Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Director Thinks The New Lightning Will Finally Win the Hearts of the Fans

on July 11, 2013 10:20 PM

If there’s one character that has proven really polarizing between Final Fantasy fans, that’s Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, some love her, some absolutely despise her. Now she’s going to make a comeback in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Game Director Motomu Toriyama thinks she’ll finally manage to win the hearts of every fan, as he expressed in an interview by a moderator of the official French PlayStation forums:

About Lightning Returns I really hope to introduce a new Lightning, and not just the Lightning that you got to know before, and that is already loved by the old fans of the series. This Lightning is different, attractive, and will be massively appreciated by all the fans. Please be patient just a little more.

Gushing aside (after all every father is proud of his beloved daughter, even if she’s widely misunderstood), the interview also comes with a couple interesting tidbits of info: Final Fantasy XIII-2 main villain Caius Ballad will also return in the upcoming game and the development team is interested in making more outfits for Lightning from previous Final Fantasy titles, in addition to Cloud’s uniform from Final Fantasy VII.

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