Mark Cerny on PS4: GDDR5 Latency Not “Much of a Factor”

There have been voices of concern around the internet about the 8 Gigabytes of GDRR5 RAM of the PS4 suffering from latency compared to to DDR3 RAM, but the console’s Lead Architect Mark Cerny isn’t particularly worried about that, as he explained as part of an in-depth interview on EuroGamer:

Latency in GDDR5 isn’t particularly higher than the latency in DDR3. On the GPU side… Of course, GPUs are designed to be extraordinarily latency tolerant so I can’t imagine that being much of a factor.

Cerny also explained that the choice of equipping the machine with 8 Gigabytes of RAM was a result of Sony taking in consideration feedback from developers, and that partners were very good at keeping it secret:

That was really a case where our developer-driven process worked. So we received feedback, we listened to the feedback, we altered the hardware as a result. As far as how late it was in the process, actually what you’re seeing there is just the developers were very, very good about keeping information confidential. As near as I can tell that all came from one rogue hacker, who wasn’t even disclosed by us, how managed to hack into a developer and extract both the Microsoft and Sony documentation.

One thing is for sure: from what we saw so far Cerny seems to definitely know what he’s doing (you can read his own explanation on the choice of RAM and bus combination for the PS4Β here). We’ll have to see the results when the machine will actually be running in our own home theater, but for the moment things sound definitely promising.

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  • Dakan45

    Omg does this guy ever STUF? Yeah i am also sure ps4 also cures cancer.

    But hey its not like sony keeps making promises and never delivers.

    • Alberto Fonseca

      OMG you’re in all dishing all the articles of the PS4!! You don’t want to read about the PS4, then don’t read it, damn it.
      I rather read what a guy that as experience in the business as to say then reading a anoun troll (that probably works for MS) complain about it.

      • Lemondish

        He’s not only a guy who has experience in the industry. He designed the flippin’ thing.

      • Dakan45

        Hard to do when sony is on a hype spree campaign.

        My issue is this

        There is no denying that this gen belongs to ps4 especialy with xbone sucking hard but sony wont shut up about it and in the end most of what they said end up being lies.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          “hey, I’ll bring a very debatable list of lies to 2005, and I feel they demonstrated that they lie in 2013”.

          Yeah. No.

          • Dakan45


            why this time will be diffirent?

            Lets stop sucking off sony and reallize that some things are hype lies.

            MS is doing it with cloud. People figured out. Ps3 was also full of lies, so why this time it will be true?

            Make no mistake ps4 wons this generation, but naive people have to stop falling for their hype lies.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            What you should realize, is that Cerny and those working on the console know about it better than you.

            It’s that simple, and every time there’s an article about the PS4 you sound really mad. You should seriously calm down πŸ˜€

          • Dakan45

            I am not denying ps4 will own this generation but the bull i hear are insane.

            You need to reallize sony lies to you with hype crap

            They lied with psw showing reallistic hair tech demos. They lied by showing more lies in e3 2005, they lied with ps3 capabilites and features.

            But THIS TIME, THIS TIME it will be diffirent.

            Yes they know more than me, they know when they lie, its the sony fanboys that are blind and havent reallized that they are constnatly fooled for 15 years.

          • jonamo

            Delusion needs a definition. If someone was to ever inquire, this is it.

          • Jonamo

            And on a side note, being thankful to good games that kept coming from good studios.

          • Dakan45

            Delussion is what you morons have by the thousands.

          • Jason Mounce

            Can any mod, admin just please ban Dakan45? All he’s been doing in this page alone is harassing everyone with horrendous flamebait and ignorance.

            The amount of Downvotes he’s received total probably is over 300-500 by now. He’s not contributing anything but causing havoc

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            why would we? his incredibly hyperbolic and absolutely raging posts are an amazing source of entertainment πŸ˜›

            They’re probably more fun than my articles πŸ˜€

          • Jason Mounce

            :C I bet you also use tools like him to boost traffic.

            Mean :C

          • Russell Gorall

            You really need a hobby. Go sign the petition to bring DRM back to Xbox One.

          • Dakan45

            So tahts how sony fans roll?

