Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Collector’s Edition Puts Two Sexy Posters in Your Bathroom

on July 16, 2013 4:24 AM

Remember the rich collector’s editions Japan is getting for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate? The ones with the “3D” mouse pads with boobs? They also come with two different “bathroom posters”, but when they were previously introduced the posters were labeled as “Now Printing” and obscured.

Today we finally get to see them: unsurprisingly they feature Momiji and Kasumi wearing nothing else then a skimpy bikini and their own wet skin.

What’s a “bathroom poster” you ask? It’s a kind of poster fairly popular in Japan made to be waterproof and purposely fashioned to be hung in your bathroom, normally portraying suitably sexy themes. Of course what you do with it is your business alone.

Below you can see the whole array of the contents of the Collector’s editions, including the two posters. It’s yet unknown whether any of those bonuses will make its way to this side of the Pacific Ocean. Whether western gamers are ready to embrace mouse pads with breasts and posters for the bathroom is for Tecmo Koei to decide.


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