Retro City Rampage Dev Feels Microsoft is “Setting up a Poor Precedent” on Indie Self Publishing 180

Retro City Rampage Creator Brian Provinciano has been vocal against Microsoft’s policies with indie developers and games in the past. Now that Microsoft announced that they’ll be able to self-publish, is he finally satisfied? Yes and no.

After the announcement he took to Twitter to say that self publishing on Xbox One “Is not as good as it sounds”, and a few hours later he elaborated further, not without a clear hint of sarcasm:

How do you feel about it? Do you agree that Microsoft seems to react more promptly to public shaming than to feedback from developers, or maybe indie studios should just be satisfied with the fact that the policy is indeed changing?

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  • dirkradke

    If you want to play in Microsoft’s pool you need to play by Microsoft’s rules whether good or bad.

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      That’s the point…. a lot of devs weren’t playing in Microsoft’s pool because of their ridiculous restrictions. That’s why Microsoft changed their rules. He’s complaining because every change Microsoft has made has been completely obvious to the vast majority of both gamers and devs since they first announced what they wanted to do. Now they aren’t sticking to their obviously stupid plans and look like idiots that have no clue what they’re doing to the general public. That isn’t a good thing when you want the general public to purchase your product.

  • Will

    I think his tweets are very justified. While its great those changes are being made, they should have been paying more attention to what developers were asking for prior to this whole mess.

  • Ena Sccis

    Microsoft thinks they can dictate the future of gaming, but the people have spoken and all this 180ing everything just looks poorly at the moment.

  • islan

    At first I was like “is this guy ever happy with xbox?” and then I read his tweets and was all “huh … he kinda has a point.”

  • Axe99

    This is the power of competition. A weak PS4 (or weak Wii U, which unfortunately at this stage it is sales-wise) or a PS4 with a different vision and next-gen would be looking considerably bleaker. Props to MS for changing, but it’d be nice to see them moving forward on stuff that was good for gamers from a depth perspective, rather than their core driving force being pushing flashy gimmicks.