More Information on Lightning’s Boob Job in Lightning Returns: FFXIII Emerge: Yes, They’ll Jiggle

During E3 we broke the news about the fact that the development team of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII saw fit to enlarge the protagonist’s breasts for the third chapter of the saga. Obviously that caused quite a stir, and today during the Premium Event held in Tokyo (you can read more about it and check out a gallery and a video here) the devs went quite a lot beyond that, giving us even more information (maybe even too much information) during the Q&A session, as reported by Famitsu.

If you’re offended by Lightning’s sexualization, I suggest you don’t read further, because your head could explode.

Q: Is it true you said you wanted Lightning-san’s size from a C cup to a D cup?

Nobuhiro Goto (Character Modeling Designer):  Toriyama-san said “I want it bigger” so…

Motomu Toriyama (Director): [What a] cop-out! (laughs)

Goto: Yes, it was enlarged.

Q: Was it a C cup until now? Does it even jiggle this time?

Goto: Yes!

Toriyama: It’s determined by clothing, like the so-called corrective underwear. (laughs)

Masaru Suzuki (Designer): There’s an unreleased costume that exposes the l’Cie scar on her chest. Please think [carefully], is there any other information that should be disclosed? (laughs)

Q: So there were costumes that were rejected?

Goto: I think there are a few designs that were rejected.

Suzuki: If reproducing the outfit proves to be difficult, then I’ll consult with the artwork designer as much as possible, but if the costume design slows down to a crawl, it gets scrapped.

Dengeki Online‘s report of the Q&A provides further details:

Q: I heard that the chest Jiggles?

Goto: Yes, her chest jiggles. Since everyone can decide what costume she’ll wear, you can make sure it does (laughs). By the way, since Lightning swings her arm when you change her weapon in the menu screen, that’s a recommended action for sure-fire jiggling! To see it even better it could be useful to equip a small shield. Look forward to it!

There you have it. It’s worth noting, in case you’re wondering why Lightning’s breasts look rather small for a D cup, that a Japanese D cup is pretty much equivalent to a North American C, while a Japanese C is pretty much like an American B.

If you got this far with your head intact congratulations. Will you enjoy the boob job and the jiggling? That’s for you to decide. One thing is for sure: you aren’t going to see developers talk this freely about this topic in the West. Your mileage may vary on whether that’s a good thing or not.

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  • theodor70941


    • Godmars

      Bite my shiny metal ass.

      Honestly, its one thing discovering this sort of thing on your during gameplay. Another hearing the dev whoring it out as a selling point.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        You do understand that this is a Q&A, meaning that they have been directly asked by the fans at the event to talk about it, right?

        • Godmars

          Doesn’t make it any better to hear.

        • Levi Elwood Myers

          Also, they were both generally joking and having a good time about it.

          meanwhile, we’re over here overreacting and getting offended as we always do. Sad as hell.

          • Nardia

            Yeah, nothing spells “overreacting” like people being sad and bored by a previously awesome character being changed to meet the creepy sexual fantasies of people who struggle with recognising women as people in their own right.
            I even attractive women myself but the picture at the top creeps me the hell out. That’s not what Lightning’s character is like at all.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Which is why you can… just avoid wearing that costume, considering that it’s completely optional and the game provides plenty strait laced costumes, even masculine ones as a matter of fact.

            Some will enjoy it, some will not. Those that won’t aren’t left without options for sure.

          • Levi Elwood Myers

            As I said, overreacting.

          • Nozomi

            What grosses me out about the picture is not Lightning posed in a uncharacteristic costume, which I find cute, but her unnatural chest. It is disgustingly weird. A normal, D-cupped woman would not have such a triangular, overlarge bust with a thin body. You’d see disgustingly large boobs on a thin body of a pornstar. It’s repulsive.

      • theodor70941

        … bite my shiny metal ass…

        you stole that queue from Futurama!

        • Godmars

          Thought it went well with my avatar. Had no idea meme recycling was suddenly illegal.

      • Spokker

        They started whoring out the series once they began making direct sequels to specific Final Fantasy installments. Where were you when FF X-2 was a thing?

        To complain about some fan service at this point seems to be a waste of time if you buy into the concept of these games in the first place.

        • Godmars

          “Where were you when FF X-2 was a thing?”

          Either the internet wasn’t a thing at the time or wasn’t on it. Needless to say, besides FF9 which seems to carry some damn memory-wipe/destroy console/problem w/RL curse, its the only FF which I’ve never finished.

