Dragon’s Crown Is Sold Out Almost Everywhere in Japan

If you live in Japan and don’t want to settle with the digital version of Dragon’s Crown you may want to hurry, as the latest game by Vanillaware appears to have made a big splash in the archipelago of the rising sun, big enough to be sold out at almost every retailer.

I just spent a couple hours checking Amazon Japan, Tsutaya, Media Land, Yodabashi Camera, Super Potato, 7Net, Lawson, Net Off, Jbook, Happinet, Sofmap and quite a few smaller local retailers.

The only ones of the bunch that have the game available for immediate shipping are Yodabashi Camera and Happinet. At Yodabashi they have only the PS Vita version available, while Happinet only has the PS3 version. Both have a “low stock” notice. The first shipping batch of the game is sold out everywhere else.

I’m quite sure that a few months ago not many would have bet ten bucks on this old-school side scrolling action JRPG making such a successful debut, but this is a nice demonstration that hardcore games revisiting genres from the past can definitely fly off the shelves as long as developers make an effort to give them an unique style and decent marketing.

One thing is for sure: the Media Create software charts coming out this Wednesday are going to be interesting, while a few internet pundits that shook their angry fist at the game seem to be destined to swallow a healthy ration of crow.

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  • Artivous

    Never underestimate the hornyness of japanese men.

    • MyBodyIsReady

      Or the power of a good game.

      • Artivous

        Won’t know if it’s good till it comes out.

        • MyBodyIsReady

          Haven’t seen a single negative preview

          • Artivous

            Not saying it’s going to suck. I’m reserving judgement until it comes out.

          • jujubee88

            Me too. But more and more I worry less and less; it’s looking SOLID from Japanese rumblings and early (western) previews.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            I’m currently playing it for the review. I can’t spoil it, but i’ll tell you that the breasts are very far from being its only selling point.

          • andrew

            looking foward to it , hope it gets great reviews

          • 715

            Well minus shitaku of course

        • xXDGFXx

          It already did, and it is.

  • TheExile285


  • Josh Gordon

    dem boobs…

  • ifniarcnum

    Good for Vanillaware, it’s good too see their games doing well, any developer that use beautiful 2d sprites must be recognized

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  • Pekola

    OMG lol I hope the image was chosen due to the last paragraph because it’s perfect.