        • AyaisMUsikWhore

          Dude this is pathetic.. This isn’t Sony making lies, this is their lead engineer who created the system talking about the system. Let’s not get started on Xbox lies that they haven’t even owned up to. To be frank, they don’t even have official specs and I’m sure that 300,000 servers are going to definitely be a lie

          • Dakan45

            Ok am sorry but this is pathetic, their 300.00 are going to be a lie? NO they wont, just dont expect cloud to work from so many diffirent regions.

            Everyone uses hype lies. When they showed off the ps2 reallistic hair tech demo, they TRULLY believed it will work didnt they? Well it didnt, when they showed off that fotage in 2005 saying its ingame and the actual game didnt look like that, dont you think they tried to make it so but they couldnt? When they made the ps3 with the power of the core, dont you think they expected that it will work?

            So please stop being so naive. its just marketing. Reallize that.

          • Josh Gordon

            You are the worst Fanboy ever. Im not even defending Sony right now but yes they messed up and they owned upto it. and made ALOT of changes. If you listen to Mark cernys 40 minute interview he clearly states that sony got greedy. Stop hanging onto the past sony has taken a beating across the world for 5 years they have only just turned it back these past few years.
            ride the wave or F off…

          • Dakan45

            A fanboy of what exactly? Playstation fanboys are the worst.

            But dont worry guys becaue THIS TIME JUST THIS TIME it will be better, this time sony will FINALLY live up to their lies.

            Come on you morons believe that trash?

          • Zac Lee Martin

            Tech demos are not always representative of actual gameplay, almost ever. Just like PC tech demos show a humans head with super realism, but games focus on more then just that so it can’t contain as much detail as the tech demo does while running fluently. Yes PS2 can render just one persons head with physical hair in a tech demo. Just not in a vibrant world with several characters and other calculations present. Nintendo showed a Zelda tech demo for GameCube and he had all separate fingers with hair physics and cape physics and all but it was nothing like the actual games coming out.

          • hakesterman

            They have 100.000 Physical servers and they also created 200,000 Virtual Servers. So in theroy they feel they have 300,000 Servers that are ready to crash.

          • Josh Gordon

            You wont even need 300k servers. If they run ” lag free ” as some people say on 15k wouldnt they need to just double or even tripple it? Thats with over 78million users they aren’t going to get that till at least 5 years in. Its uneeded lol

        • NoBullet

          Theyre not on a hype train, theyre just acting normal. It just looks like hype compared to the train crash of Xbox One’s PR.

          • Dakan45

            Right its not i remember the same trash being said in 2006. i dont blame you since you propable dont rememember

          • Dakan45

            Keep thumbing down but you know its true

            I posted links, but apparently PROOF is something that the fanboys dont like, they preffer hype and make belief.

          • ProbablyNotButHey

            I mean, neither system is out, so I don’t think either side is completely safe in making a secure statement on what is true and what isn’t.

            Secondly, Cerny is answering a question, as a normal person would, and you’re either trolling or just a contemptable, confused asshole. Check your blood pressure, son.

          • Dakan45

            Son? Silence kid, you learn the word “son”

        • ant9141

          1st let me correct you where your wrong. This was all Prototype specs. If you read any of the press releases it reads “All specifications and policies are subject to change” 2nd this conference was a whole year before the PS3 launched so they had time to change things. This time around the PS4 is already in production, its to late to change anything, the Xbox one is also about to go into production so you wont see any major changes there either. The Sony of 2005 is not the Sony of Today. Their have been new people appointed presidents, Kaz is now President and CEO of Sony Corporation. So if you for one second think that the PS4 is gonna be anything like the PS3 was at launch your crazy. Sony learned that they cant over-price and they cant make their console hard to develop for.

          PS: by your logic that the past dictates the future that means all the launch editions of Xbox One are going to overheat and break

          • Dakan45

            Good post but that was not what i meant, what i meant is that their PR policy wont change, but we shall see.

    • Christian Dixon

      So when he’s asked a question in an interview he’s supposed just stare at the intervierwer and not answer?

