The Lightning Returns/Final Fantasy XIV Crossover is Perfectly Fine, Please Stop Overreacting

At E3, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Producer Yoshinori Kitase announced that the game would feature a special costume reproducing the racial starting gear of a miqo’te from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A month later, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida retaliated, by letting us know from the stage of Japan Expo in Paris that Lightning herself would appear in the game with an extensive questline, while players would receive Lightning and Snow’s costumes and weapons from Final Fantasy XIII.

The last chapter of this saga happened yesterday, when we broke the news on the fact that Lightning will perform a rather sexy victory pose while wearing the miqo’te costume. At every single stage of this tale of collaborations and crossovers, heads exploded in the name of immersion, character integrity and simple hate for Lightning herself.

The reactions (or better yet, overreactions) to this whole crossover affair are mainly irrational, so it’s time to take a nice step back and think about it (if the explanation offered by Naoki Yoshida himself wasn’t enough for you).

So, what’s so wrong with part of the internet going up in flames like it was personally slighted by those evil Square Enix developers? Nothing, really, but let’s get one big misconception out of the way first:

FinalFantasyXIVLightningCrossover (1)“Everyone hates Lightning!”

As a matter of fact no, not everyone hates Lightning. For instance, I don’t hate Lightning (I’m not head over heels in love with her either, but still), and I’m definitely not the only one. This is the main argument I see every time Square Enix announces something related to her. Those that hate the character for some mysterious reason just assume that their sentiments are shared on a global scale, only to be immediately proven wrong by a number of comments that state the contrary.

 “Ok, not everyone hates her, but I’m sure the majority hates Lightning!”

This is another popular misconception that basically applies to every argument on the internet. People seem to love to mistaken their own opinion as a statistic, either just out of some personal delusion or weakly backed up by what their hear from their friends/family/acquaintances or in the local forum or chatroom they use to hang out. Guess what? It turns out to be radically false.

While in the west Lightning is a quite polarizing topic of discussion, the west isn’t the only market that matters. As a matter of fact, the most relevant market for Final Fantasy titles is still Japan, and in Japan Lightning is quite loved by the gaming community.  In a poll held by Famitsu in 2010 she ranked 34th between the most loved video game characters ever, bating quite a few other Final Fantasy protagonists and other prominent characters from other series.

Since then her popularity has grown, and in another poll held by Square Enix that ranked all the female Final Fantasy protagonists at the beginning of this year, Lightning managed to win by a hair, beating even the almost universally adored Aerith.

If you go to a Japanese discussion environment and talk about Lightning, reactions are a lot more positive than in the west. So, if you find yourself asking the question: “Why does Square Enix continue to make games starring Lightning?”, the answer is pretty simple. She’s very popular and has a sizable fanbase at least in Japan. Maybe your friends don’t like her, but you and your friends aren’t a statistic.

“Ok then, she isn’t universally hated….but she’s out of place in Final Fantasy XIV!”

No she isn’t. As a matter of fact, between the Final Fantasy protagonists she’s the one that has the best chance of finding herself in a different world, considering that traveling through time and dimensions is part of her backstory in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

FinalFantasyXIVLightningCrossover (4)

“That might make sense for Lightning’s backstory, but what about Final Fantasy XIV? It doesn’t make sense with the lore of the game!”

Yes it does. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the numbered Final Fantasy where finding characters from other worlds makes the most sense. At the beginning of the game all the old characters from every veteran of the original FFXIV return from a nice five year-long trip through space and time, on which they were sent by the archon Louisoix to save them from the rage of Bahamut. If they can go on that kind of trip, so can Lightning.

“But Lightning’s clothes! They’re totally out of place in Eorzea. They’ll ruin my immersion…”

Final Fantasy XIV‘s world is not your typical pure high fantasy world. Like many other Final Fantasy worlds it has a technological component, and the Garlean Empire is industrialized and advanced. There’s an enormous variety of fashions and styles in Eorzea, and Lightning’s clothes (or Snow’s) aren’t more outrageous than the schoolgirl outfit that serves as the scholar job’s artifact armor for instance, or the bikini sets. As a matter of fact they don’t really look particularly hi-tech or modern compared to most outfits already present in the game.

“But… a Gunblade!

Final Fantasy XIV had gunblades from the very start. They’re a widespread weapon between officers in the Garlean Empire.


“I hate Lightning and I don’t want to see her in Final Fantasy XIV

Then don’t. The questline will be optional. You can simply skip it. On the other hand, those that like her or aren’t blinded by hate can play it and have fun with it–everyone wins. As a matter of fact the Final Fantasy XIV team has demonstrated to be very good with storytelling, so I’d say they deserve to be given a chance. They might create a story featuring Lightning that could improve her standing even between those that normally don’t like her.