          And still of then at least I didn’t have evidence that they’d continue such bad trends. Do even worse.

  • Bon

    It’s like they’re desperately making me want to play the game now.

    • Godmars

      No, Really?!

      Japan’s become nothing but fan service, hasn’t it?

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        “nothing but” is an enormous hyperbole, I’d say.

        • orangpelupa

          correction :p 😀 🙂 (>_<)v

          "nothing butt" is an enormous hyperbole, I'd say.

    • Sapientia

      I hope you know this is fake as hell.

  • Ksar

    Seriously, i don’t see the problem. It’s more realistic. In real life, it’s the same thing.

  • Panzerdrako

    let me guess, THERE ARE a DEAD OF ALIVE KAZUMI custom for LIGHTNING?!!!

    • Guest

      Unlikely as that might be, I would have no problem with that.

    • Mildra

      Unlikely though it might be, I would have no problem with that.

  • Josh Iverson

    Can we use the sixaxis to make them jiggle like in Ninja Gaiden Sigma

  • Andre

    “The goddess did it.”

    • Freesun4

      Bless the goddess!

  • “OH EM GEE why are they sexualizing her!? Such blatant sexism!” -Hardcore FPS player, ironically offended by sexualization but perfectly fine with mass murder.

    • superwolfkin

      I’m not sure I care but those ARE two distinct issues. We generally don’t have a problem with mass murders everywhere but we do have large social issues regarding sexism

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        “We generally don’t have a problem with mass murders”

        really now?

        • superwolfkin

          “We generally don’t have a problem with mass murders”

          really now?

          Yeah I qualified it. in general we don’t. Mass murders happen. they seem to happen more frequently than they used to but mass murders aren’t happening every week like say a drunk girl getting poked in the vag at a frat party. or nearly as often as say girl getting unwanted taps on dat backside.

          sexism happens all the time all over the place like butter spread on toast. mass murders at worse are like a sprinkle of pepper on said toast.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            So we do have a problem with them. You just personally care less about it because they don’t happen “often” (debatable).

          • Scourge626

            Does it matter how often either of them happen? The fact that both of these happen at all is an issue and both of them should be dealt with.

      • Fair enough…but the problem with sexism is limited, imo, to a distinct group of easily offended and often hypocritical people. I only see sexism when it is sensationalized by an outraged loudmouth, not in day to day interactions. If anything, women sexualize themselves a bit too much with the “hot trends” in clothing and such.

        And to be even more fair, sexism is a far less damaging issue than mass murder is. You can’t shrug off death,

        • MH Cressman

          You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to sexism. People “shrug off” death all the time; that’s about as messed up of a comment as your “sexism only affects a small group of people.” Women make up 50% of the human population.

          • Are you insinuating that sexism affects ALL women?

            What I know of sexism stems purely from what I’ve witnessed in person and on television. I am of the viewpoint that it does not affect the VAST majority of women. If I am wrong, so be it. But I stand by my assertions. It’s blown way out of proportion by, forgive my frankness, people like you.

          • Nardia

            There are 6 billion people in the world, and you think your personal experiences encompass everything that all those people might endure? Television is restricted to cultural archetypes and entertainment by personalities like Rupert Murdoch, it doesn’t show everything there is to know about the world.

            You are not omnipotent. Your opinion does not define the experiences of others. Please be mindful of others, kthnxbai.

          • superwolfkin

            Are you insinuating that sexism affects ALL women?

            yeah I’d feel comfortable with that statement. There may be aspects of sexism that are blown out of proportion. Yeah maybe rape isn’t as big an issue as we’re told (doubt it personally), maybe the glass ceiling is an outdated construct no longer relevant (possibly), maybe women get all the push they need to go into STEM and simply elect not to (again i doubt it).

            any aspect of sexism I could listen to you argue is blown out of proportion but sexism as a whole.. most definitely affects nearly all women. I would put money down on that. Good money.

          • Dark_Hollow

            I’d feel comfortable with that statement too. Being a woman I experience sexism almost every day in some kind of form. May it be a guy who comes up to me smacking my ass, or the fact that I can’t go out at night without putting myself at great risk. Thought that risk goes with guys you know as well, as sad as that is.Or the various things you can see on TV(advertisements, objectification).