      • Elvick

        No, he shouldn’t answer.

        He should slap them and then throw pudding in their face.

        Like any normal person would.

      • Dakan45

        I dobut it he constantly gets asked, feels like he is on a hype campaign. Every once in a while we hear something new.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          He gets interviewed. People interview him because their readers are interested. It’s that simple.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      As I once said, you seem a tad mad. Problems?

      • Russell Gorall

        If you are a mod, you really should spend less time feeding on this.

    • s8anicslayer


    • Jason Mounce

      Someone sounds like a petty, zealous and rustled xbox fanboy who doesn’t like the change of pace in all the Pro-Sony news.

      Do us a favor and stay off the internet then πŸ™‚

      • Dakan45

        Not a xbox fanboy.

        Sony lies and overhypes. FACT.

        BUT THIS TIME it will be diffirent.

        RIIIIIIIIIGHTT How naive you people are?

        There is no denying ps4 will own this gen but the hype crap i read are riddiculus.

        • Jason Mounce

          You’re either a fanboy of something, or just deluded/paranoid/mistrusting.

          Sony hypes, as any company does. You think a company that sells things should seem boring and lack pride? Lack confidence? Lack energy and motivation to selling their product and boringly be like “Well, our stuff is sorta good”… No…no one does, no need to be biased irrationally.

          Microsoft are the liars really of the 3 by a landslide.

          The pot calling the kettle black? First know how naive You are. You’re not a unique singularity where your opinion is just so advanced that no ones in your league, you’re that person people are looking at and disagreeing with you because ‘You’ are naive. Not the other way around. You don’t lash at people for disagreeing with you. You change your attitude and try to see why people see that in you, then learn from it. Not be a Brat.

          Hype is good for business, it’s Business after all. Any publicity is good publicity, positive hype is publicity. Unlike Microsoft getting bad publicity which is hindering everyones’ desire to get an Xbox One.

          • Dakan45

            Arguments, arguments, arguments ,arguments, there are none.

            Jsut like the morons who believe everything that comes out sony’s mouths, you are naive morons.

            I am not an axbox fanboy, no one is saying that ps4 is not the console that will take this generation but for the love of god, stop being so moronic and beleive every hype crap.

          • Jason Mounce

            “Naive morons!” proclaimed the naive moron.

            “I am not a fanboy, don’t be so moronic and believe every hype crap! For my vocabulary is low and I do not understand what it is to live and feel excited for something!” the boy cried loudly.

            People are morons for hyping and being excited for a next-gen console, Whoda’fuckin’ thought after all this time.

            People are also morons if they ‘BELIEVE’ statistical facts. People are also morons if they BELIEVE in rumors that may make them excited prior to investing their money into a $400-$500 purchase which is warranted.

            GEE WIZZ.

          • Dakan45

            I like how you proclaim me a naive moron when i am the only who showed that he doesnt have a goldfish memory and posted truth, but i forgot sony fanboys are allergic to facts, history and logic.

            “People are also morons if they BELIEVE in rumors that may make them
            excited prior to investing their money into a $400-$500 purchase which
            is warranted.”

            Exactly you WANT to believe it, rather doing some critical thinking, its far better to hear that your choice is 200% correct and basicly accept it without question because you want it to be rather actually being.

            There is no doubt ps4 owns this generation since xbox screwed up badly but to believe some of the crap sony says, like the infamous “power of da core” Or ps2 being so powerfull that it can be used to make nuclear weapons… thats just the worst kind of guilable naive fanboy.

          • Jason Mounce

            I couldn’t read your whole post. I discovered only recently that I’m illiterate in the language of ‘Moron’.

            I can only read out a few words you wrote but the rest was illegible.

          • Dakan45

            Sorry for not giving a flying crap about mah typos, i am talking to an ignorant moron and a stubborn mule, so why bother?

          • Jason Mounce

            It wasn’t about the typos. It was about your immense retardation.

            My last piece of wisdom is this advice to you, that of which you can’t backpeddle and psychobabble it back like a Parrot:

            “Ignorant/Idiotic people have no privilege to call anyone else around them stupid” – because you really think their perception is even accurate? It’d take 50 of you to screw a lightbulb.