“What about the miquo’te costume and that horribly sexualized victory pose? They sure don’t fit Lightning at all!”

Sure they don’t, pretty much like half the costumes in Lightning Returns. The pose makes sense with the costume, as it’s the racial /pose emote done by female miqo’te characters in Final Fantasy XIV. Ultimately, if you don’t like it, you can simply…avoid wearing the costume!

No one at Square Enix is shoving that costume or that pose down your throat. If you like it, you can have Lightning wear it. If you prefer the usual stoic lightning there are plenty costumes that’ll fit your taste. Options are a good thing, not a bad thing.

The gist of the issue is really pretty simple. If you hate Lightning, you can completely ignore her presence in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. If you love her but you don’t like to see her wearing a skimpy costume or striking an alluring pose, you’re fully empowered with the option to avoid that kind of content in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It’s fully optional.

FinalFantasyXIVLightningCrossover (5)

This crossover, like all fanservice, is obviously targeted to those that love both games. That’s how crossovers work. Fanservice is nothing new to the Final Fantasy series, and especially to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, that is specifically designed to be a place where fans of the whole series (including Final Fantasy XIII) can feel at home by being exposed to a whole truckload of cameos and easter eggs.

Whether you like it or not, Square Enix made it optional. If you’re so offended by Lightning’s presence in a game in which her appearance actually makes perfect sense, or by her wearing a skimpy outfit and striking a “nyan nyan” pose with cat ears and a tail, you can completely ignore those elements and they won’t affect you one bit.

The power of options is a marvelous thing. Maybe more people should embrace it instead of getting offended by something that no one holds them at a gunpoint to enjoy.

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  • Erren Van Duine

    Optional though it may be, it sets a terrifying precedent for the future. It’s already bad enough that FFXIV is banking hard on fanservice – an element that’s being made to help sell the game despite its own merits. Square Enix has never taken it to this level in a mainline title and I’d hate to see it extend over to FFXV in the future. So yes, there’s plenty of reasons to be irritated about this move – Lightning fan or not.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You’re easily terrified, or irritated. Final Fantasy titles have been full of fanservice since Final Fantasy II. Fanservice is not in any way damaging in itself to the quality of the game, as long as it makes sense within it, and in the case of Final Fantasy XIV, at least from what we saw so far, there isn’t a single instance in which it doesn’t.

      • Erren Van Duine

        Things like Crystal Tower, magitek armor in FFXIV – okay, fine… they’ve tailored it to the game world rather than pulling replicas from FF3 and FF6 respectively. But placing FFXIII’s Lightning in there just because? Things like that are going a bit too far in my opinion. It’s not like FFXI had to rely on such tactics so why XIV? Square Enix is certainly desperate here and this entire “campaign” reeks of meddling from on high – the likes of which have basically been hinted as such by Toriyama himself.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Sounds like reaching.

          Considering that lightning travels through dimension and dimensional travel evidently exists in FFXIV, it’s not “just because”, it’s picking the character from another FF that makes the most sense in that context.

          They’re making an entire storyline dedicated, and that’s the whole definition of “tailored to the game”.

          And it’s optional, so if you don’t care for it, just don’t play it. Others quite evidently like the idea, especially within the Japanese community.

          The power of options, ain’t that great?

          • Pazy

            The content isnt as optional as you think. While you can avoid the questline, hopefully, you cannot choose to avoid the costume. By the nature if someone else chooses to wear it and then walks by you then its forced into seeing it. Its not a massive game destroy element but I was hoping to immerse myself in FF14: ARR’s world without being reminded of outside elements.
            Though I dont think her character makes anymore sense in FF14 than other outside characters. Just because they appended that ability on to her in 13-2 dosent mean she deserves to appear outside her own games. I was sold FF14, and I have owned it for years, a whole new universe and not re-packaged elements of other universes.
            Its fine that other people like it and its fine that other people like fanservice, I happen to dislike it, but this seems to be veering away from the game I was sold and looking forward to with the amount of fanservice items coming out.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            And those clothes aren’t in any way less fitting than any other clothes from the game. The fact that you dislike them is just an irrational reaction to your irrational dislike for the crossover, which fits the lore like a glove.

            Fanservice isn’t negative or positive on its own, as long as it fits, and in this case it objectively does.

            And considering how bad the original FFXIV was, thank goodness the game is veering away from it.

          • rofldrg

            The crossover doesn’t fit like a glove. It currently doesn’t fit anything- if it did, they would have been easily able to release details about it with the announcement.

            Instead, now the XIV and XIII teams have to meet to figure out how exactly this is all going to fit.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            1: lightning travels through dimensions.
            2: dimensional travel is part of the FFXIV lore.

            Yes it fits. And it’s pretty farfetched to assume that they don’t already know how to make it fit. Unrealistic, as a matter of fact.

