PS4 + Xbox One vs PS3 + Xbox 360: The Outsets of Two Generations Compared

Many feel that the current generation of consoles wasn’t very exciting. When Xbox 360 and PS3 were launched, we were at the end of a generation in which PS2 provided us with an immense variety of great games, and the titles that came with the launch of the new consoles and in the short term afterwards simply failed to excite a lot of gamers.

On the other hand the outset of the next generation seems to be creating a lot more hype. The internet is buzzing with conversation on the games that will launch with PS4 and Xbox One or shortly after, and on the systems themselves. As a gamer, I honestly didn’t feel this “alive” myself since the old dear times of the PlayStation 2.


But what changed between the outset of the generation that is now about to wane, and the beginning of the next? Why are we this excited and ready to embrace the new consoles? Is it just the passage from a relatively disappointing period to one filled with hopes and dreams? Or maybe the games we have been shown are simply more impressive than those that marked the passage between the previous two generations?

In order to try and get to the bottom of this difference in hype I’m going to make a bit of an experiment: people normally pitch PlayStation consoles against Xbox ones, for obvious reasons, but this time around I’m going to create two unusual teams: I’m going to pair the PS3 with its Xbox 360 arch rival, while the PS4 will team up with its hated enemy, Xbox One.


We’re going to take a visual trip through the games that were launched in the early life of the current generation consoles compared against those that we have already seen for PS4 and Xbox One. Of course I’m not just going to include launch titles, because even those that come a bit later still contribute to the hype. I’m also not going to include every title for brevity, but just some of the most relevant.

Of course if the visual trip is too much for you, and you want to avoid suffering through five pages of trailers (some of which aren’t exactly flattering nowadays), you can just jump to the bottom of page 5 of this article to catch my conclusions.



Ridge Racer 6 (Xbox 360)

Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360)

Ridge Racer 7 (PS3)

Formula One Championship Edition (PS3)

MotorStorm (PS3)


DriveClub (PS4)

Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One)

The Crew (PS4/Xbox One)

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  • John

    Infamous: Second Son is exclusive to PS4, not Xbox One.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      whoops. Lil copy/paste mistake. Fixed. Thanks for catching it.

      • christrules0041

        Perks of being human eh lol

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          That, and extreme lack of sleep 😀

  • dave mcnair

    GTAV from this generation says HELLO 🙂 It’s not all about new machines meaning better games. I don’t think that the jump will be any greater in what we see compared to previous jumps. There will be a few exceptions but no more. Draw distances, fps, resolutions & AI should be improved quite a bit. Along with better open world games this is the best we can hope for. Last of Us also shows how much life there is in the current gen (as old as it is) Rockstar & Naughty Dog have only just mastered the current platforms & everyone’s waiting for the new ones. LOL

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Only GTA5 from this generation has nothing to do with the issue at hand, because it wasn’t there at the *beginning* of the generation.

      Besides, what we’ve seen of The Witcher 3 takes GTA5 (that is made with an engine that’s several years old, and it shows) and trounces it.

      • dave mcnair

        I’ve not seen The Witcher 3 so can’t comment on that. My point simply was ‘there’s life in the old dogs yet’. When a system comes to the end of its life we time & time again see some of its best games as devs have learned how to squeeze the most from its architecture. I’ve heard Rockstar & others comment on this frequently. I’m looking forward to next gen as much as anyone else & believe it will be good for everyone who can afford a new console or even owns a new PC etc. It’s a levelling of playing field basically to much of a degree (especially based on the new consoles designs)

        But I’m skeptical about the quality of games going through the roof until at least a year or two down the line. These are articles partially relating to it. I couldn’t find the ones I was after but they’ll do for now :-

        • Dakan45

          at this point most multiplats run on low pc settings on consoles, just saying, the diffirence is not as little as consoles make it sound like but massive. Pc always had the upper hand since psx, so i dont think this time will be diffirent.

          PS3/X360 basicly brought non gamers to consoles so most of the games were basicly casual, the “good games” problem has to do with casual audiecne not consoles.

          Gta 5 looks like gta iv with some modding, not heavy modding, SOME modding, i doubt the consoles will run the game at the high resolution shown in trailes and without the usual slowdown.

          I doubt we will see a big leap either due to the fact pc has been “next gen” for years but i want games to change the way they play, make bigger maps with more objects and charcters more interactivity, less cod scripted fps campagins.

          • dave mcnair

            The PC & console scene are indeed intrinsically tied together. Whatever is happening on one these days is likely also on the other. PC games have often been held back by consoles & the design of most games has been around these older specs etc. What’s interesting for next gen (& every new generation of consoles) is that there’s an increased expectation for new & fresh experiences. People will soon vote with their wallets if the games just play like hi-res updates of what they’ve already been grudging paying £40 for last gen titles. Never mind paying £50+ for next gen games.

