Pikmin 3 is Helping the Wii U According to Major Japanese Retailer

Nintendo is counting a lot on Pikmin 3 to drive the sales of the Wii U, and one day before the release of the Media Create software and hardware charts there are already signals of some degree of success.

The major japanese retailer and rental chain Tsutaya released its own weekly charts and Pikmin 3 is indeed at the top, followed by Level 5’s Youkai Watch, Earth Defense Force 4 and the two version of Toukiden (the PS Vita version is 4th and the PSP version is 5th).

According to Taketo Matsuo, Tsutaya’s Director of  the Game Rental Planning Group, strong sales of the game are also moving units of the console (as reported by ManTanWeb).

Pikmin 3, that came out nine years after Pikmin 2, is having a really good start. Sales at Tsutaya are comparable to the release of Super Mario Bros U and have driven greater sales of  Wii U units.

The fact that he used Super Mario Bros U as a term of comparisons helps us put the statement in perspective: during its first week of sale in Japan Mario’s latest platformer moved 163,528 units, which is a very respectable amount, even if it was completely beaten by Yakuza 5 (that sold 356,757 copies). Of course that was the release week of the Wii U in Japan, so the installed base was still very small.

Tomorrow we’ll get last week’s Media Create sales charts and we’ll be able to see just how much Pikmin 3 helped the Wii U in the archipelago of the rising sun.

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  • Andrew

    163k in Japan for Pikmin 3 would be awesome. If it sells that much in NA in it’s lifetime, that would be just as amazing. I’ll be shocked to see this get anywhere near a million seller, and I like the series.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Pikmin sold 1.6 million copies globally, 700k+ in America. Pikmin 2 on Cube sold 1.2 million globally, 480k in America and NPC Pikmin 2 moved 410k copies globally, as a re-released 7 years later so I wouldn’t be shocked if Pikmin 3 breaks 500k in America alone when its all said and done.

      • Andrew

        I want to be wrong, hope you’re right. But man I’ve always felt like Pikmin is a niche title. We’ll see in August. Hopefully there is a bit of a Wii U sales boost. I expect Sonic World to outperform in in October.

    • André

      163k in America would be a piece of cake because Pikmin 1 and 2 sold much more than that (over half a million each in North American alone).

      Remember, this game is on a Nintendo console, and people who buy Nintendo console like this kind of original game. What Nintendo people don’t like are generic shooters and things like that.

  • Rob

    The Wii U needs one thing to get the ball rolling the right direction; a new Metroid title. And I mean one that isn’t Other M. If it weren’t for Metroid Prime, I never would have owned a Gamecube, which would have sucked because I LOVED that system to death. And you can bet once VC supports GC games, I’ll be going on a download spree.

    • Andrew

      Wish it were true, but there is a reason Retro is doing DKC over Metroid. DKC Returns sold more than the three Metroid Prime games did COMBINED.

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