          • William Trengove

            Can’t we all just agree that Everything in a Square Enix game is unrealistic and that the fans should stop trying to understand it’s Logic and accept it for the fictional story that it is? 😛

          • Mildra

            It’s always been my policy that “believable>realistic” in games.
            That said, I do agree wholeheartedly.

          • Pazy

            The gameplay of the original FF14 was bad defiantly but that doesn’t mean the cure for the story is to bring in characters, devices and locations from other games in the series. And I strong disagree that this fanservice “objectivly does” fit into the universe given that it comes from outside it. If the main rational for it fitting in the universe is “she travels through dimensions, and FF14 has dimension travel” that’s not a strong reason. That was a story element appended to FF13-2, that didn’t make sense in the context of FF13 to begin with, that just happens to coincide with plot elements from FF14.

            Though my point isnt that Lightning dosent fit, its that they are supposed to be making an original universe. If they wanted to call it “Final Fantasy: Dissidia Online” then you can have as many crossovers as you like but if you want to say its FF14 the next mainline entry in the series then its has to be its own standalone entry. Lightning, because she comes from outside FF14, would be as jarring to me as having R2D2 turn up not because he is a robot but because I already know his story and his universe.

            Square Enix can do what they like with their game, it is theirs to make or break, but personally as a consumer who has spent money on it (and planned to spend more on it with subscription fee’s) I am disappointed by this direction. I wanted them to direct themselves to making FF14 itself stronger and not trying to sell it based on other products which are already a success.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Who says that they’re supposed to make “an original universe”, or what conditions a mainline entry needs to fit?

            You’re applying entirely arbitrary parameters to those elements, and you’re applying a false “moral” value to fanservice, which is by itself neither good or bad.

            No mainline Final Fantasy has ever been an entirely original universe since II, since there have always been plenty recurring elements.

            As for “not a strong reason”, of course it is. It’s possible in both universes, and objectively so.

            Also, it being in FFXIII-2 doesn’t make it less solid. As a matter of fact between FFXIII and XIII-2, the second was the better game. There’s also no element in the original XIII that conflicts with it.

          • Pazy

            The parameters of the mainline games are well established by history of the past 14 games (including the original 14).
            The reason I brought of FF13-2 was that they added it in the middle of the story and wasen’t inherent to the game. It was never mentioned throughout the entire game and then they added in a wholly game-changing concept in the sequel that was never even hinted in the original. Which is why its odd you say “as a matter of fact” the second was better, there is no ‘fact’ when it comes to the opinion of the quality of a creative product. I think the second is far worse because the plot went off the rails and became a confused mess and you happen to like it, which is fine.
            Im also not trying to apply a moral value to fanservice, if anything I am trying to put a value on an original universe rather than repetition. Its fine if you like fanservice but I would rather see original ideas so all the announcements of specific things, like Magitek, are not things I like to hear. I don’t mind things like Moogles since I see them as elements of the FF universe as opposed to an element of FF6. That is entirely personal opinion and other people can place it where I like.
            If you want to enjoy the fanservice in FF14 go ahead but you cant just logic to justify, or not, an opinion on a creative thing. If you dont find it jarrying them good, but other people do. If you dont find it a cheap way to sell FF14 then good, but other people do.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Of course you can use logic to justify everything. There are opinions based on rational thought and opinions that are irrational.

            If you want an “original universe” Final Fantasy simply isn’t for you, as there have always been plenty recurring elements. You’re just arbitrarily deciding what recurring elements are acceptable and what aren’t.

            And the paramenters of mainline final fantasy games have radically swinged around with every new title of the franchise.

            I don’t like or dislike fanservice. I put no absolute value to it. When it fits it’s good when it doesn’t it isn’t. In this case it does, as it fits the established lores of both games. Whether you like FFXIII-2 or not, it is established lore of the FFXIII saga.

          • Pazy

            Recurring elements are different from single specific elements. I already said its personal opinion on which is which and I am fine with recurring elements, some people are not, but not single specific elements.
            Though I also never said that FF13-2 and dimension jumping wasen’t part of FF13 lore just said it wasen’t an inherent part of the original universe and was invented later. The point being SE can invent as much plot as they like and justify anything so the idea that because 13-2 had it then its justified dosen’t seem solid when they could create any idea. They could decide that FF7 has dimension jumping, just need a little CG cutscene, and then suddenly Cloud and Barrett turn up.
            I also disagree that the other mainline FF games havent been orignal universe. They have shared recurring elements, like Moogles and Cid the Airship Pilot, but they have all had wholly unique characters and places with only those minor recurring elements. Those minor elements tie the series together a little better but they have never carried forward entire characters, places and unique technology like magitek (Swords and sheilds get a pass).

