Bungie Makes Fun of Call of Duty’s Fish with its “Bird Simulator” in Destiny Commentary Video

on July 8, 2013 1:41 PM

One of the most mocked parts of the reveal of Call of Duty: Ghosts during the Xbox One presentation was the “intelligent fish” engine showcased by Infinity Ward, coming second only to Riley the SEAL dog.

Today Bungie released a new video of the Destiny gameplay reveal showcased during Sony’s conference at E3, with a  trio of developers explaining  in detail what we can see on the screen.

The most hilarious part comes near the beginning (at around 1.45 in), as the three show some of the new systems included in the game, one of which is the “Bird Simulator”, that has birds to move out of the way and fly off when you approach and shoot them.

…And that’s about it for gameplay.

Yeah, Bird Simulator is what we’re actually shipping.

And hilarity ensues, as the obvious jab to the fish of Call of Duty is delivered. Of course the commentary video offers a lot more than that, but I’ll let you watch it on your own, as it shares a lot of juicy details about the game and the tech behind it.

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