Titanfall for Xbox One Priced 10 Euros Above Xbox 360 Version on European Origin Store and Other Oddities

Next generation pricing already looks quite messy, but with Titanfall it’s even a bit messier than the usual, with Origin offering the game at a different price point between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One versions of the game, at least in Europe.

While the the North American Origin store lists all versions of the game for $59,99 (which is an oddity in itself, at least for the PC version, that normally costs less), Electronic Arts saw fit to charge 10 Euros more to European customers wanting to enjoy the game on the upcoming next generation console by Microsoft than to those preorderding the Xbox 360 version (or 10 Euros less to those playing on 360, depending on the point of view).

In fact the Xbox 360 version of the game is priced at €59.90, while the Xbox One version will grab €69.90 away from our wallets. European PC gamers are luckier, as they will have to spend only €49.90, adding further confusion to the fact that in the North American store the PC version costs exactly the same as the others.

The reason for the discrepancy is unknown, but it sure is an oddity, especially considering that the two console versions on the North American store and on other European retailers cost exactly the same.


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  • Michael Cardwell

    Want be buying it if its 69.99 for just a online game only. No single player? Gotta be effing crazy RESPAWN.

    • Jason Mounce

      Maybe it’s M$’s fault? If it were Respawns’ fault I think they’d up the price on all versions then go and give us PR talk about how “The money is going to a good cause since the experience you’ll be getting will blow your mind” – kind of bullshit to warrant throwing away more money.

      Cause by all means, The Last of Us came out, blew everyones’ mind and it wasn’t $10+ more. Apparently this game will be better than all games this generation that it warrants a boost in price, lol….

      • Michael Cardwell

        No M$ already they will be selling their games at suggested retail price of $59.99 next gen. More like money grubbing EA’s fault!

        • Jason Mounce

          Maybe, maybe it’s EA experimenting to gauge the market fluctuations, just as Activision tried with Kottick(?) saying how he’d raise the price essentially for fun because he can (But never did since he’s for the most part kept his mouth shut and gotten a massive paycheque)

          Maybe EA is testing the waters, if it isn’t M$ telling Respawn to do it and see what happens. Since, those who buy Xbox One games will get their console and be like “Dang, what games should I play…..Ryse: Press X to Win QTE-Edition, a few multiplatform games or Titanfall which has gotten all this hype? Gosh, $10 more? Oh well, it should be good! – Said likely-hundreds of non-hardcore-hipster gamers that usually love to play COD and think themselves MLG-360noscopeyolo-elite gamers.

          Who knows.

          • Michael Cardwell

            I hate Call of Duty…

          • Jason Mounce

            Same here brother 😛

            Now I still remember the day I bought the very First Call of Duty, COD1…..when it was actually good, and like playing an interactive ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

            Thennnn, COD4 happened. The rest as we know, is ModernHistory.