            Its fine if you want to disagree but it seems presumptuous to stand up high and tell them that because you disagree with their views on fanservice that they shouldn’t be angry. Everyone has their own views on how fanservice affects a game and mine (and many others) happens to be that it negatively affects it. If your opinion is that its ok sometimes then fine believe that but while promoting the ‘choice’ of the game and game developers your forgot the choice of opinion somewhere along the line. My opinion is that I dont like that Lightning is in the game and I will continue to react as such until they justify her character through quality. You are entitled to keep your own.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You’re comparing inventing a lore element for the occasion (just deciding that FF7 has dimension jumping) with a lore element that already exists within a saga.

            It’s not the same thing. You can like or dislike FFXIII-2 as much as you want, but it *is* part of the saga, and its lore is part of the FFXIII saga whether you like it or not.

            There’s an enormous difference between inventing or retconning lore and applying existing lore.

            In this case they’re just applying existing lore, so your comparison with Final Fantasy VII simply doesn’t fit.

            And elements like Biggs and Wedge and Cid are pretty damn specific. Again, you’re simply arbitrarily deciding which elements are ok and which ones aren’t, while the Final Fantasy saga has always been full of em.

          • Nicholas Perry

            <3 <3 <3 <3

          • Nicholas Perry

            And I absolutely agree.

        • ElAbuelo69

          FFXI had the SeaSerpentGrotto from FF6.

          Did the world explode? Nah.

  • Ksar

    I completely agree. Plus, Lightning is also the favourite character in Europe with Yuna and Tifa.

    Source :

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      but no! Everyone hates Lightning! /s

    • Malakym

      Shantotto being at the bottom of that list is an absolute travesty.

      • Ena Sccis

        maybe because only players from xi would know who she was, in contrast with heroines from console games. i personally didn’t play xi, but played everything else so the chart does make sense.

        • Malakym

          I get that she’s not as well-known as a lot of other main-series female characters, it’s still a shame to me that she’d be so far down in popularity. But eh my own list would look much different from this chart, I guess that’s to be expected of most people.

    • Akaharu

      I love how most of the list is women.

      • Malakym

        They all are.

        Meilleur personnage feminin – best female character 🙂

        • Akaharu

          Ohhhhh… Yeah, I haven’t played them all and I wasn’t paying attention to the title.

  • Sertz

    Well, I still don’ t like it a bit. I hated with passion FFXIII just because of characters, after 24 hours of gameplay I sold the game. I think it is by far the worst FF ever made.

    I hated with passion Lightning ( and, wich has the charisma of a turnip to me. And now I’ ll be forced to play -and pay in order to play- for YEARS a game populated by thousand of clones of two of the worst FF characters ever made … Sure I’ m irritated, both as FF hardcore disappointed fan and hardcore FFXI Online gamer ( over 3200 hours ).

    This sucks, SE made a enormous mistake.

    This is a disgusting commercial maneuver to force us to appreciate to all costs pathetic characters in order to continue to make continuous pathetic sequels and spin-off of FFXIII, just because FFXIII have been the most criticized FF ever.

    I have been waiting this game for YEARS, and now that finally everything turned out good, after all that waiting, I am forced to do with this S***. WTF.

    If they really wanted to do a tribute to the fans could take two characters among the many well-managed instead of the worst. You can try to rationalize it all you want, but this is still just a disgusting commercial maneuver. You know that, we all know that. No need to justify SE. I’m going to buy FFXIV anyway.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You seem to think that hyperbole adds solidity to your points, but the opposite is true. It shows how irrational your reaction is.

      Doing something that doesn’t appease *you* doesn’t equate to an “enormous mistake”, sorry to have to sound that reality bell.

      They didn’t make that “commercial maneuver” to “force” you to appreciate anyone. They made it to make the MANY that already appreciate those characters happy.

      It’s entirely optional, so you can simply skip the quest. Continuing to whine when you’re in no shape or form forced to play it simply doesn’t make the slightest sense.

      There’s plenty in the game for everyone to enjoy.

      • Sertz

        “It’s entirely optional”

        NO, it is not, stop repeating that, please This is not true. I will have to do with all the “clones”.

        ” It shows how irrational your reaction is.”

        Stop using that word ( irrational ) too, please. It does not make any sense. If I was a completely rational being I would not play games probably, neither you. And I would not criticize some characters of a game among hundreds. Neither I would DEFEND some characters of a game among hundreds with a long and aticulated wall of text.

        “They didn’t make that “commercial maneuver” to “force” you to appreciate
        anyone. They made it to make the MANY that already appreciate those
        characters happy.”

        How many appreciated characters SE have made in their history? Why just those two?
        If you want to convince someone that SE made this choice to please players you have to change your tacticts.

        You should be a little more “rational” and admit that you are trying to justify SE becasuse YOU like Lightining & CO. if you ask me. And not trying to bring up other irrational or childish.

