New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Screenshots Show Titan, Tease “A Long Stay in Eorzea”

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is little more than a month away from its release, and today Square Enix released four new screenshots of the content under development.

We get to see the hard mode version of the Titan Battle. Players will face their primal earlier during the main story quest in a four player battle, while the hard mode will be available at level 50 and will be much more challenging, requiring a full group of eight players, but will also reward winners with Titan weapons.

We also get a glimpse of one of the battles involved in the new questline to get a Relic weapon, and that one looks quite challenging as well.

Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida also teased the team’s long term plans in his latest message to the community:

Completing the main scenario will get players to level 50, but the adventure doesn’t end there. Being an online game, there’ll be regular updates to continue the story. So even if you reach the level cap shortly after release, there’s no reason to think you’ve hit the top. Considering all the plans we have for the game, you may want to get comfortable and prepare for a long stay in Eorzea.

You can check out the screenies below, and and don’t forget to read my hands-on preview of the closed beta, nicely decorated with a whopping 723 screenshots.

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  • foureyes oni

    i really hope this game will have regular updates.

  • Ena Sccis

    The titan battle looks very fun for the fact that you can be hit and fall off the cliff. It seems like you won’t die from the impact alone, but the different mechanics of climbing your way back into battle does bring a new element in boss fight game play.

    On the relic boss fight (4th pic), can anyone make out the boss’s name? I’m seeing a 3 headed monster so could be something Cerberus like?