            Either way really, you’re a helpless loser really, you’re not even a troll, you’re just a moron with a thick skull and a helpless amount of angst and self-entitled, opinionated, tunnel-visioned words. I pray you actually find friends in real life in the future and get out of your basement or closet, but for now, I’ll just block you and let all the others with common sense berate you.

          • Dakan45

            Ok then retard.

            Lets see, ps3 received complains for its low ram, sonytards said that its not an issue because of the power of da core, just like they said ps2 was so powerfull it could make weapons of mass destruction.

            Now sony says that there is not a problem either despite the fact DDR3 is better for cpu calculations and their cpu is low end.

            In reallity they got a weak cpu but APPARENTLY thats not much of a factor just like ps3 ram was not much of a factor because of the super powerfull core. Which flopped badly.

            Too bad amd cpus are weaker than INFERIOR intel cpus, and the 8 cores are actually threaded and not real cores. Ps4 basicly has a very weak cpu that wont scale well next gen and it comes without DDR3 that will make it even harder, but dont worry sonytards, because da power of GDDR5 will save you.

            You have to reallize consoles are sold at a loss and they have to be made cheap, so they cant give you everything and they cutting corners.

            So yeah latecy is a factor, but hey its not like a sonytard like you will reallize that.

            Who is self entitled and tunner visioned moron now?

            Jason mounce thats who.

          • Zac Lee Martin

            What his latency statement means is the power gained in other areas outweighs what was lost.

            Stop posting about thing you exaggerate and don’t understand. Please.

            You’re the one tunnel visioned. You see what you see and stick to it. You don’t actually get educated because you refuse to listen and research.

          • Dakan45

            I was ignoring you, but anyawy, i understand how this works, you dont, sony showed CGI as actual game footage the techdemo was supossed to show how games would look, it didnt show JUST reallistic hair you clueless idiot, it showed lots of footage from games that ended up being faked and not actual games released.

            Mike cerny is apparently a god and shouts thunder out of his arse and the ps4 can cure cancer and ensure world peace.

            Sony has lied multiple times, a few weeks ago i read somewhere that ps4 will have completly photoreallistic graphics, sadly i couldnt find it in order to post it, propably because i didnt pay enough attention to bother with sony’s hype train usual crap.

            But hey i got tired of you blind moronic tunnel vision MORONS who dont even TRY to freaking argue.

            “What his latency statement means is the power gained in other areas outweighs what was lost.”

            WTF does that even supose to do to my argument? Ps4 has a weak ass cpu and the ram usage on the cpu is slow due to GDDR5, that is a fact, sony can downplay this as much as they want like they did with ps3 ram and have you moronic fanboys defending them wihtout evne reallizing just how ignorant, stubborn and CLUELESS you are, it wont change, thats why i stopped bothering, till you WAKE THE HELL up and do the actual RESERACH that you seem to like talking about but not ACTUALLY going around and doing and just praise sony…STFU.

            Also i wont bother relpying to you. Or any other dumb fanboy.

          • Zac Lee Martin

            It isn’t CGI. You really don’t know what CGI is. They could adjust settings on the fly with what they showed, thus not being CGI. Was it actually how the games looked? No. Things change when more goes into the product that they have to compromise performance and graphics for.

            Every company lies, and sometimes that is making promises they mean to keep but falling short of because things change and their perspective before was different.

            Photorealistic does not mean indistinguishable from real life. It just means it is very accurate to detail. Call of Duty 4 has photorealistic on the back of its case, which is true in SOME places, such as ones based on actual places, but we know overall it actually has terrible graphics.

            Do you realize the GPU is better for calculating certain things often put onto the CPU instead? Mark pointed that out before and so has Nvidia on their GPU’s and they are against game consoles right now because they have no partnerships with them currently. It’s odd that whatever “research” you think you have never proves anything good about anything Sony-related. It would be crazy to believe you are biased.

