PS3 Exclusive Ace Combat Infinity Unveiled, Still Set in the Real World in 2019, PS Vita Logo Mysteriously Removed

Namco Bandai officially announced Ace Combat Infinity, and with the unveiling of the game we get a few scarce tidbits of information. Unfortunately not all of them will please the fans.

Despite the hints that seemed to tease a return to the old dear fictional world of Strangereal, the new game is still set in the real world, even if slightly shifted in the future, to be precise after a meteor storm devastates the planet in 2019. We also learn that it’ll be a pS3 exclusive.

Environments will be still created with the use of satellite images provided by GeoEye and the Japan Space Imaging Corporation.

Veteran fans of the series might find some solace in the fact that the game will feature some elements lifted from the fictional chapters of the series, like the Aigaion/Kottos Airships from Ace Combat 6 and Stonehenge from Ace Combat 4.

There’s also a little mystery case, as the site initially went live with the PS Vita logo in addition to the PS3 one, but that has since been removed. Mistake or future reveal? Probably a mistake, but we’ll see.

We can only hope that, while the game is set in the real world, it will recover some of the flavor of the older installments of the franchise thanks to the post apocalyptic themes and the fictional and futuristic elements. In the meanwhile you can check out the teaser trailer below.

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  • Ditto-The-Mark

    Bad idea not making Xbox, I don’t have the money to pay for a playstation and next gen… Too bad… Might as well go back to ace combat 6 and pretend that it’s new…

    • Razgriz

      Oh! It’s only what PlayStation fans went through with on AC6.

      This one isn’t even a main entry in the series so I can’t even consider it as equal to the “ownage” set upon us PS fans when AC6 never went back to a PS console and the next installment we got was “XBox fans” ideal Ace Combat.

      • Ditto-The-Mark

        I know but you and Namco Bandai are acting like its our fault about the AC6 decision they created Xbox fans. Why all of a sudden are they throwing half of the fans in the trash can.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Not half.

          • Ditto-The-Mark

            Oh is that so. I was just making a point no need to take what I say as reality.

          • MGSPhantom

            If you aren’t willing to do some basic research on the sales of a game (google is your friend) but you want to actually try and debate with someone, you deserve to be bitches at sarcastically. You are doing no research and claiming to know what you are talking about. Then again, that is what almost every gamer does these days, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

          • Ditto-The-Mark

            I never claimed so your putting words in my mouth and If I must add I am not a fan of Xbox, yes I bought one but that is because the 360 is graphically better you can research that jack ass.

          • Razgriz

            Don’t worry Ditto-The-Mark, this is Namco-Bandai, the company that brought Dark Souls to PC because of a petition. There is no need for you to be so worked about this.

            But for us PlayStation platform gamers, we have everything to lose and have lost a lot. MS’s strategy to dull-ify the PS3 by making staple 3rd party exclusives multiplat has really hurt, especially in how the games became “bro-gamer” centric and not appearing on PS systems at all.

            Therefore, seeing Project Aces make a dedicated (hopefully) AC game on PS3 is kind of reassuring that they have not abandoned us at all. For all I care, you can have AC Infinity on the Xbox too, but give us an AC6 port in return 🙁

          • Ditto-The-Mark

            I agree with your statement however I am moving to playstation and now my hope if not on Xbox is that it will be ported to the playstation 4 as I am buying one for next gen. And I can hopefully reassure you that in the next generation that Namco Bandai will realize that the playstation 4 is superior to Xbox one and come out with more exclusives.

            I realize now I should have been more clear about my disappointment. I am mainly mad because they’re releasing this Ace Combat at the end of this consoles life. And they haven’t mentioned a word about AC on next gen.