Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is the Best Selling Game on Amazon Japan for First Half of 2012

Everyone hates Lightning right? As it turns out, we get more evidence of the opposite, as Amazon Japan just posted its six months aggregated sales chart for console games and console hardware for the first half of 2012.

Care to guess what game came up on top? You guessed it right (probably because you read the headline): Final Fantasy XIII-2. Looks like, at least in Japan, people don’t really hate Lightning so much.

The second chapter of the Lightning saga left in the dust One Piece: Pirate Warriors (that may have been a small title in the west, but is a best seller in Japan due to the popularity of the manga and anime series) and veritable ten ton gorillas like Monster Hunter 3G and Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS.

Interestingly enough the Xbox Live 3500 points prepaid card ranked 9th, demonstrating that there indeed are Xbox owners in Japan, unless the cards were used for Origami I guess…

Jokes aside, the PS Vita Wi-fi model got barely outranked by the 3DS Ice White (which is definitely the best looking 3DS out there), ranking respectively 13th and 12th, while the 3G/Wi-fi model of the Vita is way behind in 18th place.


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  • Kamille

    in Japan people rather play crap than a western game.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Or maybe they just have different tastes, not necessarily better or worse.

    • L’anzce Eirr

      The only western game i like is Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

  • Stealth

    this is really old isnt it? like really old

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The charts came out today. So no?

  • Zerosion

    I really enjoyed 13-2. I’m looking forward to LR.

  • Chris Nunez

    Yes, I laugh at those Japanese and their variety of colorful games! Us Americans have it good with our top 5 dull grey shooter!! Murica knows good games.

  • L’anzce Eirr

    Yes, i love FFXIII, even the original one. Haters can hate it, but i love it.

  • foureyes oni

    i still don’t like ff13.

  • Mildra

    I enjoyed 13 and 13-2, and I’ll enjoy even more the inevitable shifting of the goalpost about the FF that “everyone” hates.

  • TheExile285

    I like Lightning

  • Panda83

    I really have to get around to finishing FFXIII. I feel like I would really like XIIII-2 being that its more traditional with the towns and all.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Queue haters about why FFXIII and Square Enix are just terrible and the evils of all !

  • CecilsDarkSide

    I enjoyed XIII and thought XIII-2 was awesome.. I loved the ability to use monsters in your party and I thought Noel was one of the best Male charcter in the XIII series