            Companies fall short of expectations and promises. That is business. You remind of when the first Killzone 2 trailer released. It was a target render, meaning it wasn’t actual gameplay, it was CGI that was representative of the gameplay, setting, and graphic style; it said target render on the video; yet tons of people kept pointing out that it is CGI and Sony is lying, blah blah blah. No you are just over exaggerating and lying to yourself about how bad they are. Every company makes mistakes and falls short. But recognize how freaking awesome Sony is for services like PSPlus giving amazing value. Them pushing new IP’s out and taking risks, supporting dozens of indie developers by giving them free dev kits, and even making a fan service game due to high request from fans for a game featuring many characters from the playstation universe in one. For a company they go further for the consumer then their competitors. Your whining is nothing but biased feelings. How you can go on dozens of pages and post the same poor argument over and over and constantly posting anti-conspiracy-sounding statements like “WAKE UP”, “RESEARCH”, ignorant, stubborn and CLUELESS”.

            Could you ever acknowledge what they do right? No? Then you are wrong.

          • Dakan45

            It was CGI, you dont know what you are talking about.

            Sony is the master at hype lies. Ps2 can make mass destruction weapons apparently and its the most powerfull system ever.

            Where the freaking hell i said anything about GPU not being used primarly for games?

            You dont now evne understand wtf you are reading and you want to argue with poor arguments somehow demadnign that i admit i am wrong on things you did not even freaking understand on the first place?

            How about no? That being said i am done with you.

          • Zac Lee Martin

            Really? Provide me this “CGI” video please.

            You sound like the highly religious women from The Mist by Steven King.

            You know after you post your bad arguments you shouldn’t keep saying you are done with replying. Just leave that out because you are too ignorant to actually go through with your own words.

            I didn’t say the GPU is used primarily for games. You don’t even have good reading comprehension and it isn’t just that you make so many typos but you also have terrible sentence structure like “You don’t now even understand”. Back on your GPU claim you said “Ps4 has a weak ass cpu and the ram usage on the cpu is slow due to GDDR5”, with which I replied saying “Do you realize the GPU is better for calculating certain things often put onto the CPU instead?”.

            The CPU won’t be for much more then the OS itself. I’m definitely sure the game developers that they consulted on the development for the console know far more for what is better for the gaming aspect then you do.

            What the heck are you talking about PS2 power for? Any console can develop weapons of mass destruction. PS1 could render Avatar BUT obviously it would takes centuries for that for the power the console contains. The point is it is the truth, you just don’t actually understand it. A windows 98 PC could render a modern day movie filled with CGI, but again, it would just be a far slower process with worse specs, but it can do it. Do you understand yet? Because apparently you think you know something.

            If you would like to link me to proof of anything PLEASE do so. I love to know as much as I can hold. If I am wrong I will embrace that as a lesson and that I am wiser, but all I see is you talking without actually knowing a thing and failing to even know how to read correctly. You get proven wrong and then you bring up more and more things to bring out your anti-Sony biased behavior like your impulsive need to mock them with false claims and your own misunderstandings. You can dislike them, by all means you are entitled to it. But what does this do for your lifestyle to actually try and argue it without any actually evidence and your lack of understanding?

        • Bigpet

          Well you seem to be very emphatical. But this article is pretty much a non-story, there’s not much here. If you want to catch them being dishonest then criticise them for their Gaikai stuff (it only has a tentative 2014 release date for the US and nothing announced for any other region, no details given as to how many games and pricing) or find some other interviews where Sony employees said something disingenuous.

          If you have time to kill then you can also always scream at people stating rumors as facts, for example there was no official source for the PS3 having 7GB/1GB split for games/OS while the XBox One has a 5GB/3GB split. Those and some other “facts” like the higher clock GPU are all rumors, based on more or less reliable sources bu rumors nonetheless. They may contain some truth or even be true but you’d at least have a genuine reason to scream at those people.

          • Dakan45

            My proof from the past isnt good engouh apparently.

          • Jason Mounce

            Proof from a deluded lunatic is no proof at all except in the eyes of other deluded lunatics.

            Sorry – We aren’t like-minded and no matter how much whining you do, we won’t stoop to your hilarious level of hurpdurp.