            Point is PC fans have a lot to be hopefull about as it looks as though most multi-plat games are being ported down from pc as lead platform, so they should always have the best version of any games. It will be interesting to see how GTA5 is on PS3 etc. I like the idea of someone (R*North) saying f**k it to next gen & concentrating on making the undisputed best game of its generation. Like a snarling swan song & whipping of its tail. A final stand of what the era of that tech was ever possible of. I’m just a romantic really..

          • Dakan45

            I agree, i want to see new ideas, not another linear fps that copies cod and samey scripted gamepaly, how about big maps and interacton instead?

            Pc is in the best state right now with indie, kickstarets and tons of exlusives that consoles will never hope to reach and greenlight. It makes sense since pc is more powerfull to port games from pc to consoles.

            GTA V was made on x360/ps3 in mind, they cant just kick it on next gen consoles, besides those two consoles have 16 times as many users as ps4 and xbox will have on launch.

          • dave mcnair

            Agreed, i used to love gaming on pc bit learned to love gaming on console again (mainly because of having more pals online) there were more hackers, updates & conflict errors to contend with on pc which i didn’t miss.
            pc will always have great exclusive offerings as will Sony with last of us etc. Strikes me Microsoft are dying to have decent exclusives & have pinned most hopes on titanfall. Problem is its also on pc (where its likely to be lead platform/best version) so its not exclusive really. Plus its ‘just another shooter’
            by the way Dakan, it wasn’t ps3/360 that brought non gamers to consoles. It was psx/1

          • Dakan45

            Actually pc mp has improved alot, hackers are reported and hacks are patched instantly, on consoles patches dont come out as often and dont auto update like steam, so you got to wait. Also every fps have a FOV slider.

            In competition pc is better, i am not saying this as a good thing, go to counter strike or cod on pc and people will destroy you there is far more dedication and competition than casually playing on a console.

            Actually it was ps3/x360, ps2 still had hardcore games. Re4, final fantasy, san andreas was also hard, most shooters were hard, evertything on ps3/x360 was piss easy and simpistic. Everything these days turns more simplsitic and easy and cinematic.

          • dave mcnair

            It’s having all my mates on the same platform, not having to upgrade & tinker etc that keeps consoles so popular in the face of pc’s superiority (that & the initial lower cost to buy one) The whole operating system being devoted to running games the best & slickest way possible (at least on PS4) is another benefit. I can see plus’s for both formats.

            I find there’s a growing hardcore fanbase on consoles for FPS’s like Battlefield as well (I started on pc with BF2) I’m really looking forward to playing with 64 players again & with the new Dualshock 2. I think it’s a real moment for the series on consoles.

            I know what you mean about the general types of games found on the systems. But there was still hard games on PS1. Wipeout that I mentioned & even Gran Turismo are both good examples. Games & gamers have matured with time gradually with each consoles release but it was PS1 that was credited with making Console gaming cool & managed to capture another market that wasn’t neccessarily completely casual. When I hear the term ‘Playstation generation’ I think of more mature console gamers that know their stuff from back at that phase. The biggest console gaming moment for me was when GTA went 3D for the first time on PS2. That was pretty godamn Amazeballs right there.

    • christrules0041

      To be fair we haven’t seen any console gameplay of battlefield 4 though. Microsoft had it on a high end PC. Who knows what it’ll look like on the consoles. To be honest though the PS3 is powerful but it takes a long time to master it. That is why The Last of Us is like that. Naughty Dog took experience from making games for 7 years and had to learn a crap load of tips and tricks on the PS3 for The Last of us. 3rd party developers don’t have that privilege. For the 3rd party developers having X86/X64 architecture will allow them to make games that are more stable in frame rate which will be good. They won’t have to decide what to do with the SPU’s and learn the tips and tricks anymore so they can get as much out of it as they can. I’m trying to say when it takes a team 7 years to make 1 game that good because it’s all they work on 3rd party developers aren’t gonna come close to it unless they have an absolute crap load of money to spend.

      But this is also going to make PC’s go farther. Now that consoles can handle more developers can start to push physx more and other types of stuff like that. Clothe simulations, real time lighting and real time cloud shadowing just to name a couple. When the PS3/Xbox 360 get dropped games will move on a ton quicker as well. The Order: 1886 was in engine and Ready at Dawn said that they want to do a 1:1 cinematics to gameplay so what we saw was actually the games graphics. Plus The Dark Sorcerer was all real time on the PS4 using 4GB of the GDDR5 and wasn’t optimized using 4 GB of the GDDR5.

      I personally think a 5 year console life cycle is long enough because anything beyond that holds PC’s back which honestly holds technology back. Say the PS4 and Xbox One came out 2 years ago PC’s could have already started to build on more advanced physx and more intelligent AI.

  • foureyes oni

    okay yeah these trailers make this next gen even better WOW!. i’m looking forward to seeing if their will be a big difference in graphics between the ps3 and ps4 for ff14.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Dat Motorstorm.

    Pacific Rift was high up in my top 10 games of this generation, so good. I’m not super excited about DriveClub because it’s not really my type of game, but I think Evolution will bring it like they did before, and people are going to be surprised.

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  • Xbox One is more popular then ps4 at the time I am posting this

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      In what dimension?