Shigeru Miyamoto Experimented with Pikmin on the 3DS, But “It Just Didn’t Feel Like Pikmin”

on July 14, 2013 1:22 PM

Nintendo’s poster boy (at least at heart) Shigeru Miyamoto has been hard at work on Pikmin 3 to try and kickstart the Wii U’s engine and to put the console on the right track, but thanks to an interview on 4Gamer we learn that the development team actually experimented with the possibility of bringing the franchise to the much smaller twin screens of the DS and 3DS. Unfortunately, the experiment wasn’t successful.

We actually explored the possibilities by testing Pikmin on Nintendo DS and 3DS, but it tended to be nothing more than simple management by using the stylus. By all means, It just didn’t feel like Pikmin.

Personally, I can’t say I wouldn’t have liked to see Pikmin 3 on the 3DS as well. Maybe it wouldn’t “feel like Pikmin”, but it definitely sounds like it’d be a fun game. That said, at least we’re getting it on the Wii U soon, and that’s much better than nothing.

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