PC Gaming Is So Dead That 63% Of American Gamers Game on PC, Beating Smartphones and Handhelds

The Entertainment Software Association released a study indicating between other data what platforms are used to game in American households that own a dedicated gaming Console, PC, smartphone, handheld system or wireless device.

The study brings some quite surprising results. While consoles get the lion’s share with 68%, PCs most definitely aren’t far behind, with 63% of the polled households. Smartphones are beaten by quite a large margin with 43%, and gaming handhelds appear “only” in the 37% of households.


That’s most definitely an impressive showing for PC gaming, that inches just behind consoles and beats everything else by a landslide.

In the end, considering that the start of the Steam summer sale can crash its powerful servers into submissions, the result of this study is not so surprising. PC gaming is alive and well, and will probably continue to thrive for a long while.

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  • Christopher Adcock

    100% of me thinks that 361% of statistics are flawed. Studies like this are taken from relatively small portions of the relevant population. Thusly, this poll only pertains to that particular set of participants, making it an unreliable set of numbers when it comes to the entirety of gamers around the globe. Console gaming is dead? I need better proof.

    • Ragnaarock

      Depends on the nature of the poll. This one was probably something along the lines of, “which platforms do you play games on, check all that apply.”
      One that would end up with a total of 100% would read something like, “Which platform do you spend the most time playing games on.”

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      where exactly do you see in this whole page anything referring to or even remotely indicating “console gaming is dead”?

      And this was obviously a statistic built over a “check all that apply” questionnaire. That’s why they add up to over 100%

    • Element Omega

      Polls from a website alone, would seem to be rather foolish to me… skewing the sample.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        The study doesn’t come from a “website”. it’s from the Entertainment Software Association, which is the biggest association of developers and publishers on all platforms for the United States.

    • David Vaughan

      uuughhh…I don’t think the article mentioned that console gaming is dead. Judging by your pick there Chris, it might just be the voices in your head saying that. I’m sure there’s a pill you can take to get em to shut up though! You might be better served investing in those pills than a console!!

      • BillyHoWCR

        Actually it eludes to it by throwing percentages in the title and then not listing consoles in the equation anywhere. When people read percentages they tend to break them down from the 100% and associate non-referenced counts to what might be remaining. Thus if PC holds a 63% player control then only 37% is remaining to split with the other formats.

        Misleading in that the nature of percentages is read like that. But in fact the percentages are overlapping in this report and though PC is showing a 63% user rate… consoles are showing a higher percentage user rate but not identified in the title as such. That is how the title misleads the viewers.

        And that is how media is twisted to make something seem important when it really isn’t.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          “Actually it eludes to it by throwing percentages in the title and then not listing consoles in the equation anywhere”

          I suggest actually reading: “While consoles get the lion’s share with 68%”

          It helps.

          • BillyHoWCR

            “PC Gaming Is So Dead That 63% Of American Gamers Game on PC, Beating Smartphones and Handhelds” that is the title. i was talking about the sensationalized TITLE. And you quote exactly the fact that i was talking in reference to the title and not anywhere in that TITLE did it list consoles in the equation.

            If I had started out with article instead of title then I could understand your assumption of me meaning anywhere in the article… but that is not the case.

            I even reiterate the point by saying “… consoles are showing a higher percentage user rate but not identified in the title as such. That is how the title misleads the viewers.”

            Try not reading what you want to read into it.

            You know as a moderator you really put your own spin on the posts don’t you? You should learn to separate yourself from being a moderator versus being a poster. Most responsible moderators would not post public opinion retorts under their moderator cap just bad business.

        • David Vaughan

          If people get their information strictly by reading titles and not actually reading the content, then they deserve to be “mislead”.

        • David Vaughan

          I certainly agree with your last statement about how media is twisting information. I however, subscribe to the idea that if a person makes a decision, by only reading a title and not the actual content, then they deserve to be misinformed.
          Oh, just a quick correction, the word your looking for is allude, which means to make an indirect reference. The word elude, of course is almost the opposite, which is to evade.