          • Dakan45

            Arguments, arguments, arguments, none just denial and goldfish memory followed by stupidity, give up kiddo, you are a just a naive fanboy that takes everything sony tells them to heart.

          • Jason Mounce

            Pretty positive you’re younger than everyone here.

            Also, good vocabulary you got there, re-using your same Trash-talk line of Goldfish memory Twice on the same site not even 19 hours ago. You want to talk about Goldfish memory or Short Term memory loss? πŸ˜› Look in the mirror, Haha. You’d not even make for a good troll if all of this stupidity of yours was a play.

          • Dakan45

            Really positive you are a retarded monkey and a huge fanboy but hey its not like you can shut your mouth and get some knowledge.

            By all means tell me how i have no life yet you are the one who keeps replying. Pretentious troll with goldfish memory.

          • Bigpet

            They don’t seem to bullshit as much, they started being vague instead. You can doubt them improving their online much and spending all the mandatory PS Plus money to recoup the cost for the Gaikai acquisition. You can call them out on “the new rumble feels like the weight inside the controller is actually shifting” and other over exaggerations. But in general the amount of hyperbole has gone down this gen (even the magical fairy powers from the cloud and gaikai don’t seem as lofty as what MS and Sony have promised last gen). Or you can call them out on the “like a PC but supercharged” claims, that GPU is not going to play any games in 4k at 60FPS, so if you want to take “PC” as “high end PC” then yes, that was an exaggeration or as you might call it “LIE”.

            But the thing is, right now you don’t have any proof and saying “LIE LIE, LIAR” to everything they say won’t get you very far with people. Telling them “now hold on a second, remember the promises they made with PS2 and PS3, you should not take the things they say as fact” instead seems more reasonable and factual.

            When things are actually released or you get details or any proof to the contrary then you can call them out but “they lied before” is not a good reason to call everything they say now a lie.

          • Dakan45

            Great post but i am callign ps2 and ps3 lies. The proof that has come out and the sony fanboys still ignore them.

            The sony fanboys wont admit it, so no its not like they can understand how hardware works.

            Amd cpus have the memory controllers on the cpu, DDR3 is better for cpu caclculations, the ps4 cpu is low end, so them saying that the fact their cpu+ram setup is weak is not a factor, i am calling bullocks.

            Just like they said that ps3 low memory is not an issue becuase of da power of da core.

        • Zac Lee Martin

          Alright, so what is ridiculous that you are hearing about the PS4?

    • PS4isthebest

      dont let these asianese people get u down bro!! fXck PSpoor!!

    • Krakn3dfx

      Just keep riding that “another 4GB of DDR3 in the XBO” train, I’m sure that’s going to be announced any day now.

      • Dakan45

        Not a xbox fanboy.

    • Twilightblazer

      Dakan45 seeing as PS3 helped develop a drug that is combating Alzheimers, I don’t think expecting the PS4 to cure cancer to be that far off πŸ™‚

      • xxmuddlesxx

        Folding@Home – Protein Folding Research to aid the detection (and prevention) of “bad” protein folds that can cause Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s Disease and forms of cancer..
        To quote Stanford’s website:

        When proteins do not fold correctly (misfolding), there can be serious health consequences, including many well known diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, AIDS, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease, and many cancers.

        If we better understand protein misfolding we can design drugs and therapies to combat these illnesses…

        Always left my PS3 on overnight.. must of done nearly 100-150 work units.. couldn’t believe it when they stopped the support for the ps3.. I know it’s 2x as slow on a PC.

      • maxinthefax

        tell him about F@H that co**sucker dakan45 he said it in his first post maybe the ps4 can give him a make-shift plastic di*k to compensate the one he needs.

    • Chris Makridis

      Actually I heard that cures stupidity!! So go ahead and buy one you might be saved fanboy πŸ™‚

      • Dakan45

        Did you come up with that failure post all by yourself or your mommy helped you? stupid sony fanboys.

