Check Out a Bloody Gameplay Video of the PS3 Exclusive JRPG Drakengard 3

Today Square Enix held a livestream event on Nico Nico focused on the upcoming PS3 Exclusive JRPG Drakengard 3 (or Drag-on Dragoon 3 as it’s called in Japan).

During the livestream we got to see a nice chunk of bloody gameplay (about six minutes). You can check it out below.

Unfortunately it’s quite pixelated, as it’s a recording from a livestream, but it’s much better than nothing, isn’t it?

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  • Draken

    I know you warned us, but man… those pixels…

  • AliSleeq

    That chick who keeps yelling from the panel is so freaking annoying.

    • Draken

      Welcome to Japanese TV.