        Sorry for the bad english of mine

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          “NO, it is not, stop repeating that, please This is not true. I will have to do with all the “clones”.”

          You mean like all the clones wearing the same artifact armor? In MMORPGs there are a ton of people wearing the same thing. It’s endemic of the genre, and lightning’s clothes aren’t any less fitting to the lore than any other clothes in the game, so yeah. It affects you just because you’re being irrational about it.

          Oh, and there’s nothing irrational about playing games.

          “How many appreciated characters SE have made in their history? Why just those two?”

          Because Lightning can travel through dimensions and time fitting the theme that is already present in the game. Other appreciated FF characters can not.

          Personally, I don’t particularly love Lightning or hate her. There’s no rational reason to hate her, nor she’s my favorite.

          • Sertz

            I meant clones of Lighting, obviously. It will belike thousand of waling billboard for the next sequel/spin-off of FFXIII.

            Artifact armours and billboards are two completely different things.

            “Because Lightning can travel through dimensions and time fitting the
            theme that is already present in the game. Other appreciated FF
            characters can not.”

            Hell, what about Snow then? Up everything it would work with every other FF character made, you want an example?

            Player: how do you explain that there are Cloud and Tifa in FFXIV?
            SE: they found a way “travel through dimensions and time fitting the theme that is already present in the game”
            Player: oh …i see, hmmmm … k.

            “Other appreciated FF characters can not.” Are you sure? It took 9 words to exaplain how ( they found a way travel through dimensions and time ). Don’ t be silly.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            There’s no difference between artifact armor and lightning’s clothes. They’re both simply clothes, and lightning’s costume doesn’t have “Lightning” written over it.

            It’s not a “Billboard”, it’s a jacket with pants.

            There’s no word anywhere that Snow will be in Final Fantasy XIV. His clothes are just that, clothes.

            You’re also making a disingenuous and unfitting comparison. Cloud and Tifa do not travel through dimensions and time in their original setting. Lightning does, so you don’t have to “Invent” anything to explain it. It’s already part of the lore.

          • Sertz

            “There’s no difference between artifact armor and lightning’s clothes”

            I guess you didn’ t play FFXI or any MMO.

            You know what? I am losing my time, you are avoiding carefully to consider some aspects. Just a hint: just admit you like something without trying to justify it’ s existence to all costs makes your life easier and it’ s a more fitting adult way to live.

            Se sei italiano posso solo dirti: ci siamo capiti, hai una eccellente capacita’ di evasione, dovresti fare il politico.

            Non me la racconti proprio, l’ abito di lighting e’ pura propaganda per il futuro del brand FFXIII ( ormai e’ un brand a se stante ), e lo sai anche tu. Potevano inserire l’ abito di qualcn’ altro che non e’ un protagonista di un un ALTRO LORO gioco che sta per uscire sul mercato per esempio, a moltissimi fan sarebbe piaciuto, e non sarebbe stata una mera estensione della campagna pubblictaria dell’ ennesimo XIII. Cosi’ fa schifo e basta. Lighting e’ piaciuta a molti e molti la odiano, nessun personaggio dei FF ha mai ricevuto tante critiche. Ce la vogliono far piacere a TUTTI i costi, anche a costi miei, cosi’ pago FFXIVARR per beccarmi della pubblicita’ di FFXIII. Non ci credo nemmeno per un secondo che tu sia convinto che non sia una manovra pubblicitaria, quel che mi fa’ incazzare e’ che non capisco il motivo per cui metti su questo bluff.

            Senza offesa, e’ solo che di gente che distorce solidi e ovvi fatti cercando di convincere con l’ inganno tanta gente in internet ne ho le tasche piene. Buona serata.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Actually I played FFXI for several years, and most MMOs out there. I don’t need to admit anything just because you ask for it 😀

            Non ti vogliono far piacere lightning a tutti i costi. Semplicemente la inseriscono perche’ c’e’ molta gente a cui piace.

            A te non piace? Benissimo, sei liberissimo di non incrociarla affatto.

            Lightning e’ l’unico personaggio di un’altri Final Fantasy che ha l’abilita’ di viaggiare tra i mondi, per questo inserire altri personaggi, anche se a te sarebbe piaciuto di piu’, non avrebbe avuto lo stesso senso.

            I “solidi e ovvi fatti” non sono solidi e ovvi affatto. Sono semplicemente la tua personale interpretazione che non ha nulla a che fare con “fatti”.

          • Sertz

            Io lo so che perdo tempo, ma sono cocciuto, che ci vuoi fare?