        • Chris Makridis

          My mother could have helped me but 1. I am intelligent enough to think on my own and 2. unfortunatelly she has passed away. About your case man I think you will need something more powerful than a PS4 to cure you. πŸ˜‰

          • Dakan45

            Where is it? Where is the proof that you are intelligent? I showed you proof that sony lies and now you are saying that i will need something more powerfull than a ps4 to cure me.Yes its called a PC that people with BRAINS get and you morons think they will sell you a master system for 400 bucks that can suck you off while playing.

          • Chris Makridis

            Sure, anything you say. Can’t beat out neither that undoubtful proof nor your remarkable intelligence!

          • Dakan45

            I got proof and your butthurt reply is to call me an idiot without counteargument, then you dare talk about intelligence, bravo!!! Well done, thats all that needs to be said, i hope you reallize how much of a clueless butthurt fanboy without arguments you really are and thus have to result with name calling.

            From that and with my knowledge and proof i beat your ignorance and stupidty any day.

    • trollsmash

      oh hai, my name’s D45 I am not a fan of PS or XBOX but I will trollface smash any thread about any console. in the end PC will rule! oh wait… you run windows or ios loool noob! real pros use Linux!!!

      • Dakan45

        Real pros dont play games then. Since linux dont have anything else than gimmick opengl sandbox ports.

    • maxinthefax

      what an ass-burnt bitter xbone fan and hey do you remember me?

      • Dakan45

        I am not an axbone fan, get that in yout thick head.

        Sure i am the one who looks “riddiculus” when DELUSIONAL MORONIC PAUPERSTATION FANBOYS believe that ps2 will have reallistic hair physics and that those prerendered videos were real ingame footage.

        But its ok, because ps3 will own everything with the power of da core.

        But its ok becasue maybe sony is filled with hype lies BUT THIS TIME just THIS TIME, they will FINALLY deliver and stop overhyping and lying.

        Plz kill. yourselfs.

        • Zac Lee Martin

          It’s not like the horse from Shadow of The Colossus or the characters from Soul Calibur 3 had good hair physics that looked more fluent then the trailer you constantly keep talking about.

          It’s alright. You see things and call them lies without actual research or experience. You don’t seem to have played the games.

          • Dakan45

            You trully have no life, but to answer your question, no they didnt because that demo was CGI and faked.

          • Zac Lee Martin

            Then link me to the trailer already. I am certain I know the same one and I know darn well what CGI is. I have made CGI. You can’t adjust settings for CGI to render on the fly. You can clearly tell what CGI is and what it is not if you truly know. Just because it may not be gameplay does not mean it is CGI either, because you seem to think so. No life? I reply to you randomly and you immediately replied back and you continue to post your same rantings of the same exact statements over and over on several videos.

    • Russell Gorall

      You might as well ask if Rockstar fanboys will shut up this Fall.

      • Dakan45

        good point.

    • dave mcnair

      The guy’s a genius & the only people who fail to grasp this are buthurt M$ fanbois. He makes technical things sound simple & is SONY’s ace in the hole. Glad he’s batting for us that’s for damned sure. You can keep your major nelsons & all the other fools on your sinking ship. & Good luck with your overclocked CPU!! lol

      • Dakan45

        I dont get it, You think i am an xbox fanboy? No i am a pc fanboy, perhaps the reason he makes techinical sound simple is because he is not telling you the tecnhical side of it but the marketing side of it. Yes he is sony’s ace in the promotion area. of the console.

    • S.Fuchs

      They ask him because he is answering in detail not like MS…

  • PS4isthebest

    take your PSpoor asianese device back to asia! PC/X1 = Microsoft for the win.

    • Counterproductive

      Way to go Brickfrog.

  • Kreator


  • wampdog29

    This is a bit odd of a quote he makes here though. Of coarse the latency of the GDDR5 RAM wouldn’t be an issue for the GPU. It’s graphics RAM… works wells with the graphics processor. What WILL be an issue is its workflow with the CPU.

  • grm

    I have always been suspicious of how quiet Sony have been. I notice in this article how he mentions upgrading to 8GB of memory.

    Why has Cerny left out that only 4.5GB is available for game use with the possibility that 1GB just MAY be available if necessary and the OS can spare it, but it wont be easy to implement. That is 512MB LESS than the Xbox One.

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