Japanese TERA Servers Getting New Swimsuits With… Breast Size Control?

One of the big complaints about character customization between TERA players is the inability to modify a character’s body. Apparently Japanese players are soon going to enjoy a breakthrough on that front.

Not only a large set of tintable swimsuits is going to be made available for the summer, but they come with a twist: a dedicated menu will allow female characters to actually modify their breast size on a scale ranging from -3 to +3.

Boys shouldn’t feel too left out, as they’re getting swimsuits too, including some stylish and very Japanese fundoshi that come bundled with a yakuza-style traditional tattoo.

Below you can see a video showing everything in action (yes, including the instant breast surgery), and a gallery with all the available swimsuits. Western players shouldn’t worry too much, as En Masse entertainment normally does implement all the items made available in Japan.

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  • Al_Zamora

    Um….. ok?!?’ I guess. Lol.

  • Zerosion

    Did they ever go through with the Elin censoring in the US? I remember hearing about it when the game was being localized. I never went and played the game.

    Something tells me more than a few US players are going to be jealous.

  • aozaki


  • SpinyBlueLobster

    Hey, where’s the feature that allows me to modify the size of the old
    banana hammock? You know, on a scale of 3 to 10?!? Hahahaha!! Guys, you
    know what I’m talking about!?!?

    Hahahaha….ha…ha… Ladies? Amirite? Hahaaa…. ugh…. Yeah, I’ll shut up. 😐

    Seriously though, that diving suit on the Baraka was pretty boss. :]