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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Won’t Be on Xbox Because of Microsoft’s Policies

by on July 8, 2013 5:23 PM 8

There have been many rumors around the internet indicating that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn might have been headed to Xbox 360 or Xbox One, but those rumors were silenced by the PlayStation exclusivity announced during Sony’s conference at E3. Despite the fact that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are both going to be released on Xbox One, A Realm Reborn won’t be, but why? Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida explained it during an interview on RPGSite.

To answer your question straightforward: The policy has not changed on Microsoft’s side.

The main reason from our side is that I don’t want the community to be divided; to be split into two or more. For example, one player might be on the PC version, another might be on the PS4 version, and I’m playing the Xbox version – but we’re not able to join the same game servers. That is just… I just don’t like the idea. I disagree with it.

For FF14, if that frustration happens, maybe one of those players says ‘OK, I will give up my PS4 character and start out for scratch, making a new account from scratch on another machine. I don’t think that’s fair.

I really want the community to stick together and not be split into two or be divided because of that reason. That’s one of the reasons that means that unless the policy changes, Xbox just doesn’t make sense to us.

There you have it: If you were holding your breath on the possibility of getting Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on your Xbox (whether 360 or One), you may want to start breathing, because unless Microsoft changes its Xbox Live policies that prevent cross platform gameplay, it’s just not going to happen.

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  • ChadAwkerman

    Makes sense.

  • foureyes oni

    oh well i’m stil reeling over the fact that kh3 is on xb1. Although i honestly was expecting ff14 to go over to those 2 consoles eventually.

  • Dwyane Booker

    was ffxi on xbox or xbox 360? that was cross platform, wonder what changed.

    • jonjon

      yes FF11 was on xbox360 and it was cross platform. I played on 360 my friend on his ps2 and my other friend on pc and we played together fine. I think more games should allow cross platform gaming.

      • Dwyane Booker

        dang i miss ffxi and yep more games should have cross-platform. i hear Warframe, Destiny, Planetside 2 and i think Blacklight are cross-platform (well i know they were saying Warframe might be)

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s very simple. The current Xbox Live policies have been set after the release of FFXI on 360. That’s what changed :D

      • Dwyane Booker

        oh, well sucks to only have a 360 or one. off topic, why does everyone say EA is the worst company when MS seems just as bad if not worst?

      • Dwyane Booker

        oh, well sucks to only have a 360 or one. off topic, why does everyone say EA is the worst company when MS seems just as bad if not worst?

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