            Ancora una volta NO: non la posso evitare, anche non facendo le quest di quel personaggio dal carisma di una rapa camminero’ in mezzo a migliaia di personaggi femminili coi capelli rosa che portano gli abiti della rapa. Sostanza: saro’ sempre in mezzo alle rape. ( Tu lo sai, io lo so. Negando questo ci si nasconde dietro un dito. Non so tu, ma io ho 34 anni e quindi non me lo posso piu’ permettere )

            Questo e’ un fatto solido e ovvio. E’ piu’ facile da prevedere della prossima eclisse. E tu continui a far finta di non capire.

            E ancora NO: le Artifact armour non sono semplici abiti, non sono nemmeno il solo e semplice simbolo di una classe, non sono nemmeno il solo e semplice segno di un traguardo raggiunto, ma sono anche funzionali al gameplay.

            E tu, come me, lo sai bene come pochi, ma eviti accuratamente dei dettagli che non sono dettagli perche’ cambiano la natura stessa dell’ oggetto.

            Questo e’ un fatto solido e ovvio. E tu continuerai a far finta di non capire, immagino, il pattern e’ quello.

            “Lightning e’ l’unico personaggio di un’altri Final Fantasy che ha
            l’abilita’ di viaggiare tra i mondi, per questo inserire altri
            personaggi, anche se a te sarebbe piaciuto di piu’, non avrebbe avuto lo stesso senso.”

            Ancora una volta NO: il senso gli e’ stato dato con l ‘ aggiunta di poche righe di uno scrittore che ha inserito questa capacita’ dopo qualcosa come svariate decine di ore di gioco della serie FFXIII.

            Lo stesso senso potrebbero averlo anche altri personaggi aggiungendo poche righe di dialogo in un gioco. Ma tu, nuovamente, ignorerai questo fatto. Perche’ un gioco o quello che ci accade all’ interno e’ legittimato una volta spiegato, bene o male non importa, nei videogiochi ci metti e togli quello che vuoi quando lo crei. Ancora: fatto solido e ovvio.

            Per inciso non mi piacciono i crossover, ci sono cerntinaia di giochi in giro, se si usano personaggi di un gioco di un’ altro sigifica che ci sono troppi giochi in proporzione alle idee degli sviluppatori. Quindi anche il fatto di avere Cloud non mi avrebbe esaltato nemmeno un po’, ma se non altro, se non altro ( ripetuto volontariamente ), non c’e’ in programma a breve in uscita un gioco con protagonista -guardacasochecombinazionemalofannoperifan- Cloud.

            Quello che interpreta sei tu, e per farlo non consideri passaggi cardine.

            I gusti sono gusti, infatti la rapa puo’ piacerti oppure no.

            Ma i fatti non sono ne’ interpretabili ( se si e’ onesti ), ne modificabili, tant’ e’ che sia io che te avremo -in un modo o nell’ altro, volontariamente o meno, poco o tanto- a che fare con la rapa che a te piace tanto.

            Io ammetto che mi fa cagare, tu potresti almeno, dico almeno, ammettere che invece a te fa’ l’ effetto opposto e che non te ne frega niente che sia una viscida mossa commerciale ( ci avessero messo Tifa, per esempio, non si potrebbe sospettare e c’e’ la seria probabilita’ che i fan sarebbero stati piu’ contenti che con la rapa ).

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Spiacente, ma cercare di giustificare la tua partigianeria appiccicandola ad altri non funziona.

            La tua previsione di trovarti attorno “migliaia di personaggi con i capelli rosa e gli abiti di lightning” e’ risibile. E’ ovvio che non succedera’, ed e’ gia’ tanto se ne vedrai qualcuno.

            Il definire una previsione tanto strampalata “Un fatto solido e ovvio” è assolutamente ridicolo.

            Gli abiti di lightning sono vestiti. Ne’ piu’ ne’ meno, e non sono diversi da qualsiasi altro vestito nel gioco. Sei tu che gli attribuisci un’accezione negativa completamente arbitraria, quindi il tuo argomento non ha peso.

            Non hanno “lightning” scritto sulla schiena.

            Stai anche facendo un paragone completamente fuori luogo. I viaggi dimensionali sono parte del lore della saga di Final Fantasy XIII, che ti piaccia o no.

            Non sono stati creati ad hoc per questo crossover.

            Altri Final Fantasy non hanno la stessa cosa, quindi non sono paragonabili. Certo, uno scrittore potrebbe aggiungerli, ma non e’ stato fatto, e l’elemento NON e’ parte del lore di quei giochi.

            C’e’ una grossa differenza tra l’applicare un’elemento esistente nell’ambientazione e crearne uno ad hoc.

            PS: Tutto nello sviluppo dei videogiochi e’ una mossa commerciale. Dalla prima all’ultima linea di codice. Sveglia, che la colazione e’ pronta 😀

          • Sertz

            Son contento che mi dai del partigiano, e’ vero e ne vado orgoglioso perche’ anche se non tutti i partigiani erano persone da stimare, nel complesso lottavano per la liberta’ democratica con tutti limiti che la democrazia puo’ comportare.