          • BillyHoWCR

            Correct on the grammatical error in using the wrong word. Likely typed it wrong and didn’t realize I clicked elude instead of allude when doing the quick auto correction choice.

            As for deserving to be misinformed? What the poor title really does is present false social argument on both sides with discussions that need not have been debated. Which allows all of us to miss the true points of the issue.

    • lt.dan

      Where in this article did it say console gaming is dead? Look at this title again. It says PC gaming is dead sarcastically. It says that consoles are still winning. Oh yeah, and the reason that the poles go way past 100% is because many people play on more than one type of device. For example, I game on PC, console, handheld, and (technically) smart phones.

  • foureyes oni

    this just feels false. pc games are usually the last thing you’d hear about on even most gaming sites and for it to show such great numbers seems just off.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      maybe most gaming sites just don’t have decent coverage.

      You know what are two of the most popular games in the world? World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Both of those are PC only.

      • foureyes oni

        i do tend to forget that and you only hear about wow news when there is some expansion. all i ever hear about coming out is console games and i have to go to mmo and pc gaming sites just to read about pc gaming news.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Yeah for some reason a lot of gaming outlets simply ignore both wow and league of legends.

    • Dakan45

      Those sites promote consoles just like the entire industry does.

      I can mention ton of games that you never heard off , but had they been picked up by sony or ms they will be as famous as journey and fez.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        That’s actually pretty accurate. A good example is war thunder. When it was on PC only, just a handful of sites covered it (including us, mind you, we do try to cover stuff before it’s cool lol), now that it’ll be on PS4, everyone scrambles to cover it.

        • BillyHoWCR

          I like how everyone is always talking about the FREE to play games on PC as the big thing people are playing.

          When the top discussion of games being played comes down to games that are handed out for FREE then maybe some concern might need to be taken on how the gaming community of the system is really thriving?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Only, they aren’t really free. And quite obvious the system is thriving, or companies wouldn’t adopt it, and console developers and publishers wouldn’t be leaning towards it more and more.

    • Mugwomp

      As a PC gamer, most news I notice is PC-centric. Blizzard’s products and most MMOs come to mind… Seeing the next generation of consoles, it appears I’m still not missing out on anything…

    • Draugr

      Then you need to frequent different sites.

      • foureyes oni

        well sorry for visiting the more popular gaming sites.

        • Draugr

          I didn’t realize the popularity of the site you got the news from was more important to you than getting news.

          Seriously though there are plenty of well attended sites that do decent PC game coverage (and several used to be terrible and have gotten better about it.)

          • foureyes oni

            lol the popularity i just go to what ever site has news on gaming that comes up first. and if all these other sites get mentioned in each others comments then i consider them popular. the only reason i mentioned the popular gaming sites was to give you an idea of where i usually go to visit with them not really talking about pc games. all i really play on pc is usually what ever new fantasy mmo thats coming out. and just name some sites i honestly only go to pc gamer for my pc news.

  • Dakan45

    Ofcourse if more people play on consoles it always means pc is dead.

    That is the logic here.

    Ironicly pc gaming has constantly increased in the last 3 years both in hardware sales and the indie gaming has practicly exploded. Pc has bazillions of exlusives, but the notion is that pc has no exclusives becasue they hype consoles. During these these days summer steam sales sell games for 66% off. Buying games for 10-20 bucks. So in the long run being a pc gamer is a good choice at this day and era.

  • gimmegimmekevin

    I have to wonder how much of those people actually play “PC games” and not just Facebook/flash games. Is there somewhere I can get more detail on this? I don’t see a link to the published work from the ESA but I could be missing it.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      We received the study in PDF directly, here’s the relevant page. It’s worth nothing that the document does not explain the methods behind the research. Some data is labeled as coming from NPD, but that’s mostly sales data, and it’s not the case for this part.

