Sega Teases “Something” To Happen About Valkyria Chronicles

Sega is going to hold an event related to the browser/smartphone card battle game Valkyria Chronicles Duel in Akihabara (Tokyo) on July the 21st, and while that will probably make everyone shrug with utter indifference, there’s a little detail in the announcement that could spark a small ray of light on the anguished hearts of the fans of the franchise.

The announcement says that “something” related to Valkyria Chronicles is going to happen that day during a live broadcast on Nico Nico, adding that more information will be shared on the 17th. Of course it could be more browser/mobile game-related stuff, or a similar announcement that will just disappoint us and make us wonder what the hell Sega is thinking, but you never know, they may finally see the light and recognize that they have a great franchise in their hands and announce something more meaty.

Yeah…Not holding my breath on this one. At least this way I have a chance to be positively surprised, while avoiding the probable disappointment. As a bonus below  you can see the artwork of two characters that will be added to the card game. Better than nothing…right? Right?


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  • islan

    Why is that girl breaking her spine?!

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Because anime~.

    • Testsubject909

      Because fanservice showing tits and ass.

      And it’s not just anime. Look at western comic books. They’ve been doing it too for quite a while now.

    • orangpelupa

      she;s just stretching.

  • BoyAbunda

    another boobies announcement…. disappointing…. need moar game!

  • edomon007

    I’m hoping for a trophy patch for Valkyria Chronicles but I doubt it.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Who cares about trophies? We want either a new installment or an official localization of VC3…and a new installment~.

      • Erik Bergström

        I want Valkyria Chronicles 4 ._.

        • JediArgento017

          I TOO, FOR PS4!

      • Elvick

        Clearly he does, which is why he posted about it.

        An accurate question would be, “Why do you care that he cares about trophies?”

        • Dean

          I don’t get what the big deal is with trophies, if it’s to achieve certain accomplishments in the game than there already is medals in the game…

          • Elvick

            I don’t get the big deal of people worrying about trophies. Don’t like them? Don’t bother with them.

            Who cares.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          “Rhetorical question”. Google it~.

          • Elvick

            “Useless” google it.

  • Yours are the legs that shall pierce the heavens!

  • Perry Como

    A mysterious message coming from nowhere…

  • Brimfyre

    Sega. Creates a game with a unique and fun playstyle, unlike any game out there.

    Trashes said play style and turns it into a card game.


    Project X Zone
    Sega 6th Wii U game after revealing that hey have 7 games
    Three Sonic, Yakuza 1 and 2 and Ducktales

  • Draikin

    Not getting my hopes up. Sega have really made all the wrong decisions with this series. It had so much potential and then Sega basically did everything they could to make sure the sequels wouldn’t sell. I just hope whatever they announce won’t be Japan only…

    • AkuLord3

      What….Sequels that won’t sell? DId you seriously just say something that stupid and think you were right?
      VC2 is still a good game just that, 1. Was on the Psp and we know how the psp market is in America and 2. The different setting that made some people meh about but really still good. Of course there’s VC3 but never brought over.

      • J.R

        I think what Draikin’s point was that Sega did little to no marketing of Valkyria Chronicles 2 here in the west (very little was done for the first game) so it basically aided in its own destruction. Valkyria Chronicles 2 only managed to break the 70,000 mark and while it is a good game indeed however it didn’t sell well here in the west.

        Kind of Naive of Sega to think that the presence of its previous game was enough to sell it here in the West.

      • Mortero056

        Valkyria Chronicles 2 is an insult to the first game. The second game was made for Japanese people and otaku people.

        The first one was made for gamers. And if you reply me, I can tell you why.

    • Dean

      The problem Sega made is that they didn’t market it anywhere nearly as much as they did in Japan and they released it in North America at a time when major titles like Call of Duty and Gears of War 2 were released.

  • Binks5

    i wont get my hopes up but a Wii U VC 4 would kick ass if they made great use of the tablet controller but i doubt it

  • Elvick

    Port VC3 to Vita, localize it and then make VC4 on PS4. 😀 😀

    I know it won’t be that though. It’s Sega.

  • Jonlees

    Is there any news on this? its the 23rd and I cant find any info about what was announced

  • Mortero056

    Sega destroyed Valkyria Chronicles before it even started.

    The first game was a masterpiece, not the typical anime garbage. The second one, is that garbage. I never saw the 3rd one, but I don’t have any hope. And with this, it just proves that not only SEGA, but the Japanese gaming industry, is BULLSHIT.

  • Mildra

    Valkyria Chronicles was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Considering that complaint about “we have too many male fans” they made, and then releasing a sequel that felt like an otome game….it’s no wonder people turned their back on it. At the same time, however, i’m not gonna pretend that the original was a huge hit (sega can’t market) and I distinctly remember alot of people writing it off that first year.

    In my mind, both sides have their fair share of blame.