            Sono ben contento di acquistare un prodotto ben fatto e giustamente pubblicizzato da multinazionali multimiliardarie, ma non sopporto imposizioni esterne che vanno oltre il semplice business e sconfinano nella viscida speculazione. La rapa non c’ entra assolutamente nulla in FFXIV, non ce ne era nessun bisogno e l’ unica cosa che potra’ fare per i giocatori e’ del danno. E se pensi che invece ce ne fosse bisogno allora forse e’ meglio che non compri FFXIVARR, perche’ finite le missioni della rapa il resto potrebbe non essere sufficentemente appagante, per te.

            PS: “La tua previsione di trovarti attorno “migliaia di personaggi con i
            capelli rosa e gli abiti di lightning” e’ risibile. E’ ovvio che non
            succedera’, ed e’ gia’ tanto se ne vedrai qualcuno.”

            Mi auguro che tu abbia ragione, ma vedi, io invece non sono cosi’ ottimista perche la mamma dei cretini e’ sempre incinta ( infatti non si deve essere molto furbi a giocare un MMO per replicare un personaggio di un gioco diverso quando questo genere di giochi nasce da necessita’ opposte ).

            “Gli abiti di lightning sono vestiti. Ne’ piu’ ne’ meno, e non sono
            diversi da qualsiasi altro vestito nel gioco. Sei tu che gli attribuisci
            un’accezione negativa completamente arbitraria, quindi il tuo argomento non ha peso.”

            Ma che lo dico a fare … non ho MAI citato i miei gusti -almeno io non li nascondo- in quel passaggio! Sei incredibile, quello che mischia tutto sei tu, rileggiti bene i post che ti sei perso.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            “rapa” non e’ un’accezione positiva. Inutile che ci provi.

            Non c’e’ da augurarsi che io abbia ragione, perche’ è ovvio. Persino quando misero i bikini non c’erano migliaia di persone che ci giravano, puoi capire una giacca con un paio di shorts.

            Non c’e’ nessuna “Imposizione esterna”. Puoi completamente ignorare il contenuto. L’unica “Imposizione” e’ quella che percepisci erroneamente tu, reagendo in modo spropositato.

            “non ce n’e’ bisogno” e’ un’argomento che non sta in piedi. Se lo sviluppo di videgiochi si basasse solo sul “bisogno” staremmo ancora a giocare a pacman.

            Non avevano “bisogno” nemmeno di fare A Realm Reborn se e’ per questo.

            Lightning c’entra con FFXIV esattamente quanto i suoi autori decidono che c’entra. E hanno deciso che c’entra.

          • Chris Nunez

            Actually i would say Guiseppe is wasting his time really. He is hitting all the facts, and really using your own argument against you. You know, a lot of people at my job are wearing red shirts today. Many people in FF wear artifact armor. Every new player is wearing the same “Clone” starter gear. I do not see a problem with a couple of people wearing a jacket and pants or dressing like Lightning. In fact, maybe , since many people claim to hate the idea so much, it will add variety to all the AF running around in endgame! PROBLEM SOLVED!!! 🙂

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Lol yeah. The more clothes, the more variety we’ll get. No doubt about that.

  • William Trengove

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that the Western Internet Fanbase of Final Fantasy is a bunch of Drama Queens.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      eh, it applies to part of the fanbase of pretty much every very established IP. People start to think that they know better about them than their own authors. Which is hilarious.

      • William Trengove

        Exactly…like Mass Effect, Metroid, Kingdom Hearts, Halo…This list goes on…You’d be surprised how many times I hear people complain about so many different things that are happening to their ‘Perfect World’.

  • Zerosion

    I’m going to have fun with this and no one can do anything to stop me.

    • Aya Hamada

      Same . I enjoyed XIII and XIII-2 and i get the platinum trophies
      and i can’t even see how having “more content” in MMORPG is a bad thing regardeless of the contant

  • CecilsDarkSide

    I think this crazy “Fanservice BAD!” reaction that people are having is a bit extreme. yes this is a “numbered” FF, but its also a MMO that needs subs and has to reach into it’s existing fan base to secure them. Did anyone hate when FFT: WoTL had Balthier in it? No. everyone loves Balthier, If he was in XIV, i don’t think as many people would complain.cross title fan service

    Yoshi P stated that he knew there would be 1 of 2 reactions, Love it or Hate it. He is willing to risk that there are more of us who wold love to see some cross title interaction in an MMO we will no doubt be spending hundreds upon hundreds of hours in. It will be a nice break from thwarting the Empire’s efforts and restoring hope to Erozea.