            I’ve never met a woman who has not experienced sexism is some shape or form. I honestly believe they do not exist. I honestly believe throughout the life of a woman she will experience some form of sexism, because sexism is truly anywhere, even if you can’t see it.

            Remember it’s harder for someone in a position who will never experience sexism(a man) to spot sexism when they aren’t told how to spot it.

            (Oh, and, inb4 QQing about men experiencing any kind of sexism on any kind of significant level that would ever affect their life. Because they don’t, get over it and stop pretending your life is so hard being a straight (possibly white) guy. Not directed at you Superwolfkin ^^)

          • superwolfkin

            May it be a guy who comes up to me smacking my ass

            I’m curious are dudes still doing that? I understand inappropriate touch is a thing but I’ve been imagining it as like unwelcome hugs, or holding dudettes too close or too long when you don’t know them. I thought butt pat was out of style with strangers.

        • superwolfkin

          the problem with sexism is limited, imo, to a distinct group of easily offended and often hypocritical people

          good lord I hope you just really need a proofreader. Because that’s an insane statement to make. I don’t know a single girl that hasn’t been affected by sexism at some point to some degree. I hope you meant to say that sexism in video games is an issue to a limited number of people. Which I again disagree with but at least that is a more measured stance.

          On an individual basis sure sexism is preferable to murder but I wonder if on a social/communal basis if murder isn’t more easy to move past than constant unrelenting sexism.

          You might compare a jewish Holocaust vs trans-atlantic slave trade for instance. Or even on a less macroscopic scale you might look at a household that has a loss. The family grieves but they adapt and move on. Even if that one family crumbles society moves on around them. We’re looking at say 4-5 people affected greatly plus 4-5 friends affected minorly and a smattering of people affected tangentially If you look at the effects of sexism however it alters your psychological state. It may generate a type of paranoia that one doesn’t even recognize but is always present. It’s like racism which trains black people do be paranoid of the police even if they’ve grown up in the suburbs. That sort of paranoia can seep into the collective mindset of the affected and have deleterious effects. In the case of sexism it’s women. It puts women at a disadvantage mentally through no fault of their own. We’re looking at again a small number affected majorly (via rape, targeted violence etc), but we’re looking at a much much larger number affected minorly with ingrained psychological perspectives that their counterparts (men) are unable to even understand. That speaks to me of a situation that deserves attention. Even if we posit that video games have no effect (which i think is giving up the ghost a bit) sexism as a concept is most definitely an issue.

        • Renee I.

          Sexism covers a wide range of behaviors from inappropriate comments to sexual assaults. 1 in 5 women has experienced some form of sexual assault. Yep you read that right, 1 in 5. That’s 1 in 5 women that have experienced the absolute worst end of the sexism spectrum and you think it is a jump in logic to think that the other 4 in 5 haven’t experienced the forms of sexism at the other end? Yikes.

      • Spokker

        Neither sexism or violent crime is affected by video games so it’s a moot point either way.

        • Nardia

          Both are moderated by the expectations of society, and video games–amongst other forms of media–provide mirrors for those expectations. Violent crime in games has its limitations and consequences, and for those who don’t understand that, society has quick and condemning responses. Sexism is not acknowledged in many areas of varying cultures; education for it is lacking in both schools and family lives, and the real-life consequences are not as reliable as those of violent crimes. Violence is also treated as nothing but a mechanic with which to tell a deeper story, while sexism in games is not a mechanic but an underlying (mostly visual) theme encouraged wholeheartedly by the story *and* the gameplay. When sexism is perpetrated through games and other media, there is nothing in real life with which to balance it, and so it does actually have an effect where violence in games does not.

          In this case, it is more important for forms of media to reflect modern values and provide context and maintain welcoming environments for all. Manipulating content to serve sexual functions, such as characters who were until recently held up as examples of characterisation done “right”, alienates half the audience and justifies this same behaviour to the other half.

          What this comes down to is: nothing happens in a void. Every action has a reaction, a ripple affect that adds to the way people in society view certain people/archetypes/topics. That does not mean that these topics should be avoided completely, but merely that anyone touching on the issue should do so with awareness, intelligence and human compassion rather than the brute ignorance displayed by Nobuhiro Goto.

        • superwolfkin

          some people posit that sexism in video games helps stabilize the permissive culture of sexism. Dudes rape girls .. it happens some guys are messed up like that but things like posting it to facebook? or even YouTube and then bragging about it? on said social networks. Those I personally see as results of a culture that has a problem with sexism and I think video games could be a part of that.