      In any case, I’m sure that facebook games play a role, but there are several very popular games on PC, that often get overlooked. League of Legends has 32 million registered users and 12 million daily ones just to make an example.

      • BillyHoWCR

        “in any case, I’m sure that facebook games play a role (like casual games play a role for every other platform in the list, for sure)” Sorry but you can’t equate the vast majority of casual gamers on PC to those on console. PC would likely have an exorbitant amount of Facebook type games leading the list of titles played on it. And also harboring a high number of female players due to it. (not that female players are lesser… but they are looked to as a somewhat untapped demographic in gaming)

        And yes League of Legends and some other games have a very large amount of players on a daily basis. But do we associate the vast FREE game society with gaming in lump form? Is this the way PC is staying afloat? Living off giving games away FREE?

        That is like me giving away free food at a restaurant and then claiming our restaurant is the most frequented eating establishment because of it?

        All these surveys and reports are questionable without specific data pertaining to what the information is sourcing. Basically useless numbers not dictating the true nature of what the ‘Gaming’ world is actually supporting in any true sense.

        • Anon

          You’re missing the fact that these “free” games are thriving on microtransactions, including the Facebook games.

          • BillyHoWCR

            Are you defending the FREE games as actual titles then? Farmville is your claim to what gaming is all about now on PC? Because again… the vast majority of gamers on PC… are doing the casual Facebook types of games.

            And the mid level FREE games are thriving on numbers based off of 3rd world internet cafe sites that do very little to add to their micro transaction profit. Advertisement is a major factor in many of these FREE titles. Numbers clicking and playing drawing in more funds.

            But the design of these games is not focused on creating a good game. The focus is on numbers. FREE games don’t need a purchase price into them. Developers don’t need to make the games good enough to make people want to buy them. They can make them just addictive enough with click/upgrade/click/upgrade farming methods to make people want to stick around. FREE is easy enough to put their foots in the doors. But FREE does not improve the gaming community. Nor does it sit at the big boys gaming table.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            I don’t think it’s for you to decide what sits at the “big boys gaming table” or not.

            Mind you, none of those games is “FREE”.

          • BillyHoWCR

            None of which games? The games I mention are FREE to play. And just because they have an option for a micro transaction does not change that.

          • Mr. Shoe

            Company of heroes 2, Star Citizen, SimCity 2013, are all PC exclusive and there’s too many to list…You know why there’s too many to list? Because I can play Half LIfe 2 from friggin 2004 without changing my DVD-ROM out, or switching computers…bwahahahaha!

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          You’re talking about “vast majorities” without having a single shred of data to back it up.

          I suggest not to make up statistics just because you can’t prove your point.

          Also, almost NO game is providing anything for free. The free to play model is based on microtransaction, and makes a lot of money. In fact console developers and publishers are looking at it with increasing interest.

          • BillyHoWCR

            Simple social networking and seeing the numbers of players playing Facebook titles and such FREE games is enough evidence in and of itself. It is self evident.

            You see numbers? Vast is not a number… thus not a statistic. People need to be taking some statistics classes and learn what numbers are and how they relate to statistics before they start claiming statistics are being brought forth.

            The point is the VAST majority of gamers on PC equate to the Facebook social media types of games. If you don’t agree with that then you are living under your PC fanboy log.

            PC has some very good titles available still and will always have a small number of titles that will show growth for the industry and can be considered actual gaming titles and not social media tools. But the numbers shown in this little laughable sampling of gamers is inclusive of the Facebook gamers and social media gamers and THEY are the ones that are leading the PC portion of data.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            So basically you have absolutely no evidence and you’re running exclusively on personal perception that has absolutely no statistical value.

            Gotcha, thanks for clarifying 😀

          • BillyHoWCR

            I am fully aware that microtransactions are becoming the goto revenue of choice for PC developers. And subscription based game are quickly vanishing from the world compared to days past. But right now… (today) FREE titles. (titles costing nothing to play) are the primary source of gamers counted on PC. Count up all the people playing STEAM games, MMO subscription games and then compare those with the numbers now playing for FREE Zynga titles, and other FREE ware titles and click games… and the FREE games are out numbering the paid games by far.

