Mark Cerny Thinks PS4 Will Have “Excellent Longevity”, But Doesn’t Make Precise Predictions

PlayStation 4’s Lead Architect Mark Cerny feels that the PS4 will live long and prosperous in our home theaters, as he explained as part of an interview on Digital Spy.

When asked if the PS4 would last ten years like the estimated life cycle of the PS3 he explained:

We definitely think long-term. It’s not that you can sit down and say “this hardware is lasting eight years” or “this hardware is lasting twelve years”, but we definitely think we’ve put in a rich feature set in PlayStation 4, that will result in some excellent longevity for the console.

That’s pretty promising, and Cerny definitely looks more of a realist than his predecessors, that artificially assigned the PS3 a precise life cycle. That’s quite refreshing in its own right.

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  • dirkradke

    Of course the life cycle of the PS3 isn’t over even if it is in it’s declining years.

  • Thomas Crane

    The market, demand, and technology is going to dictate the need for when a PS5 will be necessary. I do think it’s great that the console generations are going on for so long.

  • This guy is everywhere he must love the public eye. I don’t think I even know who the xb1 architect is.