    • orangpelupa

      actually i have problem with mass murderer.

      thats why i love The Last of Us.

      It clearly shows that i, the player, the main character that murder other NPC actually did not want to do it.

      we are forced to do it.

      thats why i love Specs Ops The Line

      it shows how messed-up is mass murderer

      ooops, both of them are TPS, not FPS…

    • orangpelupa

      btw, fps player also have problem with useless Mass Murder fan service.

      remember the CoD airport fiasco?

      but if the mass murder fan service is integrated in a clever way, fps player accepted it.

      the same with sex fan service. If its integrated in clever way, player will accept it.

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  • Mildra

    IMO, this shouldn’t have been a big deal to begin with, but here we are. Personally i’m gonna sit back and laugh at whoever decides to pull a Schrier with this info, especially since in the greater scheme of things its inconsequential.

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  • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

    I don’t play Final Fantasy to see breasts juggle, but oh well, not a bad addition I guess.

    As long as the jiggling don’t affect gameplay, I’m fine with it.

    • Freesun4

      What if they affect our focus?

      • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

        Then you can’t complete it and will become a Cie’th.

      • vanitias

        Every camera angle for any special attack goes from the breasts up. XD

  • Freesun4

    Okay guys I’m going to say it flat out. I’m playing this game for the story and gameplay.

    …Now won’t stop me from mas#!#!#

  • Jimmy Russell

    This game is dangerously misogynistic and needs to be banned.

    • Dalton Kelly

      Seems like an infringement on personal liberties and freedom of expression if you ask me.

    • frumpus

      You need to be banned for your idiotic anti-women agenda. There is nothing wrong with the way Lightning is dressed in this game.

  • ZenTzen

    so seeing as they cant make a good story out of XIII or compelling gameplay, they are going with the pandering model now

    cant wait for SE to move on from this stain on the FF series and move to something better

    • frumpus

      they’ve been doing this for years, you only noticed now? look at the way the dudes in FFXV are dressed or the skimpy outfits of the characters in FF10 and FF12

      • orangpelupa

        yup yup. its not just the girls that wear minimalist outfit. the boys wear them too on FF10

        maybe SQEX emphasis man-woman are equal, no discrimination?

  • KuchikiSentou

    Now I know why I decided to get Lightning Returns. There was just something about the game that drew me to it. Thanks for it pointing out.

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  • Freesun4

    Just citing a comment from a friend of mine

    “How could they do this!? Final Fantasy never had fanservice!

    Or well, maybe just a couple like:

    Maria had her left boob naked!
    Cloud of Darkness….. Cloud of Darkness!
    Celes and Terra were fighting on armored, one piece bikinis.
    Tifa’s boobs on the craters were tee heee!
    Selphie’s skirt was preeetty short and under odd circumstances you could see her panties. (Wheresheholdshernunchucksagain?)
    Garnet had sooome tight clothes highlighting her ass.
    Lulu’s boobies were such a paronamic sight and her belts were such a mystery!
    X-2 had too much fanservice it actually made me sick.
    Ashe, oh boy Ashe. Her skirt competes with Shiki Misaki.
    I wonder where’s Vanille’s l’Cie mark?

    … but that’s still breaking standards!”

  • frumpus

    Its as if this is a response to the sausagefest that is FFXV or something

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  • JustSomeGuy


  • orangpelupa

    Nelva, did you write this with straight face?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Not *totally* but having covered gaming stuff for 16 years I’ve seen *much* worse.

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  • admeister

    I couldn’t care less about this. Just release the game already!

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  • William Trengove

    I’m not surprised at all…This is Japan we’re talking about, They’ve been doing this for a very very very VERY LOOOOOONNNGGG TIME! So I don’t even want to hear that Square Enix has turned into a pandering studio…It already was, EVERY Genre based in Japan whether it’s video games, Anime, Drama, Novelization, Manga, etc was seen as pandering the moment it was created in Japan, get with the times people!

  • Charlie

    So she goes from a badass to jiggling eyecandy…great >_>

    • orangpelupa

      from badass to badbreast?

      • Charlie

        Just a note. I have oversized boobies. That’s not my problem. It’s that fact they have sellotaped them onto a character who before was more likely to punch you in the face than give you the time of day. Sexy wasn’t a prime part of Lightning’s character before. I don’t have problem with Juliet or Bayonetta. However, turning a character into this to get sales from teenage boys is just disgusting.