            Saying almost NO game is really FREE. Is very incorrect. Though we might be gamers… the kind that look up information on the internet to see how the game world is trending. The (I say this again) VAST majority of gamers are not us. The vast majority of gamers are those that don’t know what N4G and dualshockers is… and don’t give a damn that either exist. The vast majority are the mothers and daughters playing Zynga and other FREE web applications.

            For every person that plays pay games… I can guarantee 5 others (very low estimate) are playing FREE titles. With the only FEE many are paying is the FEE for getting on the computer at the internet cafes. Walk down your street and knock on every door ask who is paying to play games on PC. Then ask who is playing FREE titles via Zynga or other such sources. Ask everyone in that house hold. I can count my household and actually All my family members near me and can tell you 1 out of 100 are paying for an titles being played on PC. And I can tell you roughly 75 of those people have been playing FREE games. (if not more) Am I the norm? Possibly not… but I am in this area.

        • Dakan45

          Antichamber,kairo,magrunner,red orchestra, rome 2, civiliazation,project cars,rise of the triad, wasteland 2, shadowrun retruns.

          Pc is not staying afloat,i ts growing.

          • BillyHoWCR

            As said before PC still has some games. But not even close compared to Console market. The vast majority of games on PC played are the FREE titles meant to draw clicks and hits to a webpage for revenue and not to grow the gaming market itself. Social network games are not anything more then what Solitaire is…

          • Dakan45

            How the flying crap it has “some” games when it always had more games than consoles ever will? Also no the majority of them are not “free” Tons adn tons of new small developers make games on pc.

            “Because console games relate to gamers.”

            Am not sure abotu that billy,its the other way around, pc games relate to “Gamers” gamers that want to experiance something new and challenging that takes skill and thinking, its not free casual facebook crap that you make it to seem. Most of those games are pretty chalenged compared to dumbed down console games.

            Sadly games on consoles now are continiously getting dumbed down and becoming more scripted, resembling more of an interactive movie rather an actual game. Those big budget AAA demand very high sales and thus try to “appeal to a larger audience” by simply becoming more dumbed down. Yet they fail to achieve those sales.

            Pc is safer bet for a developer at this point.

          • BillyHoWCR

            Nobody is saying the majority of games on PC are FREE. Just that the majority of gamers counted are those that are playing the FREE to play games. More people playing FREE to play games then games that charge a subscription or a FEE to play it.

          • Dakan45

            Actually thats lats years news, now most games that come out are not free. But i get your point.

          • jasonj86tx

            …. right now , at 12:47 on a wednesday , there are 1,163,078 Players In-Game |
            5,136,787 Players Online on steam.

          • foureyes oni

            the problem with that is they have that massive sale going on with everyone playing what they’ve purchased. even i’ve logged onto steam and i usually only play mmo’s lol.

          • BillyHoWCR

            Steam just has to have players login to their computers to be considered online. As it is now… I am considered logged into steam. Guess what… I am not playing a game right now. I also, have a PS3 account… I don’t even own it any more. But it still counts me there. These numbers mean little compared to revenue. Developers know they can make more money on console and that is why it has been the main focus the past 15 years. The only thing that has kept AAA PC gaming alive is exactly this form of Steam games and MMOs. But that is beside the point. The majority of gamers are not playing such titles. They are the Zynga types of social games that aren’t much more then Facebook with avatars.

        • Vserp

          Nintendo Wii says hi. You want casual, that’s about as casual as it gets. MS and Sony followed suit with Kinect and Move precisely because the vast majority of their users play casual games.

          “Hardcore” gaming is a very small niche group of players, that’s probably largest on PC what with competitive games like Starcraft II, MMOs and other genres that really only work on PC. About the only game that people prefer on a console over PC is a fighting game.

