Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Director Thinks The New Lightning Will Finally Win the Hearts of the Fans

If there’s one character that has proven really polarizing between Final Fantasy fans, that’s Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, some love her, some absolutely despise her. Now she’s going to make a comeback in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Game Director Motomu Toriyama thinks she’ll finally manage to win the hearts of every fan, as he expressed in an interview by a moderator of the official French PlayStation forums:

About Lightning Returns I really hope to introduce a new Lightning, and not just the Lightning that you got to know before, and that is already loved by the old fans of the series. This Lightning is different, attractive, and will be massively appreciated by all the fans. Please be patient just a little more.

Gushing aside (after all every father is proud of his beloved daughter, even if she’s widely misunderstood), the interview also comes with a couple interesting tidbits of info: Final Fantasy XIII-2 main villain Caius Ballad will also return in the upcoming game and the development team is interested in making more outfits for Lightning from previous Final Fantasy titles, in addition to Cloud’s uniform from Final Fantasy VII.

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  • Mark

    “and that is already loved by the old fans of the series”

    Is he delusional or what

    • Zerosion

      You’d be surprised at how many people didn’t hate 13.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I like her. I’m an old fan.

    • foureyes oni

      he’s delusional.

      • katsumi1980

        He didn’t like her, therefore no one else could possibly have a different opinion than his. 🙂

        • foureyes oni

          honestly i barely remember her or ff13. i know what she looks like and thats it. i beat the first one and lost the 2nd one somewhere. the issue that i have with all this lightning is that she has such a split fan base on who likes her or doesn’t. i need to play ff13 again cause honestly unlike 7-10 i don’t remember anything about the story or the environment.

    • saibyr

      Welcome to a world where she was already loved by part of the FF Fanbase! Speak for yourself.

      • Dingleberrypants

        “already loved by part of the FF Fanbase!”

        Speak for yourself.

        • saibyr

          That made no sense, lol.

  • Nicholas Perry

    She’s always had my heart. She’s a well developed character. Haters gonna hate

    • Zach Albright

      Haters gonna hate indeed, who cares what others think, we love our Lightning!

    • Mark

      Well developed character…LOL

      She had no character development whats so ever

  • Ksar

    I alrealdy like her.

  • Masoud House

    A Squall or Rinoa costume would be awesome. A FFT costume would be pretty cool too.

    • Zach Albright

      I think she needs a Beatrix costume personally!

      • Masoud House

        YES! And going back to VIII, an Edea costume, just because.

        • Trialia

          Oh hell yes. Faris or Celes costumes would be absolutely fantastic too, y/mfy?

  • Garrison Shields

    A. Old fan doesn’t mean jumping on the bandwagon when FFVII came out.
    B. Why in the blazing effity eff did we need FFXIII four times this generation?
    C. I will love the fact that SE can move on with their own love affair with this character and finally focus on… Oh, I dunno, let’s try releasing Versus since that was revealed all of 7 years ago!

    I honestly feel like this singular focus on FFXIII this generation has not only alienated fans such as myself, but also left them with precious few resources and oversight which led to the blundering of the original XIV launch as well as having Versus leap-frog an entire console generation into the next. This generation, if you just weren’t “feeling it” with the XIII universe, SE let you down big time. I hope they never do this again. I, for one, went from being indifferent towards Lightning to HATING HER GUTS because she has come to symbolize everything that is wrong with modern FF.

  • Dingleberrypants

    Haha to each their own but she is horrible in my opinion.