    Side note: Right now the ‘cool’ thing is to rag on FFXIII and it’s characters, especially Lightning. You used to hear the same sentiments about X and XII. Even though all it’s faults, 13 was an amazing RPG. Yes it was linear and held your hand WAY too long….but it had an insane bat shit-crazy story, a decent ensemble cast, and not 1 but 2 strong, confident, bad ass Female characters, something that is hard to come by now a days

  • Mildra

    what I find hilarious about the complaints on this kind of fanservice is the selection bias involved. It pretty much amounts to “fanservice is fine as long as it’s something *I* like, and that makes it different from this”.

    Also, in my opinion, the invocation of “breaking immersion” is a logical fallacy in a series of arguments that is a cavalcade of logical fallicies. It’s as ridiculous as the “break realism” arguments made during D&D’s edition wars over the last 13 years.

    Myself, i’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience in FF14, and I am interested in how they’d work Lightning into it. It could be a terrible story or an amazing one. At this juncture the only honest thing I can say is three words

    I. DON’T. KNOW.

  • foureyes oni

    i guess i’m against this fanservice which is weird since i usually love fanservice lol. the clothes don’t look too bad but i wish they had kept lightning out of this ff. Special items you can collect from other ff is cool but seeing these characters from previous ff’s is jarring. them using lightning does make sense since they are making a trilogy out of this character so she is well known so the big wigs would of course use her. At the end of this though i’m not a fan of lightning and ff13 is my least favorite ff. i’m also starting to think i’m not gonna like ff15.

    • Nicholas Perry

      Why? Because FFXIII doesn’t give you the illusion of choice or illusion of freedom in exploring a world of guided invisible walls?
      Even though it gives you the actual freedom of choice in battle and how you choose to customize your characters classes and weapons?

      Or because FFXV is going to have action based combat instead of turn based?

      In a series whom’s entire basis for existence is to keep reinventing itself and trying new things?

      • foureyes oni

        i played FFXIII beat it just didn’t like it and like you said nuff said. lots of folks like it, lots of folks hate it. Now for FF15 i think it looks amazing and the combat looks like a lot of fun. I’m just not digging the world that i’ve seen so far or its characters. It just seems boring to me. this is gonna sound so wrong but now that i think about it for some odd reason ff15 reminds me of the twilight movies lol.

  • Kris ~ <3

    So FFXIV is kind of like Dissidia when they bring in a bunch of different good guys and bad right? Well that makes sense. Am I correct in saying that if ppl hate XIV, then they pretty much hate the Dissidia game? I don’t know. 😛

  • Nicholas Perry

    Damn this article. Thank you.

    Nuff said.

    I’m honestly sick of all the people whining about XIII and Lightning.

  • Teyyd1f

    like it

  • Sam

    I found Lightning to have a great design but lack luster as a character so you could say I’m a hater to a degree if you want.(Though I wouldn’t classify myself as one) While I agree though all the over reaction is a bit silly, its not completely unjustified. Any way you spin it, the content still feels like cheap cross promotion. If you liked XIII though I can understand ones excitement.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Considering how much effort is going into it, it’s nothing but “cheap”. And cross promotion isn’t inherently bad as long as it fits, and it does.

      • Sam

        Agree to disagree on it fitting into the story, but I will give you that cheap wasn’t the best word. It wasn’t meant to reflect poorly on the artists and developers who have spent hours working on the content. The beta has shown their dedication and talent is unmatched for turning around an MMO in the short amount of time that they have. Its a feat that should be commended I can’t imagine the crunch they’ve been in trying to remake this game while under the pressure of the collapsing game that was 1.0.

  • twrule

    I am fine with Lightning’s character, but to me this is just blatantly 4th-wall breaking in a particularly nauseating way. Like others have said, it doesn’t matter if it can be made to sort of make sense in the lore (really it can’t because the ‘jumping between realities’ plot device can justify everything and yet usually comes off as forced or just silly), when you are confronted with those elements in the game, which obviously refer to something outside the FFXIV universe – worse, knowing they are part of a hokey publicity campaign – is cringe-worthy. There are tasteful ways to do fan service and tasteless ways – this is the latter.

    I’m still going to play and enjoy XIV, I just hope they limit any future fan service to the older FF games so I don’t feel like I’m being continually reminded to buy a game via a game I’m already paying for.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s not that “it can be made sort of make sense”. It does. The lore of Final Fantasy XIV *and* Final Fantasy XIII is radically based on that.

      • twrule

        I know the lore *allows* it – I was more referring to how any plot that relies on ‘time and dimension travel’ as a device tends to quickly get convoluted – leaving the audience with a feeling of overwhelming absurdity. XIII-2 definitely flirted with the line here if it didn’t cross it. In my view, this cross-over just threatens to bring that feeling into XIV – at least localized within this questline.