          • BillyHoWCR

            The difference between Wii and the casual games on PC. Wii relies on game sales. Casual PC relies on advertising revenue.

            Games that require a purchase are the games that promote growth in gaming. FREE advertisement games rely not on improving the games for their customers but more on how to feed them enough to get them to stay around. They are simply social networks created to gather customers and not games created to entice people to make purchase. They rely on numbers of people to click on webpages to earn revenue. Simple as that.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Nope. They rely on microtransactions. Games that rely on advertising revenues are very rare. You don’t seem to have a very clear idea of what you’re talking about.

          • Aloysius Greenthumb

            You sir, haven’t a clue of what you’re talking about. I didn’t spend 2 grand on a PC so I could play FarmVille. Battlefield, ArmA, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Diablo, WoW, any MMO, TF2, CS:GO, League of Legends, DotA, etc. There are thousands of titles being played on PC by millions of people. Just because your friends on Facebook didn’t “Like” their page, or send you a request to water their watermelons or something doesn’t mean they don’t exist. People spend thousands and thousands on gaming PCs, and it ain’t for Candy Crush. Casual gaming and the PC should never go in the same sentence.

          • BillyHoWCR

            Gaming PCs are the MINORITY. that is the entire discussion here. AAA titles exist on the PC. There are real gamers on the PC. But the data presented in this report is questionable… because the amount of casual gamers… i.e. Farmville, Zybga type games/// etc. are the vast majority of the count. Those are the primary numbers counted in this data.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You continue to state your opinion like it was fact. And you don’t have a shred of evidence to support that.

          • Draugr

            Wow, this billy guy is like a textbook example of the caricature console gamers paints of the PC industry.

            He seems to think that f2p games are the only thing available on PC, seemingly ignoring the fact that all but a handful of exclusives AREN’T availabe on PC as well. (And if you take into account the PC exclusives that don’t make it to console, there are plenty of high quality games that stick to PC.

            Also, there are plenty of free to play games that don’t fall into your very narrow definition of what a free to pay game is,
            Planetsde 2, mechwarrior online, path of exile.

            This of course ignores the fact that you seem to think the only gaming done on PC has to be ‘free’ when there are plenty of games that aren’t free and do quite well on PC

            you’re making a conclusion and trying to work back from it, that’s never going to work.

          • BillyHoWCR

            You seem to see the words and not understand the meaning. I never said they were the only thing available. Far from it. Many choices. The issue is with the thought that the multitudes of gamers counted by such research actually boils down to a majority being the casual gamers. You can hide from that fact but it is still the facts.

          • Draugr

            What facts have you presented?? Everything you have done from the outset of this discussion is just blind speculation on your part and pulling numbers out of your ass. Until you actually have something to show you should probably avoid from talking about you’re so called ‘facts.’ You’re opinion is quite welcome of course.

            Pointing out that casual players exist wasn’t really what you were doing. You were talking about how the only market that basically exists on PC is the casual market, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and that’s what people are taking issue with, (That and that you keep saying you have facts despite never providing any. This is another example of you working back from your conclusion. As ‘there are many casual players’ applies to all gaming platforms.)

            No one ever is going to dispute there are casual players that play games (and this wasn’t even your original argument, which was free games were the only thing doing anything on the PC, despite the evidence otherwise.) But we know casuals make up a large part of most audiences. (Most people use there 360 for watching video more than playing games for example, using you’re reasoning, are we to assume Youtube and Netflix is keeping the 360 afloat?)

            Nobody is saying that the demographics you speak of don’t exist, they just aren’t willing to use those to jump to conclusions even though there is nothing to suggest what you’re saying is the logical conclusion.

            P.S. I *think* that even IF they count facebook games (not sure if they did) even if they removed that ‘demographic’ you’d still see PC going quite strong. Like you, I don’t have any numbers to back this up. Unlike you, I don’t pretend that it’s a fact despite that glaring omission of facts.

