Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Good Guys Get Even More Screenshots and Renders

Today Square Enix released a series of renders of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s key allies, and tonight we got even more screenshots and renders of them, this time from the Japanese branch of the publisher.

In the gallery below you can see Minfilia, Thancred, Yda, Papalymo, Y’shtola, Louisoix, Urianger, the twins Alphinaud and Alisaie and Cid. Considering that Lousoix is supposedly dead, he obviously doesn’t have a screenshot of his own. Of course we don’t know if he’s really dead…

Incidentally, I just played a scene on the game’s beta involving Minfilia that put a large smile on my face. I won’t spoil it, but if you’re a returning player you’ll see what I mean rather soon, and you’ll understand as soon as you see it.

You can enjoy the gallery below and remember: if you didn’t play Final Fantasy XIV but plan to get on board with A Realm Reborn, and want to know who (almost) all of those characters are, you may want to read the eight chapters of my “The Story So Far” column, that will catch you up with the story and the cast, and let you see all the relevant cutscenes.

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  • Zerosion

    That scene certainly put a smile on my face too!

  • Nicholas Perry

    Amazing how good the game can look with actual AA.
    (They oversample for promotional shots. Render at a much higher resolution and downsample the image to a lower one)

    I do wish those normal maps weren’t so compressed and/or low res though. The blocky compression artifacts really take away from the beautiful art direction. Can’t wait to see what they can do after the DX11 update, Yoshi said they can’t add higher quality textures until then. So I anticipate!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You can actually play the game with actual AA, just need to force it from the control panel. AA isn’t working in the beta at all.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Here, piccie fresh from my screen 😀

        • Nicholas Perry

          You can force SGSSAA with Nvidia Inspector as well, but performance penalty is too high.

          But this kind of stuff should be built into the game. It shouldn’t be some magical hardware feature. The developers of Metro Last Light did it right. T_T

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            FXAA is plenty, and the performance hit is minimal.

            The feature is in the game, it’s just not working ATM. It’s a beta.

  • orangpelupa

    cant you guys force AA by SweetFX? its post process SMAA but still better than nothing.
    or the game anti cheat will kick you out?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I just force FXAA via Nvidia control panel.

  • orangpelupa

    hi Nelva, it seems you have nice interrest on FF14ARR. Do you have any recommendation youtube video of FF14ARR gameplay that show whats different from other common MMO?

    does FF14ARR have deep story and presented in extravagant cutscene like FF offline? Or the quest system is the typical quest (do this, take that, go there).

    or the “fetch quest” need a bit of thinking+detective works like oblivion and morrowind?

    the video provided officially by square failed to show me the answers of those questions 🙁