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  • Bryan2Blazed

    For the price of this game you could go get a real life prostitute. If you are legit worried if a female video game characters boobs will jiggle I think you have crossed that line a long time ago.

  • L1nk1

    Just make it porn.

    • foureyes oni

      i’m sure there will be a hentai doujinshi for this game.

  • Mizz

    ..Yay :]

  • Dragon Nexus

    Because why would we want interesting character development when we can have boobs that move!

    • Ebalosus

      Disregarding the boobs thing and only focusing on the fanservice aspect of this, it’s really lazy fanservice. Fanservice is better (or tolerable, depending on how you view fanservice) when it is either in the background so that only fans would notice, or implemented in a clever way (like a level that has an outline of a previous instalment’s character, for e.g.). This, this is just shallow LCD pandering that we can pretty much all see through.

      Look, Final Fantasy XIII and its ilk have enough problems as-is without this to add to the pile, and I’m pretty sure that adding jiggle physics isn’t really going to improve either its critical reception, or its sales prospects.

      Also, I noted earlier on twitter some ironic meta-humour: Liara from Mass Effect got bigger boobs in the sequels, and both Liara and Lightning are voiced by Ali Hillis…

      • Gust

        Yeah but I don’t think people play final fantasy to watch a woman’s breast jiggle. Exactly who are they servicing with this crap? I honestly think this is pushing people away from the game not enticing them to buy it.

  • All the more reason to favor Ashe over Lightning.

    I’m glad I never got to experience the PS3+ era of FF games; just falling to the lowest common denominator now. So sad.

  • Trains

    I hope this story is about the back issues Lighting has now. It would be more sensible and driving than her last story…

  • giant squid

    to fix sexism in games every character should be completely nude all the time


  • Persia13

    No, dammit not everyone is horny as hell.

  • Mikeymare

    Why should this be article worthy? If they wanted to increase her cup size it shouldnt have been in a big article, they should of just added it! The fact they are showcasing this like it is some big leap in the future of the industry makes the industry look like a joke and makes the fans look like Horny creepers who get off to pixels…

  • NateWolf Smith

    I think this is a misinterpretation of what the developers said. They didn’t say this change applies to Lightning entirely throughout the game. They said it applies to certain costumes.
    And as the player you can choose to wear these costumes or not.
    For those of us who want to play as Lightning in her original physique can still do so and ignore this new feature and be able to play the game without it being tainted by hyper-sexuality.

    • Scourge626

      It’s still there though. These guys know that sex sells which is why they put it in there in the first place. They know people are going to buy it and they try to push it on the consumer as being the pervert for doing so. But it’s the developers who went through the time to add the jiggle system, to make the sexy outfits, and to put her into the outfits that would allow them to jiggle. But it’s the player whose hyper-sexualizing the character by buying it, not the creators for adding it in the first place.

      • NateWolf Smith

        I understand exactly you’re saying. But I’m not arguing fault. I am just driving at the point that for those of us who don’t like this addition, don’t have to use it. If we so choose, we can continue to play without using the option. This way the game can appeal to both audiences, the ones that want a good strong character that is not wearing hyper-sexual outfits and the ones that just want to see fictional character’s boobs jiggle (might include some DOA fans coming to play Final Fantasy).

        Personally, I’m still getting Lightning Returns regardless. I like Lightning as a character and I look forward to finishing the saga.

  • DDD

    I’d like to see the breast jiggling mechanic be used to sold various puzzles.

  • Rene Tetrault

    I love it!

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  • Mr. Phazon

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t all they thought about with character development, this article and the interviewer seemed to focus solely on questions relating to the boob aspect though.

  • Lauren Borrero

    I’ve never seen a girl with a tiny waist and bog boobs happen naturally. I always thought that someone with a D-Cup that jiggles might be a little well I don’t know would have more body fat?

  • tom

    the reality is I didn’t pay 65$ (tax included) for you to throw reality in my face and have me look at it. I spent that money in hopes of going to a fantasy land where I can do what I want and look at what I want, and if that involves big jugs then so be it. Does my mind have to be completely politically correct? do all of our minds have to? that sounds like some form of indoctrination to me. The amazing thing is, people get more enraged over something like this than certain societal injustices. then again first world issues.

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  • Rain

    Elle a des gros et beau nichons et je préfère ça

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