          • BillyHoWCR

            I never once said the only market is the casual market. I said the majority of gamers counted here are the casual gamers…. the Facebook genreation. FREE games are the casual market. And they are the majority of gamers on PC. Every real gamer on PC has a vast number of causal gamers, Facebook gamers, FREE gamers…. Flash gamers…. that exist to represent the true face of gaming on PC right now.

          • Draugr

            “I never once said the only market is the casual market”
            No, you just continually imply it. It’s the entire crux of your argument.

            “Every real gamer on PC has a vast number of causal gamers, Facebook gamers, FREE gamers….”

            And herein lies the problem, you insists things are “x” way when it’s just blind speculation on your part.

            “that exist to represent the true face of gaming on PC right now.”
            Again, this is stupid logic, using you’re reasoning Netflix is the true face of the 360 right now.

            You’re like a dog with a bone, despite this study and it’s results all you really have an interest in is trying new ways of explaining why what you think HAS to be the case.

            First you start off talking about how the PC market is nothing but free ad-driven games (the first indicator that you don’t know what you’re talking about.) Then you insist that you weren’t saying that, it’s just casuals your talking about, and despite casuals making up a large part of any market, you seem to be set on insisting its the only market, then you say you werent saying that, just that casuals make up a large swath of users, and only they should be used to gauge PC gaming, oh and all ‘real pc gamers’ (which you clearly don’t know any) all do this stuff.

            But this same reasoning is something you refuse to be applied to other platforms, despite the fact that the same reasoning SHOULD apply, because again, you’re making a conclusions and working backwards.)

            I’d recommend either explaining why you think the casual market for PC is markedly different, or just coming to terms with the fact that the idea of ‘if you didn’t count the casual users the numbers would be different’ would apply when talking about any platform.
            Beyond that all you’re trying to do is pretend you have the number of ‘hardcore’ gamers nailed down on PC, despite your lack of evidence that would make you capable of doing so.

        • Mr. Shoe

          Well if you don’t believe it now, just wait until Oculus is upon us. PC is the supreme gaming machine since the beginning and into the future. Mods, backward compatibility with older games, various choices of control schemes, a friggin mouse with FPS games!!! No included cameras or forced subscriptions. PC RULES OVER ALL!!!

    • Dawgs4ever

      Lots of people play MMOS. Lots of people play games like Civilization. Lots of people play games like Skyrim on the PC. I happen to play all sorts – from Space Strategy 4x games, Civ-style games, Total War series games, League of Legends, Eve Online, Space flight sims, etc.

  • Al_Zamora

    PC gaming will never die because it offers so much more freedom to customize and tinker ith your games. it does hurt due to the fact that it is more difficult to sustain a “good” gaming PC than just buy a console at a one time charge.

  • David Vaughan

    Masta Race!!

  • Pauli

    60% of those PC games have been found to play the now new US sport “League of Legends”.

  • BillyHoWCR

    Misleading… I too have 2 computers in my house hold and 2 consoles. But the games that are played on the PC would simply be family games such as Farmville, Bejeweled and such. And I would go as far to say the vast majority of gamers on PC are of that type. Do we include these social engineering tools into what we call today’s gaming realm? PC gaming IS on life support. With STEAM being the major reason i hasn’t died out completely. But gaming… real gaming… not as prevalent on PC as people make it out to be.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You’re not a statistic.

      • BillyHoWCR

        Then who is? I fall into every area of the worthless research attempt. I own everything.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Statistics are made by a large group of people, not by one. Your personal perception has no statistical value mate. Zero. Zilch.

    • Vserp

      And angry birds on someone’s smartphone is a real gamer?

  • majestix

    generally its lack of genre of games to choose thats why its dying

  • BillyHoWCR

    They should correct a portion of this at least “PC gaming is alive and well, and will probably continue to thrive for a long while.” Should be preceded by the word FREE. Thus reading “FREE PC gaming is alive and well, and will probably continue to thrive for a long while.”

