

            Why do you have this need to try and convince me that your somehow right? We can have completely different opinions and both be right, because it is only an opinion. I don’t agree with you – deal with it.

          • Dakan45

            I didnt try to convince about anything, but appparently you missed that and post garbage like “i dont agree with you-deal with it”


            I wont bother with you anymore.

            I should have reallized you are trolling when you said “if any story at all” Thats just hate bias rather a point in your post.

          • dirkradke

            If that helps you sleep better at night by me calling it anything other than a simple disagreement on what I think of COD games have been in the last few years so be it.

  • GunsAndTheBeast

    Turns out Destiny is published by Activision. And i have a really bad feeling about this, to know it’s published by a corporate company, to understand at what has happened to COD: Ghosts, and to understand at what would Destiny become in years to come. I hope Destiny would not be destined (pun intended lol) to have the same fate as COD.

    • They do. Bungie and Respawn both have inked deals with their respective publishers whereby they own their I.P.’s period. This is uncommon in the industry but the studios are big enough to make it possible.

  • Hodor