Nintendo to Start Distributing Wii U Development Tools For Free to Address Lack of Games

Nintendo announced that the company will start distributing software development tools for the Wii U for free both in Japan and overseas.

Previously development software was granted only to development studios that paid a fee for its usage. Now not only the software will be free, but personal registration will be available to grant single programmers and small teams the possibility to easily work on the console.

The move has been announced in order to try and address the lack of games affecting the console, that is slowing down sales, and to bring “innovative games not tied to existing ideas” to the Wii U.


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  • Al_Zamora

    This is smart, it’s a fast way to get more devs on board and may sprout out some interesting indie titles for the wii u

  • Dollow Rlance

    Godspeed Nintendo

  • kevin carey

    Microsoft does this from DAY 1 for developers. Sony I believe does as well, to a degree. Nintendon’t get it.

    • Raymond Dwyer

      Microsoft also segregates indie games from regular games on their online store, something Sony and Nintendo do not do.

    • woowoo

      c-c-c-c-c-CONSOLE WAR TIME!

  • GamerKing

    Interesting how the things are, nintendo snubbed the indies. Now that have a console in collapse , comes after them desperate.

  • solidsnake

    sucks to be that indie dev who purchased the wii u dev kit yesterday

  • Mr.Inferno

    Too many people on here that dont know what they are talking about

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  • Trojan Horse

    not sure this is legit, because there isn’t really a source given about this besides an image – but nevertheless this better be trueeeee

  • sotrh

    Anyone speak japanese? I can’t read the sign!