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Steam says you’re wrong, my friend.

      • Michelasso

        So does The Pirate Bay…

  • TraceSkipper

    Whats really interesting is that handhelds and smartphones are not that far apart. But I game on four devices: PS3 > Vita >> PC > smartphones

  • dragushell

    give this to Roackstar for RDR PC

    • Dakan45

      RDR is made on a modified Version of gta iv rage engine by a rockstart studio that has never made a pc game before.

      So they need to , get the engine, get the source coude, find someone to port it, ensure tha the damn thing is working and then release it cheap because its an old engine.

      Bully was re-released for next gen on wii, x360 and pc on an ew engine, so it is possible.

  • dragushell


  • Michelasso

    Sure. Don’t forget that large part of that 63% plays just Smartville and the likes..

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      And that large part of the other percentage that plays only casual games? It’s exactly the same.

  • datdude

    A study like this has no relevance if it does not include a breakdown of what types of games are being played, and by demographic.

  • Tony A

    I think 75% of that 63% is little kids playing maple story.

  • ShazaM

    Guardians of the master race, rejoice, for today is ours to celebrate!

  • brianc6234

    I have a couple games on my PC but I mostly play games on my PS3. I wouldn’t count me as a PC gamer but I bet they would on that poll just because I have a couple PC games. Old games that is.

    • Vserp

      They counted you for both PC and PS3 probably. That’s why the numbers go over 100%.

  • Dawgs4ever

    PC gaming allows for the best hardware, multi-screen support, modding, versatility, and typically integrates devices quicker than other systems. For example, the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra are PC only right now – which when released commercially will offer an incredibly awesome experience only to PC users. Long live the PC.

  • Daniel Okada

    I’m sure a significant portion of that percentage is due to Facebook and web browser based gaming, but it is undeniable that F2P online games with dedicated development and support staff are a growth sector that may have more influence on closed gaming ecosystems such as consoles in the very near future (PSN Home, Dust). Not everybody wants a dedicated gaming device in the living room based on the $60 per retail game model and due to the F2P model largely on PC, consumers/gamers do have other options.

  • Vserp

    If you consider that the console base is divided at least amongst 3 different consoles if not more, that really sets PC pretty far ahead as the platform of choice.

    Doesn’t really surprise me either. Everyone I know seems to build their PCs and at least get games off Steam. The only thing that can kill PC gaming is DRM.

    • foureyes oni

      the only reason i keep thinking pc is dead is cause i don’t really know anyone else in rl with a gaming pc. its all ps3 and 360 so of course i would think its dying. and it doesnt’ get a lot of media love .

    • BillyHoWCR

      But then you could segregate PC gaming machines that can play quality AAA titles and those that don’t meet minimum specs to do so.

  • Mack

    That’s because console games are shallow and dreadful

    • BillyHoWCR

      Many yes but not all. The point would be that the most played games are of those types… with some quality titles peppered among them.

  • CrimsonSkies

    I don’t know why the game community jumps on bandwagons, like consoles are dead, this is the last generation of consoles, pc gaming is dead, single player is dead, etc,etc. You would think that after being wrong many times these devs and publishers would learn and not be so stupid.

  • joe

    LMAO… all those console scrubs.

  • TheMoistTerrorist

    I think the pc is still thriving because with games it heavily supports user made content. You will know what I mean if you you play skyrim,arma 2,and garrys mod

  • Allen Williams

    Its “dead” because they don’t count online sales/downloads which is like 99% at this point.

  • BillyHoWCR
  • BillyHoWCR

    And this is even a better representation of the validity of gamers across markets. As developers care the most about profit. And this data shows a nice break down of which areas are most profitable to game makers: http://www.newzoo.com/infographics/global-games-market-report-infographics/

    Know what you are reading before you comment on it.

    Edit: note not allowed to share any data outside of FREE information. You will have to pay to see the break down of specific areas you might be interested in. (I am not affiliated with the site itself… nor do I advertise for it)